How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

The Law of Attraction is something that everyone has either heard of or tried to incorporate into their life. (Reminder it's working even if you're unaware.) It seems easy enough – think of what you want, hold the image in your mind and it will happen before your eyes. Although I believe there is a lot more to the Law of Attraction than just thinking of what you want, I have found that there is an aspect that is very overlooked and seems to the missing piece. If you’ve been wondering why your desires haven’t been manifesting, you may be missing the vital piece – Gratitude.

If you’ve been sitting and wondering when your manifestation is going to come, you are not being grateful. You are so focused on the end result of what you are wishing for, that you have forgot to be thankful for your current life. By being thankful for what you currently have you are automatically attracting more things into your life that you will also be grateful for. Wondering when it is coming is sending out a vibration of lack, which in turn, will attract more lack.

It is important to begin to realize the way you approach situations in your life. There will always be things that need to get done that you don’t particularly like doing. You can approach these situations with either a positive or negative mindset, but either way you have to get the task done. If you are so focused on this “negative” task and are miserable the entire time doing it, you are then attracting more things that make you feel negative. Your thoughts will begin to spiral on all the other things “wrong” in your life and the universe will affirm this is true by giving you more of the same. If you go into doing a task with a positive mindset, the same thing will happen. The universe will give you more things to feel positive about. For example, let’s say you are going to a social event that you don’t really want to do, but already previously committed to going. On your way there, your mind comes up with an extremely negative forecast. You won’t like the food, you won’t have anything to say to anyone, someone you know is going to make some rude comment to you, you are going to be stuck there, etc. Once you get there, people start acting the exact way you “knew they would”. Of course these situations are playing out – you’ve been manifesting it your entire way there. Instead, you could think you might meet someone new and exciting you really connect with, you will see an old friend, the food will be excellent, you’ll have so much fun you won’t even notice that you should’ve left 3 hours ago. With this mindset, the universe will bring more of these things that make you feel good.

This thing you hate might lead you to the path more perfect than your mind is even able to dream up. The universe always knows what is best, it is your mind that tries to control. If you have the control, you are getting rid of possibilities that you don’t know about yet. Think of all the things you deemed as “bad events”, but they lead you to something greater. If the bad event never took place, you would still be stuck in whatever lost thing you thought you couldn’t live without.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be positive all the time, you are going to feel the whole range of emotions from anger to sadness – it is inevitable. You will feel this during all new stages, but you must remember to release these feelings once they’ve played their part. You cannot get stuck in them or ruminate on them – that is when the universe will grant us more of these same emotions. Don’t let your darkness overtake your light, especially the light that you worked very hard to let shine through.

The best way to try to get back into a grateful mindset is the swap your negative feeling to a positive. The situation is still the same, but your thoughts about it are different. For example, thinking “I don’t want to get sick” swap this thought to “I am so thankful for my health”. Thinking you don’t want something is still putting the emphasis of what you don’t want which is sickness. Putting the focus on your gratitude for health is putting the focus on what you actually do want – your health.

You may think you want to manifest a lot of things that will make you feel good, but on this journey, you just might find that your well-being improves drastically on its own – no material objects needed.

Tips to get into a grateful mindset:

1. Daily gratitude list Nothing will shift you into a gratitude state better than making note about what you are grateful for, every single day. I personally find writing out 3 things I am grateful for first thing in the morning and right before bed helps a lot. If you think that you have nothing to be grateful in your life right now – be grateful for your heart that keeps beating, having all your senses, that you were able to wake up or get home safely. Once you start with the basics, you will be able to appreciate every day the things that we take for granted. You may think of your list throughout the day and find more and more things to be grateful about. It will become a snowball effect. The longer you stay in this gratitude mindset, the more things you will attract that you will be thankful for.

