New Moon in Gemini 2020

Updated: May 19, 2020

The new moon represents new beginnings, new cycles, and rebirths. The new moon is a powerful time for manifestation and stepping into your highest power. Think of this as a blank slate to carve out what you want and how you will spiritually evolve over the next weeks until the full moon (where you can see how many of your thoughts and ideas have evolved over this time). The moon can’t be seen in the sky since it is perfectly lined up with the earth and sun, which mean you are also in perfect alignment for whatever you desire. New Moons are always in the same sign as the sun.

The May 2020 New Moon is in Gemini, which is a mutable, masculine, air sign. Gemini can represent your communication with others and typically Gemini has a lot to say. They can seem distracted but it’s only because they need constant mental stimulation, they will constantly change and adapt to whatever environment you put them in. Gemini’s are intellectual and will see all sides of the story before making their own judgement.

Gemini is a very extroverted energy, so you might feel that you just want to get out of the house and enjoy life, which might be difficult during the pandemic and stay at home orders. Find ways to get creative to let your extroverted energy flow while still keeping yourself and others safe.

The best thing to do under this New Moon is to be able to see situations with clarity and release the things you’ve thought as true. If you have been having some uncertainty making decisions, you are now able to clearly see all avenues. If you’ve had one that you’ve wanted to do and felt you couldn’t, you will now feel your mindset shift and you can push back your limiting beliefs. This is a perfect time to make some life changing decisions in your life, whether it is in relationships, career, exercise regime, etc. If you’ve had something in mind that you’ve always wanted to do but told yourself you couldn’t for X Y and Z, now is the time to realize these are all excuses you make yourself, if you trust in your intuition, the universe will always give you what you long for.

We can clearly state out our intentions and manifestations and turn inwards to reflect on everything that has gotten us to our current point. Journaling out the reasons why we believe we cannot do something can show us just how silly these thoughts are. When we are faced with the reasons why, it might be easier than you thought to debunk these things and realize there actually is a solution to your problem. If we were not capable of our wants, they wouldn’t even be a thought in our minds. Transformation can be very scary, it is not an effortless, elegant process, but those who are willing to go through it and feel it all along the way will yield results unimaginable.

The Gemini twins can represent many different things but, in this instance, think of them as your head and your heart. Your head wants to keep your safe in the most logical position, however your heart will want to follow your passion and be in a state of love. It is now time to combine these two and realize we cannot make a collective decision without the input of both. If we feel disconnected between to two, making a choice can feel impossible as you will always fear some form of regret. Always remember that you cannot miss anything that is meant for you, and even if it’s difficult, it will always show up. Take the leap.

Gemini rules communication and is associated with the throat chakra. This is a great time to tell others how you really feel, without judgement. Give others some compliments and let them know how much they mean to you. If you have issues with communication, or feel as though you can’t let others know how you feel, you may start to ask yourself why? When did this start? Was I ever able to communicate? It is also important to realize how things can come off to other people, you might have an important message that gets misunderstood and comes off the wrong way. Your intent should never be to hurt someone or make them feel bad, but instead explain how you’ve been feeling internally. Gemini also likes to talk too much; it is an important lesson to make sure you are listening to others. Just like you’d like to be heard, you must give other people the stage. You would be surprised how much you can learn from someone else when you honestly listen, just to listen, not just to impose your own views onto them.

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