The Major Aspects in Astrology

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Incorporating aspects into your analysis is what makes astrology really come alive. Aspects are relationships formed by two astrological bodies. They occur in transit (ongoing movement) and natally (at time of birth).

If you have a basic understanding of how the zodiac is broken down into the 12 signs and what the celestial bodies represent, next is analyzing where those bodies sit in relation to each other on the zodiac wheel. The zodiac is a circle (360 degrees) broken into 12 signs (30 degrees each). You really do not need to know much more than that. Aspects are the distance in degrees between two celestial bodies on the zodiac wheel categorized into major and minor aspects (square=90°). Each aspect has defined degrees of separation and a ‘planetary nature’ that helps us understand the kind of relationship taking place.

An aspect is given meaning in intuitive western astrology as-

1. What planets/ celestial bodies are involved and what do they symbolize?

2. What signs are the planets in and what environment does that create?

3. What is the aspect (degree between them) and what is the nature of that relationship?

Aspects are not just reserved for the celestial bodies (sun, moon, mercury, asteroids etc.) but also the four angles of the chart (ascendant, descendant, IC, MC), and any other points of astrological significance.


TRINE 120°

A trine is a harmonious combination of two planet’s energies believed to initiate the most benevolent flow and combination of whatever symbolism the two planets carry. They bring forth innate talents and wisdom. Typically the aspect is formed between any two planets in signs of the same element (earth etc.) and defined as 120° apart. Trines have the nature of Jupiter and feel like blessings when not taken for granted. There is an energy of bounty created by the interaction where the best of both parties come together in a warm embrace.

In a natal chart trines are energies that come easy to the native. Some believe they can symbolize skills carried into this life or blessings that were brought from the past. Multiple trines in the chart without more ‘active’ aspects or awareness can manifest into a lazy energy. Things come naturally, just happen to work out and lineup without much intervention. After all, this is the path of least resistance.


A sextile is a harmonious creation of the planetary energies that construct a new awareness or talent the beholder will have to carry forward. They are similar to trines as they are more passive in delivery but also more constructive. They typically occur between signs of two differing elements of the same polarity (feminine-Scorpio/Capricorn). Water sextiles Earth and Air sextiles Fire. Sextiles have a Venusian nature and with this nature new connections are made and peaceful resolution is brought forward.

In a natal chart sextiles bring character development in a harmonious way. Natives with many sextiles will have connections with people or experiences that enrich their life in ways they did not imagine possible. They receive assistance in divine ways either through people, their own growing awareness, or opportunities that seem to have just come out of the woodwork.



A square is a dynamic of tension and dispute between two planets. It is a face-off that results in a call to action. With the nature of Mars, the planet of war and tenacity, squares drive us to change and motivate us to grow. They are not the most comfortable though as the energies are conflicting. They occur between signs of different element and polarity (water/fire) with the same quality (fixed/cardinal/mutable).

When the focus of the native is brought into the dynamic energies-action is taken, a change is made, and growth is imminent. This is usually first met with feelings of resistance. A natal chart with many squares shows an individual with resiliency. They are catalysts for change and with their free-will can use this energy as they choose.


An opposition is a tug of war between two planets. Their energy is more internally experienced than the square but like the square- external events bring forth an awareness of tension. They share the same polarity and quality with different elements (Virgo/Pisces are both feminine and mutable but earth/water). They are 180° and across from each other on the zodiac. Oppositions have the nature of Saturn requiring boundaries to be made and actions towards integration.

Oppositions in the natal chart have the native on a see-saw between two equally powerful forces. Two opposing forces create a need for balance and symbolize a major theme in the native’s life. If integration can take place deeper purpose and wholeness is also found.



A conjunction is when two planets meet in the sky and from their meeting a completely new emergence of energy is formed where one paints the other. The nature of this aspect is mercurial as mercury is a neutral planet. The energy is neither passive or active but most dependent on the planetary energies themselves. This energy is however always intensified by the closeness of the meeting. Conjunctions typically occur in the same sign and defined as 0°.

Conjunctions in a natal chart give uniqueness to the individual and are often sought out first for the merging of energy plays a dominant role.


Orbs are how tight the aspect is occurring. It is the range above or below the exact angle that still qualifies as the aspect. The tighter the Orb the more exact the aspect and dominant the energy is in reference to the whole picture. A square aspect with a 0 orb will be two planets that are exactly 90 degrees apart. A square with an orb of 1 is two planets that fall 91 degrees apart but still qualify as the aspect. The orbs used varies but intermittently speaking aspects within 4 degrees create a powerful relationship. The higher the orb the weaker and more distant the aspect.

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