Healing during the Retrograde

The Seven Chakras or Energy Centers are made up of frequencies we may realize we deal with but don’t realize the complexity of those dealings and their effect on our being.  We are all energetic beings and you do not need to know about the different energy centers to know we strive to keep ourselves in balance.

Mercury Retrograde proves to be a time we find ourselves a little out of balance, and the influx of imbalance in those around us can make things a little muddy.

Based on your sun sign below (or ascendant if that resonates with you more) is which of the seven energy centers that you may benefit the most from centering this Mercury Retrograde, which also carries us through the rest of the month of July. So if you find yourself in need of some guidance this month, know you have all of the answers you need inside of you, sometimes we just need to adjust our own energy to get the answers we seek.


Focus on your Third Eye Chakra

If you find your faith being tested this month know that what you perceive as painful is from you holding onto things too tightly. Loosen your grip on your life and you will see things play out just as they should, and perhaps even for the better.

Healing exercise:

Start a Dream Journal


Focus on your Root Chakra

Check your roots and see if they need watering.  If you are finding yourself in situations you do not deserve you do not have to accept them. Being true to yourself is giving yourself what you deserve.

Healing exercise:

Detox foot soak

(2 cups Epsom salts, ½ cup baking soda, 5 drops lavender essential oils)


Focus on your Throat Chakra

Being your authentic self will make you feel like you are more comfortable expressing yourself. You do not need to look outside yourself for validation, so do not over-think a particular social situation.

Healing exercise:

Sing in the car or shower (no matter your skill level)


Focus on your Sacral Charka

Do not fear completion in your life. Allow the beauty of both beginnings and endings without feeling like you need to have a feeling of gloom associated with it. Find something new and creative to draw your attention to for the remainder of the month and Cancer season.

Healing exercise:

Spend time near water; oceans, lakes, ponds, even bathtubs count


Focus on your Solar Plexus

Believing in yourself and the potential of positive outcomes will guide you through the rest of this month.  Your season is approaching and is going to be when you feel yourself get back on track, so in the meantime, keep your will strong.

Healing exercise:

Yoga poses; Warrior Pose, Plank, Bow, Camel Pose


Focus on your Solar Plexus

Frozen ambition freaks you out more than anything else. Do not become prisoner to your mind during this time. Doing anything is better than nothing, stand clear of perfectionism or procrastination, they are more similar than they seem.

Healing exercise: