Mercury Retrograde July 7 - July 29

Many people have been lured into Astrology through the recent pop culture and curiosity regarding the phenomenon known as, “Mercury Retrograde”.

Mercury is the closest planet to our Sun, so it makes its rounds pretty quickly and because of that, it will retrograde more frequently than the other planets. ‘Retrograde’ is when Mercury appears as it is slowing down and moving backward in the sky, for a period of a few weeks, but this is really just an optical illusion from our vantage point on Earth.

That’s right, Mercury Retrograde is an illusion, but what isn’t? We know of many “illusions” or deviations in perception that cause substantial, physical effects on our lives and those of the people around us. Anxiety is a good example, are those fears always justified? Are they any less real?

The mind is a powerful thing and if you can wrap your head around collective consciousness, there are many cause and effect phenomenon’s that can be explored. Even if you don’t understand collective consciousness just yet, or believe in some kind of ‘library’ like the Akasha Records (that holds the experience of the human psyche as an emporium);-you might consider the theory of evolution, or carrying concepts and instincts without prior knowledge.

Why are some people innately afraid of snakes, is it because our ancestors that were more direct inhabitants with nature had to hold these fears to keep themselves safe? It is possible those fears reappear in the human psyche for the same regard. The same can be true for your stance on Mercury Retrograde. Can the breakdown of cars, technology, and communication during this time really be a ripple effect of a collective manifestation in response to a change in a specific planetary frequency? Who can say for sure?

What we can say is that there is a collective operating on this change in frequency. Planet energies are real, frequencies and energy affect our lives constantly and if you are open enough to be fascinated and not overwhelmed with this fact, you are living with a purposeful advantage.

Awareness is key in self-development in terms of psychology but it can also be just as productive in your life journey towards your higher self. Ultimately, this is a good time for introversion and introspection. If you don’t know where to begin with this, first look at your own individual relationship with the planet Mercury.

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What is your relationship with Mercury?

Mercury is understood to be, The Messenger. In astrology, Mercury rules constellations, Gemini and Virgo. It is associated with our thought process and how we express those thoughts. The breakdown in communication that occurs during Mercury Retrograde is why you are told not to sign contracts.

Mercury does more though, it plays very closely with our unique perceptions. That is why you can take advantage of this time productively through introspection and why knowing your natal chart presents such an opportunity of understanding for you, especially if you are intuitive.

Here are some examples:

What zodiac sign is your Natal Mercury in?

What element is that sign?

Mercury in Water: Depth, Emotionally Vaulted

Mercury in Fire: Instinctual, Passionate

Mercury in Earth: Structured, Grounded

Mercury in Air: Scattered, Intellectual

What transits (relationships with other planets) does Mercury have in your chart?

Hard aspects like “Square” or “Opposition” with Mercury in your natal chart could have implications in your life, possibly even “reoccurring” during retrograde. Life gives us lessons until we learn from them. People resurface, old dynamics return, we feel we are being “tested”. Well, maybe we are.

Hard aspects between Mercury and Saturn can depict past life karmic patterns manifesting through communication and expression.

Mercury Retrograde in your Natal Chart

If you were born while Mercury was retrograde you are thought to possess a particular way of thinking. You have a deep calling that is living in truth. Life might be particularly difficult until you realize this. It is also no coincidence these people are often “old souls” because, they are carrying set mental pathways and impressions from events they’ve experienced, even if it is unconscious.

My natal chart consists of Mercury Retrograde in Leo in my 12th House (astrologers cringe). Tuning into frequencies and learning about my own energy centers (chakra healing) completely transformed my life. That is why I’m here sharing the knowledge I have gained despite my own barriers of expression that needed to be overcome. Transits and positions are not death sentences, they are parts of your journey to transcend.

When I first learned to interpret my natal chart I felt like I had read a book that was written about me, it articulated my struggles and deeply resonated and that alone made me have to learn more. That is why I encourage others do to the same and what better time than when our external environment looks like a dumpster fire and the most productive option is to retreat and focus on our own process.

So whether you have a natal mercury retrograde or are just wondering what the hell is going on, all I can say for certain is, sometimes it takes things getting a little weird to guide us in the forward motion that is life. What if “Mercury Retrograde” was actually an accelerated period to transcend these old, outdated structures we carry around with us? It depends on your perspective. Enjoy the ride this Mercury Retrograde, do some soul-living, and maybe nothing else. But please, don’t waste this time getting stuck in a twilight zone of ‘Mercury Retrograde’ that you, yourself have created. After all, this set-back is just an illusion.

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