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Puzzles gifted to us by the Universe, decoding your natal chart can be a life changing journey. We are handed codes to decipher and understand our perception of this lifetime from the moment we were brought here. But, what is the purpose?

The universe operates as a symphony of events, in constant motion and flow, with the potential to be changed at any time.  This is synchronicity and free-will, two very important concepts to understand before diving into your own chart.

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Intuitively reading astrological symbolism has many layers to it and a great way to start is to dive into the ‘planetary bodies’. It is important to understand what characters the planets play in your chart before getting to know their distinct personalities,-which is the astrological sign they reside in.

These ‘planets’ (including the Sun, Moon, etc.) do not dictate our fate.  More so, they operate as a guide, where if you threw up your hands and decided to not play any role in your life, you will ride the chariot of what is written in the stars for you (that many philosophize at some point your soul chose). The purpose here is to use this information to your advantage by gaining awareness about your unique patterns and perhaps, innate gifts. When we set the intention to understand the facets of our own life, we receive energy and motivation to play a larger role in it.

If you are intuitive, you will get the most out of uncovering your natal chart yourself.

Sun- Vitality \ Masculine in energy

The Sun represents the frequency you are emitting to others. It is your life-force energy. This can be a smoky mirror, because we can’t see how others perceive what we are radiating from our own body of energy. Rightfully so, it can also be described as The ‘Ego’.

This is why looking at your Sun sign is only a very small part of the picture. The Sun, Ascendant (astrological first house), Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are considered to be “personal planets” and give the most accurate astrological picture.

The Sun can be representative in your chart of a masculine figure in your life, or masculine qualities in general.  

Moon- The ‘Emotional body’ \ Feminine in energy

The Moon is your depth, instincts, patterns, and reactions. It is seen as the ‘Mother’ as in ‘nurture’, embodied, signifying how you receive nurturing and how you nurture others. This is truly your ‘love language’, even more-so than Venus.

It is also the place you go when you hide (not escape/that’s Neptune).

Mercury- The ‘Intellectual body’ \ higher thinking

Closest to our Sun is our mental mechanics, our intelligence. Mercury represents how we comprehend, communicate, and convey our thoughts into word.

We can even be burdened here by ancestral thought patterns that have been passed down. Innately being ‘scatter brained’ or hyper-critical can be from what Mercury is up to in your chart.

Earth- The Ascendant  \  lower thinking

The Ascendant in a Natal Chart is where your story in the sky begins. It is how you show up in your day to day life here on planet Earth. It is how you have been socialized and how you respond to the ‘world’ around you.

Venus- Senses / The Divine Feminine

The planet Venus represents the beauty and sensual side of life. It is love, passion, finances, and art. Here lies your emotional attraction to a person; also, how you express affection and devotion.

Venus wants everyone to love as deeply as her. A natal chart can be read where the planet Venus represents the divine feminine energy in a twin flame union (the joining of two with one soul).

Mars- Action / The Divine Masculine

The planet Mars is ‘The Staff’ we use to navigate through the jungles in life. It guides us on how and when to take action, also giving us the authority to do so. Mars is the warrior planet, representing our passion and drive.

Mars dances with Venus as The Divine Masculine, creating a perfect union.

Jupiter- Luck  \ Expansion

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and abundance. It symbolizes what we refer to as the ‘higher self’. The abundance Jupiter brings can manifest in the physical world or as a mindset. A negative aspect in your chart between Jupiter and Mercury could denote a scarcity mindset.

Saturn- Disciplinary / Limitation

Saturn is the sharp arrow keeping you in the right direction to your higher path. It gets a bad name for its harsh lessons but whether you suffer or embrace them is ultimately up to you. On the other side of this lesson, in its mastery, is your holy mountain top.

Saturn in your chart can represent your relationship with authority and how you ‘parent’ yourself.

Uranus- Change \ Revolution

I am pretty convinced the “U” in Uranus is for unpredictability. Uranus rules revolution, change, and invention.  Those ideas that come from thin air and outcomes you never saw coming, live here. Humanitarianism and reversing ancestral karma to change the world we live in from that point forward is the goal.

Neptune- Unconscious / Dreams

The planet Neptune is known as being a psychic planet, ruling the subconscious mind. It is also the planet of unconditional love.

Neptune is covered in a haze; this cloudiness is what can be blamed for its less flattering qualities which are delusions, deceptions, and denial. Manifesting from this haze could be unclear boundaries in life. This can be where we fall into escapism tendencies through work, relationship, substances, etc. It teaches us to keep our sight clear and trust our intuition. It also shows the magnitude of the subconscious mind.

Pluto -Death / Transformation

Pluto is the planet of transformation.  It is here where your biggest life transformation awaits. Pluto symbolizes death and rebirth and the cyclic movement through life. This is also where we can find our personal power.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are considered “generational planets”, since they are the furthest from the Sun they have the longest journey in each constellation. These planets placement in a particular sign will influence a generation of people.

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