Manifest with the Moon Cycle

It is no secret that the moon creates the rise and fall of the tides. The moons gravity pulls the tides towards it. Since humans are made up of 60% water, we could also feel this pull towards the moon affecting our behavior in different ways. The term “lunatic” originated by believing that the moon caused people to go insane. In Old English, lunatic translates into “moon sick”. In astrology, the moon is known as your emotional side and the way you express yourself. The Moon is ruled by the zodiac sign, Cancer, who is known as the mother and the nurturer (the feminine or yin energy). There have been many different cultures and religions all over the globe who have moon rituals and have many deities associated with the moon.

A full Lunar Cycle will take 29.5 days, the New Moon & First Quarter make up the “Waxing Phase” which simply means the moon is becoming larger. The Full Moon & Last Quarter create the “Waning Phase” which simply means the moon is becoming smaller. Both cycles last for approximately two weeks. Although there are eight main phases of the moon, we will be working with New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter to begin our manifesting goals.

By tapping into the energy of the Lunar Cycle, you can create goals and manifestations to better your life, one cycle at a time. It is best to focus on one main goal per moon cycle (starting with the new moon and ending with the last quarter) and if you follow astrology the zodiac sign that the moon is in will help you decide which ones to achieve first.

Depending on what zodiac the Moon is in, your manifestations may be amplified. Earth signs are best for manifesting new jobs, starting a business (or business goals in general), anything to do with material success or money. Fire signs are best for manifesting anything to do with taking action and finding your passion and drive, motivation for physical fitness, or finding your way into the spotlight. Water signs are best for calling in lovers and friends into your life and developing your physic abilities. Air signs are best for innovation, bettering your communication, learning something new (anything to expand your mind)! Remember, this is just a guide that will intensify your manifestations, if you what you need to do doesn’t directly align with the sign – still go for it.

To help you keep track of your goals, Ascendifi has a free Moon Manifestation PDF.

New Moon

A New Moon occurs when the Moon sits between the earth and the sun, there is no illumination as we cannot see the Moon at all. The New Moon is the start of the lunar cycle. It represents fresh starts, rebirths, and new possibilities. This is the perfect time to set new intentions, goals, and manifestations. It reminds you to be still so you can hear your souls’ deepest desires. This is a time where you plant your seed and have a surge of positive and motivating energy. The Universe needs to know what you want and need to make your manifestations come true. At this stage, you can really tap into the energy and start new projects and get to know yourself on a deeper level. What in your life do you want to grow? Try to focus on one thing at a time, if you try to pull in too many different things you can begin to feel scattered and overwhelmed. If you set your intentions and don’t do anything for them – you may be disappointed. That is why keeping yourself accountable through the different phases will ensure your intentions are holding strong and coming true. (Our PDF will keep you on track!)

First Quarter

During the First Quarter Moon, the sun and the moon are side by side, so you are able to see the illumination of half of the moon in this phase as it is waxing (increasing in size) towards the full moon. The First Quarter Moon represents growth and adding action to your intentions you set during the New Moon. You have committed to your goals and are now using your determination, strength, and concentration to achieve them. During this time, it is best to make an action plan or road map to what you need to do to actually accomplish this. Doubts and fears may appear to you at this time, but you are using your confidence to quiet them and tell yourself that there is nothing that can stop you. You will start to find creative ways to get things done and the universe will reward you by giving you people and resources to help you on your way.

Full Moon

The Full Moon has full illumination as the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of earth. The Full Moon represents transformation, completion, transformation, fertility, and abundance. During the Full Moon, we are tapping into our full power and seeing situations and feelings as the observer rather than being caught in a web. This can feel difficult and upsetting at first but this is a time we must become aware so we can release. Feeling these difficult emotions will lead us to clarity and realization. It is now you can release anything that has held you back from your goals and purging all the things have hindered you on your path and is no longer serving you. You will feel intensified emotions, boosted energy, insightful creativity (feel very passionate about things) and may receive downloads as the veil is very thin at this time. Your seed is ready for harvest as your hard work has paid off.

Last Quarter/Third Quarter

The moon is now in its waning phase, which simply means it is decreasing in size as you will now see it illuminated only on the left side. The Last Quarter (or sometimes known as the third quarter) is really a time of reflection. You have brought your manifestation into the physical world. How efficiently did you use your time, energy, and resources? What could you have done that would have allowed you to reap the rewards more efficiently? You will begin to see how you can do better next time and take responsibility for what didn’t go right or where you had trouble. Taking responsibility is so important because it means you learned the lesson and can go even further with the new moon cycle/new goal. You are now leaving behind everything that has halted you from achieving your goal and bringing with you everything that worked. It is also important to have appreciation for yourself and your journey. You must forgive yourself even if you didn’t reach your goal and carry on. Reflect on how far you’ve come and where you want to be. This will make space for positive energy to get in.

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