Lunar Eclipse in Cancer

On 01/10/2020 the Earth passes between the Sun in Capricorn and Full Moon in 20 degrees Cancer forming the first Lunar Eclipse of the year. Eclipses are thought to bring on fated events, once scaring the shit out of our ancestors and now, still doing the same thing but perhaps with a hint more of understanding. Eclipses are only scary because the face of uncertainty in an environment of change. However, in the home of the emotional body, this Eclipse can instill a bit of waver even in the most ‘open-minded’ of people.  

A new onset of reality is here to settle in and with so much Earth in the current sky, an equally as powerful surge of water will enter. This is the Universe acquiring balance.  A new phase of emotional evolution is essential in this atmosphere of attaining physical change as we continue evolving on the Capricorn/ Cancer Axis.

The Moon and Cancer govern the Fourth Astrological House, and here lie our roots.  Our earliest experiences of nurturance live here alongside the memories of our ancestors.  It is profoundly deep. As always, with the water element, we are dealing with the feeling body, the hunches, emotions, and drives we feel day to day like some kind of sensual cinematic experience.  Some days it is a horror film and others the enchanting feelings of hope and gratitude.

Full Moons always deal with some kind of culmination, therefore, a Lunar Eclipse will be that energy magnified as time seems to speed as the Moon dips into the Earth’s shadow. In Lunar Eclipses in particular, aspects of the human psyche that like to hide in the darkness are revealed. An inquiry for release during this Lunar Eclipse is, what emotions do I hide from others? Why do I hide them? Is it out of fear, habit, or an inner-struggle of expressing my own needs? This can include uncovering limiting beliefs and security blankets we no longer need but are still holding onto. Allow the release of the emotional chains that bind you. You can take this a step further by digging deep to find the rooting of these emotional pathways.

Acknowledge any pulls for self-soothing and wanting to make the ‘self’ feel more comfortable.  Many times we do not know how to properly hold ourselves through discomfort and this ability is one that comes through experience. We are gaining inner-awareness at this time.

How we feel the world holds us is reflected in how we are able to hold our world. For some, this calls in a time of reflecting on the feelings in our lives, and whether or not we find ourselves in repeating-feeling cycles, or we are expanding through our compassion for ourselves and others.

This Full Moon/Eclipse may leave you feeling like you are journeying into an unknown. Personal themes surfacing may be linked to the Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 16, 2019. Do not fall victim to any deception during this time with such a heavy emotional climate. You can always wait until a better time of clarity for making any big decisions (and during the unfolding of events in the weeks post-eclipse).

The underlining whisper Cancer wants us hearing collectively is how our emotions can keep us from deepening our connection with others. Any disharmony in relationships will be surfacing and emotional control disguised as emotional intelligence will not make it through. As well as bonds made out of codependency or stagnation. But still, this shows the chalice has always been in our hand. How have we chosen to fill our cup? It was at one time a choice, even if led astray by shaky grounds and infested soil, we must own our emotions. The power in owning our emotions can restore the most elusive harmony in our lives.

Past emotional cords that have long needed to be severed will be reexamined now so the energy is no longer breathing influence into our relationships with others. As much as releasing to gain connection sounds like an oxymoron, this is what the Universe is calling. When we do the emotional work for ourselves we have more to offer our relationships.  We are able to see where people are coming from without triggering emotions within ourselves. We can then also be there for others without taking on emotional baggage.

As Lunar Eclipses go this can be a tough time for some, being thrown by events internal or external.  Practice patience and understanding, that is the mystery of the emotional realm, we truly can never understand another’s suffering and we cannot expect them to understand our own, especially if we are not open.  This Eclipse just may blow us open, and if so, for our own highest good. Whenever roots are shaken and our sense of security is questioned, discomfort will occur. But, we may just finally see ourselves walking away from feelings that do not serve us.  If you find something leaving your life at this time know it is part of a cycle and what is lost will always be restored in the balance of the Universe. Ultimately, this is putting you where you need to be.

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