Astrology: The Tenth House

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The tenth house in Astrology is the house of your life calling, reputation and your MidHeaven. Your midheaven is the point where the sun is at its peak, this is the highest point in your chart and needs a lot of support. This house is ruled by Earthy Capricorn and the planet Saturn. This is the final house of the Earth Work Houses (2nd and 6th) and an angular house. Remember that Capricorn is a sign of practical ambition and it wants nothing more than for us to buckle down and achieve our goals.

Any planets you have in this house can show your course of action towards achieving the career that you want. Any benefic planets will show you how to use your light, while any malefic planets can show you what you need to heal and overcome to get to a life that you surely want. It is never too late to change your reputation and go after your life’s purpose. Some of these malefic planets might slow you down or make you believe that what has happened to you makes you unworthy or maybe you don’t know what you are called to do yet. Either way, these planets are here to guide you into what you need to leave your legacy behind.

The tenth house is mainly focused on your career or soul calling, rather than soul sucking jobs or odd and ends things you have done to make ends meet. Those jobs are part of the 6th house, this is really what you wanted to do if you thought you were capable. This is that image in your head of what your ideal career path would look like. This is where you decide if you enjoy working for/under other people or if you want be an entrepreneur. This is your ‘status’ in business, and what your reputation to others comes off as. Everyone’s perceptions of you and your success/accomplishments live in this house. What kind of atmosphere do you feel most comfortable with in your career? What kind of areas do you thrive in? What will people say about you and your dedication?

The Midheaven is not to be confused with the Ascendant, as the Ascendant is how you come off to others while the Midheaven is more your reputation, it is something that has been cultivated for a span of time, rather than someone meeting you for the first time. I think of the Ascendant as the mask we wear and the Midheaven as what our ego believes of ourselves. We present ourselves to the world in a certain way when we want respect and recognition. The Midheaven is here to represent how high you will climb in your pursuit of success. Do you let your strengths or weakness define you?

When you were young the 10th house held what you wanted to be when you grew up. Since your parents/caregivers, teachers, family members, and practically anyone who came in contact with you asked this question, you quickly realized how important it was to know. As you grew older, the pressure came on you to figure out what you were good at, what makes you money, and how to conform into society (or stand out). The more authoritative parent in your life (opposite of the 4th house which was the more nurturing parent) mapped this out for you as you looked to this person who was the bread winner and maybe instilled some fear in you, for answers. Even if you hated this parent, they in some way formed a role model for you. They have showed you how to be authoritative in your own life. They were the one providing and making the rules and since you were a child and had no choice, you had to listen to some extent. Many people will have a good relationship with this figure, and will follow in their footsteps, craving the same good reputation and respect this person had. This is the house where things are passed down from generation to generation.

The authoritative parent could also teach you a lot about motivation and how to accomplish things. If this was not present in your life, there may be a lot for you to do to reshape these thoughts. You may feel as though you do not have enough motivation or you don’t have enough energy to get things accomplished. Really you just need to believe in yourself and your dream enough to get off the couch and live a life of abundance, instead of scarcity.

Saturn, the 10th houses ruling planet, can be very complex as it rules restriction, discipline, and responsibility but it is also said to rule time. Sometimes we may stress that the time is running out, or we do not have enough time to accomplish our goals. I have found in my experience, every time I end up having a mental breakdown that I am not where I am supposed to be by X age, I remind myself that I am on my own timeline, and it will never match up to anyone else’s. Most of these thoughts come from not looking successful enough in society’s eyes (or maybe even on social media). The universe has our plan laid out, and all we have to do is get through these roadblocks in life. It is extremely important for some people to leave a legacy behind. However, it is important to remember that we are not remembered by the amount of money we have made but rather the lives we have changed in the process. If we harness our energy into doing something that we love, the reputation will follow our own vibration.

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