DIY: Essential Oil Blend for Stress Relief

DIY: Essential Oil Blend for Stress Relief – Daytime

With everything going on in the world life feels unpredictable, scary, and ever-changing. Self care and comfort are at the top of my list to make sure I am staying above the current. Essential Oils always seem to relax me and put me back into the present moment instead of worrying about what can happen with everything. I made this fun DIY Essential Oil Blend to remind you that we are going to get through these times, and the universe is guiding us to our best path. Most of these essential oils you may already have, and everything in this article I found on Amazon. So even though we are stuck in the house and many cannot leave, all of these are still accessible to you.

If you like this day time one, leave me a comment and I'll do a night time version!

All You Need Is…

The Following Essential Oils:

Jasmine; which I purchased here



Bergamot; ( I bought the last three oils in a kit here!)

Empty Roller Ball; These are such high quality! Any Carrier Oil; You can use a variety of different kinds, I personally prefer coconut oil, it makes my skin so soft and it is safe if I want to use on my scalp or anywhere else! I bought a large bottle here. You can also use jojoba oil, argan oil, rose oil, or any oil of your choice that safe on skin.

The purpose of Carrier Oil is to dilute some of the essential oils, since they are so strong, some people may have a reaction when put directly on their skin. They are potent so you will still get all the healing properties and amazing smells even if you use carrier oils. It makes your essential oils last much longer!!

I use 5 drops of Jasmine, 5 drops of Lemon, 5 drop of Lemon grass, and 2 drops of Bergamot. Feel free to add more or less drops depending on how you want the smell or if you like one scent more than the other. The Bergamot is very strong so be careful how much you add. After I dropped all of them into my roller bottle, I fill the rest with carrier oil.

I apply these oils behind my ears, to my wrists, bottom of my feet, or on my chest.

Benefits of the Oils:

Jasmine: Reduces Stress & Anxiety, Increases Libido, may alleviate pain associated with menstrual cycle, combats fatigue, can be used as a topical inflammatory, enhances concentration

Lemon: Reduces stress & anxiety, increases energy, may alleviate nausea, combats depression, can be used as a topical anti-bacterial, enhances concentration

Lemongrass: Reduces stress & anxiety, increases energy, may alleviate tension headaches, combats muscle pain, can be used as a topical anti-fungal, enhances positivity

Bergamot: Reduces Stress & Anxiety, Decreases Depression, May Alleviate Digestion Issues, Combats muscle pain, can be used as a topical anti-septic, Enhances positive mindset

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