The Four Powers to Call in to Claim your Vitality

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

The Four Powers to Call in to Claim your Vitality

The truth is we have been in situations that were out of our control (childhood). There were also times we gave our all to receive an outcome we didn’t want. What is even more damaging than the pressure of these situations is the impression they leave behind/the fear imprint wired into our nervous system. The fear of an impending unknown and our uncertain resurgence from it causes us to unconsciously question our innate power. When in question it is more willingly given away.

Consciously entertaining a difference between control and power is vital, we are here as a species to evolve and situations meeting us in present time are not meeting the same person (even if the unconscious begs to differ). For this reason, claiming our vitality and power in this life will also disempower our deepest fears that keep us bound to powerlessness. Your power lives with you in the present moment.

1. The Power of Value

Your personal values activate your willpower. Discovering what you value is a voyage of emotional intelligence. When you know what you value you have a better understanding of what you don’t. You have the power to have certain life principles resonate with you without needing explanation. What are those values? This can be a tough question on the spot. Instead set an intention for the next week on getting clear on what you value. 

Consciousness is a beautiful thing; it will work with you and once you set this intention, you’ll be surprised what surfaces in your day-to-day life. For example, “I never noticed I really value when people do what they say, do I do that?” “I really value the truth; how can I work that into my life realistically right now?”  Maybe it’s having the uncomfortable conversations or setting appropriate boundaries. Maybe you value compassion, charisma, or learning. This inner exploration can help you discover the vital parts for yourself. These beliefs form your center and the stronger your center is the more confident you will feel.

2. The Power of Focus

I just mentioned how significant intention is, intention is focused energy. Your energy is your power and how you use it or where it is placed is just as important.  Our very own power lay under the toxic thoughts and personal undertakings we resent. We can get distracted enmeshing ourselves with other people’s problems and expectations.

We can waste our energy through chronically complaining or dismantling others. We can even submit to our own emotional being. Feelings are messages but that does not mean they always have our best interest in mind and speak a solid truth. Only you, working with yourself, can know if it is appropriate to pause and feel into what comes up or if it is a habitual emotion stalling your progress. It is so important we recognize what is just not important to us and not worth our energy. This way we can attain the focus we require for our forward progression and build the stamina we require. You value yourself when you do this.

3. The Power of Responsibility

When given life you were given the power of choice.  The caveat being, some choices are unconscious. This impact can be overcome by choosing radical responsibility in every instance of your adult life. When we avoid responsibility, we are really trying to avoid consequence.  Even great success and achievement have consequences. There is always consequence; not making a choice is a choice in itself. This makes blaming others and circumstances outside of ourselves so attractive. We would truly hate to be to blame for an unfavorable outcome but is that worth giving away our power to something else?  

Life is full of challenge; it is the great illusion that we become free of that. To be challenged does not mean to suffer. No perfect relationship, home, job, or hobby will fill this void for you. If we can accept this fact it starts to matter more that we are doing what feels in alignment than what the external outcome can provide us.

When we claim ownership over our life, we claim our power.

4. The Power of Imagination  

What is more magical than our imagination? *Sure, imagination is referenced commonly to ‘the third eye’ so what does it have to do with our vitality center/solar plexus?  Understand our energy is in no form linear. This is multidimensional healing. * Recognizing your ability to visually create realities for yourself allows you to sense how powerful you are. There isn’t a soul with a human body walking this Earth that doesn’t have this creative capability. It is part of our mission on this Earth to allow our imagination to speak to us.

Furthermore, we must recognize just how much our mind projects into our lives. If we sense danger and fear everywhere we turn we need to ask ourselves why. And then we need to ask ourselves why this story is so believable.  We are encouraged to observe our imagination like we do our emotions from a place of wisdom not judgement. When we allow imagination, ordinary becomes extraordinary. Connecting to the mystery of life is embracing life energy and by embracing life energy we are gifted with the understanding that there is a source of our power.

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