Releasing turbulent emotions during the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

On July 16, 2019 there will be a partial lunar eclipse in Capricorn. A partial lunar eclipse happens when the Earth passes through the Sun and the moon but a straight line is not formed, therefore only a small area of the moons surface is shielded by Earth’s shadow. Since we all are aware of the power of a regular full moon, this lunar eclipse, even partial will intensify what this full moon in Capricorn will bring.

Since this is coming only two weeks after the solar eclipse in Cancer, we have to be aware that some of the new beginnings and challenges we faced during the solar eclipse will be closed and finished with this lunar eclipse. This Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn is going to show you what you have hidden away in your life. These can come out in different instances but you need to get past surface value and see where these things are honestly coming from. If you have problems with your relationships this eclipse will put everything on the table. Although these things may be heard to address and deal with, if you are able to get through them, your relationships will come out stronger on the other side.

This partial lunar eclipse will affect everyone differently and it is important to realize where in your natal chart is ruled by Capricorn. Capricorn focuses on the divine masculine and this may make you realize where your problems lie with male figures in your life. This may make you realize some power struggles you are facing in your life with certain people and should redirect your attention to focusing on yourself. That is the most important thing to realize, even if your issue is with a male figure, the real problem lies within yourself. It is only up to you to make these changes in yourself that will then make changes in any of your relationships.

Although there could be a lot of crisis occurring during this period this is also a time of rearranging and reorganizing many things in your life. If you get an undying urge to clean out areas of your home, maybe you need an emotional clean out as well. This eclipse is also occurring during Mercury Retrograde, so things may feel as though they are completely spiraling out of control. Sometimes it is painful to let go of things, even if they are no longer serving us. Your emotions are at an all time high but channeling these powerful emotions could mean taking the plunge on the life you’ve been trying to manifest.

Do not put pressure on yourself if everything you’ve been working for hasn’t shown up yet. The universe always reminds us that patience is key, and if we keep plugging away eventually the fruits of our labor will be shown in beautiful light. This eclipse is crucial to understanding ourselves, our relationships, and our goals and visions. It could be purging these things are the only thing blocking you from what you want. You need to remember that without a goal, you have nothing to work for so do not get distracted. We are not perfect, and there will be negative and hateful emotions coming out, do not try to fight it, but instead embrace and release. Resisting these feeling (no matter how awful they may be) will only set you back and dig you deeper out of alignment with yourself.

The effect's you feel from the lunar eclipse can last up to three months so it is important to document your feelings and thought processes during this time.

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