Summer Eclipse Horoscopes

We are evolving to be able to see ourselves moving through life in a more cyclic motion. Time is slipping from its linear state we have been conditioned to perceive it as. The result of this awareness is from turning inward. After turning inward, we look outward and what we see is, that living an unauthentic life is the real waste of time.

Stagnation is a frequency issue, the energy has been depleted. Sometimes something has to happen to get a person to make a change in their frequency, on the other hand, some people can’t explain the pull they’ve experienced that caused them to change their lives.

However you’ve gotten to this level of awareness, it has proven to be part of your way towards your higher path. Cosmically, this is a very exciting time for all of us. We may have been experiencing a peaceful lull, maybe some emotional frequencies have already surfaced with entering a water season and the upcoming eclipses.

But for the most part, the Summer Solstice was a nice breath of optimism for what can come as we pioneer into the second half of the year.

These horoscopes are more or less for the second half of 2019. That breath of air you took in on the Summer Solstice and the paths you have to take to get there. Your personal journey deserves your attention. You walk this path of life alone and whether that scares you or empowers you is up to you.


In your life, there is a relative theme in which you fall into lapses of disappointment for not being reciprocated the energy you give out. Your direction for the next six months will be one of clearing the road between the head and the heart.

Your focus is on the direction your life is going. Misdirected use of your energy is going to be one of the first things to go. The second half of the year will prove itself to be a triumph of sorts.


You have been going through a very personal transformation in your life. The universe wants you going ahead, you’re being cheered for. You do not need to be rescued.

There is a conception of a new way of being happening behind the scenes and you will have to catch this wave towards getting unstuck without knowing when the next one will be arriving. That’s not easy for you to do. Do it anyway.


You Gemini’s really are Mercurians. The first half of the year may have showed you, the more control you start to impose, the more out of control you are going to feel.

That being said, the second half of the year is going to draw more of your attention to the “dynamics” in your life and how you blend all those frequencies into your own being. The twin’s kind of already have that constant back and forth and the upcoming mercury retrograde might test you a little bit, but in a good way ;). You will be implying self-discipline into your life by observing yourself and others to create more harmony within your dynamics.


Happy Birthday Cancers! This is really is one filled with magic. Our belief in magic is our ability to expand, you cannot expand your life without expanding your mind and that is something you have always known in your heart.

Your life is going to expand beyond your ‘expectations’ and that is the only thing that will get in your way now; your limitation through expectation. Have faith in the magic you know to exist in your life and let the journey take you even if it is beyond your comfort zone.


I hate to reference a cowardly lion but, I know there is a lot more heart energy than what you have been allowing out or into yourself recently. It doesn’t make you a coward, but it does make you miss out.

Anything can be holding our heart energy for ransom and figuring that out is your conquest for the rest of 2019. Grief, pain, apathy, discontent, lack of self-love, are just some examples. This can affect how we see ourselves and the world around us. The amount of heart energy available to you is limitless. This is the reason you are where you are now on your path.


Your lacking a routine in some arena of your life that is karate chopping through your mental clarity daily. You may even come off oppressive to others but because of your own mental overwhelm. That will be the area of your life shaken up or deeply introspected over the next six months.

You do realize this particular anxiety can be overcome. Those feelings of overwhelm you feel are you needing to be grounded. The Earth does call to us and Virgo is deeply embedded in nature and trees in particular. Spend time with the living Earth and your path will be smoother. After all, she is The Mother. And if you have any particular fears regarding nature, now is an excellent time to face them.


True prosperity is being able to take a moment and cherish it in gratitude. Libra, you are blessed with this energy this month and call it good karma or hard work, but you do deserve it.

Your body and mind will be experiencing life’s joys so be sure to keep yourself at the frequency to be able to enjoy them. Don’t take your blessings for granted and draw dissatisfaction into your future. Try and find gratitude even in the experiences that haven’t gone exactly as planned.


That lack of energy you may have been experiencing sporadically is a disconnect. The Third Eye energy center should be focused on, Scorpio is naturally more receptive to this energy center. Our intuition and inner knowing are what guides us and if we are feeling cut-off from that we can begin to project that inner distress outward.

When our outward environment then mirrors this energy back to us we are disenchanted by the world that we see.


You are seeing a process in your life from a different stance than you may have in the past. Maybe that process is a mindset or an actual relationship or friendship, but you are gaining awareness from it. It is making you see the importance of your sight on your reality.

Surrender is a viable action, the ability to let go. Letting go of things you cannot control is paramount in your life right now, you know this. Free yourself from feeling trapped and burned out by surrendering. Allowing ease into your life will provide a major refresh and turning point at the end of this year.


Things are going to really pick up for you during this eclipse season, the frequency of change surrounds you. The first half of the year wasn’t as productive. You almost became scared to dream. Leaving reality but also getting attached to Earthly desires.

A breakdown of this mindset that had you blocking your own abundance is reaching an expiration. Embracing this frequency of change and seeing it as positive will make the transition of raising your own vibration to meet your outcomes less turbulent.


The energy surrounding you in the first half of the year was more masculine. You’ve done a lot of work and you have gotten a fair sight of goals for yourself. You may feel you’ve been slower to your goals than you had anticipated. The road is seeming to be a little rough.

The surrounding frequency shifts to a more feminine energy for the remainder of the year so you can see the progress you have made. This shift will actually make your outcomes even more successful when you integrate these frequencies of want and appreciation for just how far you have come.


You are so deep Pisces, do not let yourself drown in the watery energy of this eclipse season. If emotional overwhelm surfaces for you it is not for the sake of pain at this time but to push you towards acquiring more empowerment.

The phrase “we are not given adversity without the ability to overcome” is true for you. When you are empowered you show up fully and completely. You amaze others with your depth and ability to wear it as a badge of honor. Others will be moved by your strength and level headedness. This is a time of gain for you through this adventure of seeing your emotional being as a sense of power, not restraint.

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