2. Scripting Scripting is simply just writing out exactly what you want – but acting as if it already happened. I usually write a letter to the universe saying the kind of day I just had and all the amazing things that happened to me. I write everything in present tense as if it’s happening right now and try to get as descriptive as possible. When you first begin scripting, it may feel hard to fully visualize but after you do it for a few days you will really start to embody the future you that already has everything you want. You will be able to get more and more descriptive and truly start to feel how you would feel as it is happening. You can do this for a relationship you want, business you want to create, new job, new friends, or basically anything. I find scripting puts me immediately in an abundant, grateful mindset that will last through my entire day. Plus, when all of your manifestation come to you, you will have proof that this is working!

3. Visualization Visualization is similar to meditation, but I find this to be much easier and faster, and if you start with something small you might get immediate results that can prove this technique to you in real time. Find a quiet space and get comfortable, close your eyes and envision a situation you are trying to manifest. Picture yourself exactly as you are, I try to picture what I will be wearing, how my hair is, exactly where I am, etc to really get a good image. Then without trying to control the how, think of how you would feel exactly when what you want happens. Picture how you would feel, what you would do when you get the news/meet the person, who you would tell and exactly what you would tell them.

One of the first time I used visualization I wanted to do something small that I knew I could get immediate results with. I had a hair appointment the following week late at night that I wanted to switch. I had called the salon multiple times trying to switch my appointment, but they had no availability. I sat in my bed, took three deep breathes, closed my eyes and start imagining myself exactly as I looked that day. I saw myself doing the dishes when my cellphone rang. I imagined the call coming in, and them telling me they had just had an opening at 10am and wondered if I could come. I imagined how happy and grateful I felt that I got a morning appointment and even pictured myself changing the time in my phone and thanking the universe. I only did this for about 5 minutes as this was just a quick test. Two hours later, I got a text from my hair salon telling me that they had an opening the next day at 10am and wondered if I could make it. I was so happy that not only did I get the appointment that I wanted; this manifestation technique worked!

4. Get in touch with your feelings

Throughout your day, or whenever you start to feel anger/disappointment/sadness take a minute to stop and identify whatever you are feeling. You may not know the why right away, and that is ok. It is important to acknowledge how you feel so you can begin to take notes who is around and what is happening every time you feel this way. After a while you will start to notice triggers or be able to tell quicker why this is happening. Feeling these “negative” feelings is just a way for our mind to tell us that something is wrong and figure out a way to make it better. We have a choice every time we start to feel distress to follow this feeling into a negative place and let those thoughts snowball or bring it back to a positive place and let those thoughts snowball.

For example, let’s say that there is someone at work who always makes rude comments to you or tries to make you feel less than. When this happens, you take a personal offense and start listing off in your mind all the reasons you hate your job and hate your coworker. The rest of your day is ruined as you mind continually feeds you more information to validate how awful your day is. You can also take another route, which is sometimes harder to do. You can take a deep breath and realize whatever your coworker is doing to you, is a projection of their own image. You can start to have empathy for them that things in their life are not where they want to be. You can start to list all the reasons why you are at work – you have bills to pay, you are only here to get to a better job/position, you actually love your job, this coworker is jealous of you for whatever reason and there is nothing you can control about, etc. With these thoughts you will find validation for the rest of the day that you are here for your reason and others energy cannot enter your field.

5. Realize your thoughts when you go into auto pilot While driving, cleaning the house, or doing other “mindless” activities, start to notice where your mind is going and the kind of thoughts you are having. If you become very scattered while cleaning the house or when you get home you do not recall your drive at all, you are not living in the moment but instead lost in your mind. Think of the thoughts you are thinking, are you playing out countless scenarios that haven’t happened, are you remembering bad or unpleasant memories in your life? Try to catch yourself when this happens and bring yourself back to the present moment. By bringing yourself back to the present moment you are taking back your power over your mind. Taking back your power over your mind will let you live a life that is more intentional which in turn will bring more abundance and more gratitude. Living intentionally will bring you more a life you want to life.

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