Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is moving from its current ruler Capricorn to its ancient ruler, Aquarius. Saturn will transit through Aquarius until it stations retrograde, May 11th.  Then transiting back to Capricorn by early July. Saturn will resume direct, September 29th where it will then have to re-enter Aquarius. This will be giving us a lot of push and pull between perceived limitations, lessons, and wisdom. As the planet of karma and physical reality, this could feel relentless.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will have us reevaluating all facets of the Eleventh Astrological House, which apply to humanitarianism and how we function as a society and in reference to society.

Aquarius/ Leo Axis

The current virus pandemic is Saturn in nature. We watched society feel an immense amount of pressure as it was handed a scenario that did not warrant much individual control. Some sought solution in preparing for their individual survival, and others began to feel a large growing pain for the collective. World events such as this are usually karmic mirrors. Many are taking the proper precautions but symbolically, the masses are being seen as a commanding threat and our attention is drawn to the Leo polarity that focuses much on the ‘ID’ and Ego. In the best case-scenario these events will allow people to do some introspection, see where they really are in relation to what they perceive as the ‘others’ and how a 'me verses them' mentality will only create more of the same including if you cannot identify with the ‘others’ standing point.

Aquarius and Leo are both ‘fixed’ signs. Being air (Aquarius) and fire (Leo) this is a ‘masculine’ axis. This can play out in shadow as anger, fear, and misuse of authority OR as revealing solution oriented behavior, taking on a more analytical way of thinking, and changing direction in endeavors. Aquarius squeals at this opportunity for the breakdown and rebuilding of structure. Saturn in Capricorn is that structure.

Capricorn/ Cancer Axis

Saturn has been transiting its anaretic degree in Capricorn (29). An anaretic degree implies the completion of a cycle. The Capricorn/ Cancer axis is ‘feminine’ and could explain why at such a critical degree we are being shown the necessity of finding love more fundamental than fear. Finding awareness around events both personal and collective demonstrate inherent abilities we may not have had access to that involve understanding and oneness.

Fated Shift

For many of us this shift will result in an inner love-based reality transmuting to the outer. Many who have done work to heal from conditioning and trauma and gained profound awareness will feel a major shift in themselves first. Aquarius governing the 11th House in Astrology we will see how we share our world with others. It is the house of seeing the importance of the ‘group’ and here we feel a sense of duty and expansion of limited thought. It is where we can see how subjective we have become in our thinking and lives.

The things we survive through change our perceptions which change our realities. Sometimes we cannot just do this on our own, the Universe needs to step in. It is during change we are directed to looking deeply at the situations that once seemed rather complacent. We also get to remember the last time we felt pain and uncertainty and what we have learned since then. During uncertain times we can revolutionize our ways of thinking about fear for it can lead to relinquishing resentment, approaching forgiveness and valuing life.

There is so much value in gaining the perspective that everyone feels uncertain, everyone feels, and a connection exists within that, despite us sometimes perceiving only our own limitations that can drive our behavior and therefore, separation.

Throughout Saturn’s transit of Aquarius whatever events unfold we will be walking towards a path of not wanting to keep separation in our hearts. We will also see what exactly makes us feel separated and sometimes it is our own habits and self-limits of isolating ourselves in response to judgement, fear, and misunderstanding. A barricade is now put in place where we cannot move forward in development if we continue to hide. Inevitably, approaching understanding for our fellow humans no matter how different they may seem will lead us on a path to better understanding ourselves and falling in love with this crazy Earth based experience called life.

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