Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

On Tuesday, July 2nd 2019 the new moon in Cancer will lead us into a total solar eclipse. Before you start to panic, remember that the new moon brings new beginnings. The new moon brings a certain energy with it allowing us to shed our skin from our past mistakes and start fresh. We have a clean slate in front of us so the power of the eclipse will be a positive and optimistic one, but since it is in Cancer, we have to be aware that emotions will be running high and it is vital we listen to our intuition right now. If you have been dealing with a confrontation and conflict, during this time is when we will be able to clear these issues and have open communication. It is time to speak your truth, you’ve had enough practice.

During the total solar eclipse, the sun will not be seen at all as the new moon passes between the sun and the earth. This will lead your thought process to question the way you have been doing things. Now is the time to review your goals and write down your new ones. The new moon eclipse will be charging you full of the power and discipline you did not think you had. Grab a notebook and write out your future goals. Have you been meaning to do something but feel as though you do not have the courage to? Let the energy take over you and know in your heart that you are able to achieve all of these goals. Any roadblocks in the past have served as learning lessons and now is your time to prove to yourself just what you are made of.

Do not fear if things start falling out of place at rapid speeds. Nothing can begin without the end of something else, and it is crucial that you do not fall down a path of feeling bad for yourself. No matter how bad things seem, you cannot fight the start of something new, so you might as well embrace it. Immerse yourself in the energy of the eclipse, you are not seeing how hard you have worked to even be at this level of awareness to be reading this article.

If you are feeling lost, this eclipse will put us right back on our path for our soul journey. If we can turn inward fully during this eclipse, we will see that we have the answers to guide us. We will be able to look at our lessons learned in a different light. Have you been seeking for an answer? Soul mate? Job Change? Passion Project? Moving Decisions? We know the truth of what we need, not what we should do to look a certain way in society’s eyes. If old wounds start to surface, stop pushing them back down. Let them come up and examine why these issues haven’t been dealt with.

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