Mercury Retrograde: Feb/March 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Mercury Retrograde: February - March 2020

February 2nd 2020 – February 16th 2020: Pre Shadow Phase February 16th 2020 – March 9th 2020: Mercury Retrograde March 9th 2020 – March 29th 2020: Post Shadow Phase

Pre Shadow Phase

During the Pre Shadow phase, we can feel the effects of Mercury Retrograde starting to trickle into the physical plane. Challenging conversations with irrational people come to the forefront. Don’t fly off at the mouth- construct your words to make a point and stand up for yourself. Allow this shadow period to prepare you for things and people that want to knock you off your course and into their low vibration. Remember that no matter how much someone upsets you, it is your choice to react accordingly. Do not allow these people and their negative vibrations to create a place in your mind where you continually go back to this encounter. Every time you replay this encounter in your mind you are back on that vibration. We have to release and understand that this is not you, your story, or how you would have handled things. You can only control yourself and your side. Some of the guilt may be coming from the need to people-please which is also something coming up during this shadow period. Take a look at the reasons around the decisions you make, and why you do things that do not bring you joy.

This shadow phase will set the tone for the entire Mercury Retrograde period, and the energy of this will intensify as it continues on. I want to warn you to not be fearful of Mercury Retrograde or think you cannot still do things during it. Mercury Retrograde can be an eye opening phase of life for those who have done the work and are willing to see beyond the situation at hand.

Mercury Retrograde

The theme of this Mercury Retrograde is how we internally deal with wrenches thrown in our plans due to how our shadow self affects us and our current reality. Mercury Retrograde always brings slip-ups in conversation and intention, carelessness to detail, travel and transportation delays, assumptions made about you and your response to them.

You may run into people from your past, whether it is in dreams or in reality that are coming to you with some kind of message. It is important to not read into things that aren’t there, for example don’t think because you run into an ex or accidentally contacted him/her that they belong in your life. It could be more that a part of yourself from this relationship needs some work and revisiting, and themes from this relationship are not healed. Think of your communication with this person during this time, or how you reacted to things. Are these themes coming up again this retrograde? Are you reacting the same and having the shame/guilt surrounding these areas on your life again?

Since Mercury rules communication, it is extremely important to look at how you’re expressing yourself, or how you’re not expressing yourself. How do you feel after a disagreement? Do you wish you said more or less? These are important things to note and make changes with. For some, it is extremely hard to express yourself or make your needs known. If this is you, this Mercury Retrograde may test how much people can walk all over you. You may be put in situation where you need to speak up or people will take everything out of you and tell you it wasn’t good enough. You don’t have to be rude or nasty to get your message across. There is a way to say anything you want, if worded correctly.

You may feel there is some disconnect between your head and your heart due to the aspect, Moon Square Mercury. The divide between your feelings and thoughts can knock you off your course and make you feel lost and confused in your soul journey. You may begin to question yourself and become very moody and agitated with the world around you. It’s important to breathe through this and ground yourself. This is a perfect time to journal and/or meditate on what is causing this disconnect.

This Mercury Retrograde will take place in Pisces which will have us feeling very sentimental. It may be hard for us to let the past go, regardless if it is a person or just a certain phase in our life. We may look back in a dreamy state and remember it being much better than it was. Pisces also reminds us that our intuition holds all the answers if we can take the trust off of others and into ourselves. If we are feeling out of sorts, it is best to take out our frustrations and confusions on some form of creativity. Writing, drawing, singing, dancing, or any form of creativity to get our expression out is key during this time.

Always remember, and not just during Mercury Retrograde, situations will come up repeatedly until you have learned the lesson and will act differently in the future. If you refuse to change, the outcome will be the same with different faces.

Post Shadow Phase

The Post Shadow phase is all about being able to look back on what has happened over the past five weeks and taking an honest look at yourself. How have these events transpired and what can you learn from them. Now that Mercury is direct, there is no need to shame yourself or beat yourself up for things you cannot change. Do not suppress but rather look at what you did right, or what you will do right next time. These are all learning lessons to build on. If you feel as though you owe anyone an apology, or want to get things off your chest, you may be able to express yourself differently now. You may be able to tell someone the reasons behind your lash out (or however you acted).

We are now taking hold of our emotions and learning to communicate more effectively. If you are waiting for an apology from someone else, give them the space to reflect on what happened and realize their flaws on their own. If we point out what others did wrong, they will become defensive. People only see what they’re ready to see, including ourselves. The post shadow phase is really a point of reflection and time to do your inner healing. We can only heal ourselves and hope others in our life want to follow suit, our high vibration can uplift them if they are ready to heal their old wounds.

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