Where To Place Crystals In Your Home

These ideas are meant to serve as inspiration; the best way to set your space is always with your own intention and what feels right in your heart.

Quartz & Bringing in Light

Usually buried near rush offs of water these indigenous stones transform through environmental shifts. As one of the universes natural creations they bring light into your home. Your home is your own creation like that of nature. By bringing in such perfectly natural creations you assist the flow of your own energetic habitat. Adding crystals to plants also enhances opportunities for growth and prosperity. Selenite & Cleansing energy

Selenite is a powerful crystal formed from evaporated salt that cleanses the auric field. By placing it near passed down items or things that once belonged to someone else like antiques it gives them an energy cleansing. Crystals for Sleep

Blue Chalcedony is a calming stone and protects against fears around sleeping and even sleep walking. It brings peace and calm. Moonstone harnesses the power of the moon and eases emotional stress making it easier to fall asleep. Agate formed by metamorphic rock brings a stabilizing element that grounds the mind resisting over thinking. It is great anywhere you wish to unwind. Amethyst cleanses the auric field, it improves the immune and endocrine systems and is perfect for use during a restorative time like sleep. Crystals for Love

The right corner of the home from the door is the love sector and putting crystals or pairs of decor like candles or trinkets there can bring new love in or enhance a relationship. Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love, it can open one’s heart to receiving. Peach quartz has a high vibration, it helps us get clear on our intentions in love and is good for releasing blockages to it. Crystals for Protection

Smoky quartz is a protective stone that banishes fears and anxiety that can draw in negative energy. It grounds energy providing a stable foundation for the home. Black Obsidian is a cleansing stone and strongly regarded to protect against psychic attack. It works to block out negativity and darkness.

Tigers Eye is also a protective stone that works well near the entry way of your home. Tigers eye works with the third chakra which is the place we can take in others energy. Having this stone in the home shields attack from others and works as an ally with the personal power of those in the home. Crystals for Meditation

Clear Quartz is an amplifying crystal. Use it in places you meditate or pray to increase positive energy. Lapis Lazuli is a good stone for a meditation altar because it’s property of aiding one find their truth. It opens the mind to ancient wisdom and inner-spiritual power. Labradorite is a spiritual awakening stone, it encourages one to follow their heart and brings forward mystical powers. It has been used to heal physical as well as mental weaknesses. Crystal for Self-esteem

Citrine’s vibrancy and beauty reflects its healing properties. This crystal is cherished for improving one’s self image and relinquishing natural joy. Keep citrine near mirrors, vanities or anywhere you will interact with it daily to be reminded of the precious gems within you have to radiate out to the world. Crystals for Productivity & Creativity

Moss Agate provides a grounded, nurturing environment so one can work through the heart without being distracted by emotions and overthinking. It gives steady momentum for finishing projects. Red Jasper stimulates ideas and increases stamina. Bloodstone aligns creative energies with grounding-Earth energy. It gives us endurance and strength to lead with love. Carnelian rejuvenates our creative fire making us feel inspired while bringing out our child-like expression. It helps us trust our ideas and have the courage to run with them. Sunstone like our Sun brings our attention to our individuality. It helps us create the boundaries we need to focus on our own goals and the confidence needed to shine on.

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