Astrology: The Second House

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The second house in Astrology is commonly referred to as “The House of Values and/or Possessions”. It is ruled by Taurus and planet Venus, and is a succedent house. A succedent house is a house that follows the angular houses. The second house succeeds the first house, meaning that your house of value will play off of your house of self.

This house deals with your values, money, and possessions and how we view them. It is also based on how we handle money, how we make money, and the reasons why we can or cannot reach financial security. It is very common in the spiritual world to act as though we do not need money or money is the root of all evil. Every human being needs all basic needs met – shelter, food, water, clothing. Living in America in the 21st century we need money to obtain all of these things. If we do not have our basic needs met or are constantly struggling to have our basic needs met then people are not vibrating at a high frequency and in turn are depressed, anxious, and are constantly living in survival mode. Do we need billions of dollars? No, but we do need a peace of mind that our bills are going to get paid and there will be food on our table.

Growing up we are shown what to value and how to get what we need that we value. Many babies have a security blanket or stuffed animal that they need to sleep, they know that these things are their own personal possessions. They learn to cry out for their diaper change or their pacifier. These items hold value for the child as they begin to understand what exactly is theirs (thus deepening their own journey of self which is the first house). Everything needed as a child is given to you (food, shelter, clothes) but as you grow you have to learn how to acquire your needs on your own. In terms of being an infant, if we needed attention from our primary caregiver, we may do things such as crawl over to them or cry in our crib. If these needs are not met, we may have to get craftier to find ways to get attention. If these needs are never met or are ignored, this makes a negative impact on us and how to get what we need. If we do not believe we are worthy of our caregivers love and affection, then how do we think we are deserving of money that leads to a life of fulfillment?

Our sense of worth will directly determine the money that we make. If someone does not think they are capable of doing or achieving anything, money will always be in a scarcity mindset for them. If they think that they need to have certain things and qualifications to get what they want, their next goal will always be a million miles away. You have to first see the value in yourself before spreading it out into the world. If you are stuck in a job that does not fulfill you and does not bring value to the world, you will feel depressed. If you are at a job where you are not making enough money, it is because you believe that this money is all you are capable of. Many people live in a story where once they prove themselves at work, they will ask for a raise, or they will find a better paying job but never do. We accept jobs that offer way less than what we want because we think we are incapable of finding more. Find what brings you joy, which will add value to the world, and charge for it. If we cannot achieve our goals, it may have more to do with our sense of self worth and being completely out of alignment with our highest self.

Since this house also deals with the mouth, there can be a lot of issues around food and what we put into our body to fuel us. What are our eating habits? When do we gravitate towards food? Do we use food as a way of coping? Are we in scarcity mindset over it? Do we eat with intention and gratitude or do we scarf food down in seconds? The foods we eat can be clogging up our mind and making our body feel horrible. Again, this is all keeping us out of alignment with our highest self and our chance at a positive self-worth.

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