Welcome To Capricorn Season 2021-2022

December 21st, 2021 – January 20th, 2022

Cardinal Earth Sign

“The Sea Goat”

Capricorn was one of the original zodiac signs dating back thousands of years

The Sea Goat was said to work diligently on land as the wise sage by day and returned to the depths of the sea at night to gain wisdom. Capricorn rules over business and perfecting your craft.

  • The Midheaven or 10th house in astrology is Capricorn.

  • Capricorn needs other peoples respect and praise

Incoming Earth Energy for the Collective- with Earth/Capricorn influence we will see:

  • A need for physical proof and evidence

  • Earth has a sense of panic when it doesnt know something for sure

  • Requires more physical validation, like plans, numbers, analytics, that something is working for someone else

  • A desire to be more masterful in what it is were applying energy too

  • Resources are everything, noticing where time and money is being lost and things are not bringing in results

Cardinal Energy

  • Cardinal signs don’t like to leave things up to chance- Capricorn especially they are initiators and builders of systems

  • Capricorn ends the calendar year and brings you into a new one. (New Years – Leaders and they love to make a list of resolutions)

  • Want to make sure things actually happen and keep their eye on the prize, the mind needs a focus

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn

  • Saturn is a cold and dense planet

  • Rules bones and knees- creates our frame and holds us UP – Take action on plans

  • Limitation Saturn can make natives feel limited and they have a hard time getting past that. The trials and tribulations of Saturn can make their childhood difficult, which is why they are so wise.

  • They age in reverse – feel very mature during childhood and can only let their hair down in their old age. Can have a sobering, gloomy attitude from all the responsibility they had throughout their life.

  • Practical nature gives them common sense and learns through experiences

Current Astrology

Mercury is in Capricorn

Venus is now retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto is in Capricorn (conjunct Venus)

This Capricorn Season, don’t take people at face value. There is something more below the surface. Emotions aren’t going to be put on display they are likely to be more cautious. This is a highly motivating time to achieve your goals and experience the stamina to see them all the way through. Be real with yourself about what is possible.

This is a great time to:

  • Take a good look at what you’re investing in, financially and emotionally. What are you committing to?

  • Are you being stretched too thin? Are you able to relax, do you bring work home? Are you always fearful of some hypothetical emergency?

  • Build something that will stand the test of time (saturn is time)

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