Astrology: The Ninth House

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

In the 9th Astrological House we are able to find purpose and establish beliefs. A generalized title for this house could be that of Love and Light! Houses 7-12 see us as an integrated part of a larger picture and this house is where one can truly understand that. The 9th house is a cadent house which means, in this house, we are wrapping up a Quadrant of the Zodiac Wheel. This third quadrant of the wheel has been one of both immense truth and awareness of the self through the conceptualization of others. Each of the cadent houses is ruled by one of the mutable signs(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).  Mutable signs are well known for their adaptability and ability to go with the flow. This is also the third and final house ruled by fire. Ruled by Sagittarius and planet Jupiter there is an optimism here that must not be underestimated or taken as weakness. Sagittarius is the philosopher of the Zodiac. Portrayed as a Centaur, half man and half horse in Greek mythology, he is also referred to as Chiron, the Centaur that speaks a story of great healing through wounding and wisdom. He is the Archer, seen carrying a bow and arrow; he presents direct aim to make a kill but also, the vision to see the big picture and pain involved. Jupiter in astrology is known to be ‘expansive’ in nature. Whatever Jupiter touches is magnified 10 fold. Some modern astrologers also see it as representing the native’s ‘Higher-Self’.

This house will hold for you whatever aids in your growth beyond matters in the houses before it (particularly the Seventh, Eighth and Third). The Ninth House governs philosophy and higher knowledge, so in this respect, this house and its ruler determine how and where you expand your life, be it through travel, books, people, the exploration of cultures and seeing different points of view. In a nutshell, this is you formulating your belief system and it can happen as many times in your life as necessary. Located across from the Third House where we deal with ‘lower’ thinking and short-distant travel, we are more sophisticated in the Ninth House and objective, processing more complex ideas and far distant in travel, even if it is just that of the mind.  Negative situations that can arise and potentially shape us in the Third House like, abuse, bullying, feeling disconnected from siblings, classmates, and our early environment can be rectified here through perspective. Through this house awareness is available for us to see the big picture. Similarity to the Third House, here we also deal with communication, but this communication goes past the basic level and into teaching, divination, and channeling.  

If we look back on the wheel, our deepest Truths are revealed when exercising the demons out of the Eighth House of transformation and re-birth. There we gain the ability to become aware of our truth and here we can live in it. One of the gifts of this house is being able to discern which ideas fit and which don’t. What is surfacing unresolved trauma and what is real. Part of our belief system includes how the events in our lives have affected us.  This is what personal planets in this house can reveal. A second spouse can also be found here for some because this person will be more in alignment with our own core beliefs yielding a deeper connection.

Victim Consciousness is a topic that should be discussed more, maybe if it was we wouldn’t be so offended by the notion of it in the first place.  Bad things happen to us, some unthinkable things, and all are unable to be truly understood by anyone but the person who had experienced it. However, if deep-seeded pain is left unconscious, the resentment, suppression, feelings of being misunderstood and dealt a shitty deck in life can become the only lens in which we see the world. The 9th house can very well be your ascension from victim consciousness. The 9th house is finding the fire within to accept your liberation is coming from yourself and the faith in your ability to do so. People who hurt others are hurting themselves, and even though it does not make it right, it shows us what we are not and what we will not stand for. That is how I fit ‘law’ into being one of the facets of the 9th house. We all have our own laws which are our set of ethics and morals unique to us and our experience. In traditional/mundane astrology, law is ruled by the 9th house in reference to the Supreme Court.

The astrological sign of a particular house in our natal chart works as a filter we experience that particular aspect of life through. Find out the sign on the cusp of this house and see how it resonates with your personal philosophies.  It can also be very telling for someone who has experienced a ‘spiritual awakening’ and where that brought them in life. It may just have the keys to your own spiritual awakening.

It is not only in the philosophies we possess but our expression and integration of them, that we are energized by them. Our beliefs and awareness are amplified by the impact they leave on others. We express these truths to others from our being and that is why writing, publication, and teaching are found here, especially in those with natal planets and interesting aspects.  The ability to express what we believe and ultimately teach those philosophies to others is of the upmost value to this house.The best example of this is the hot topic of religion. Religious leaders of all kinds embark on this journey of the ninth house (including those who go fist in air opposing it).  Spiritual activism is often revealed here in a natal chart.

For some though, this house is anything but discovering the great beyond. This house can indicate someone who is stuck in a particular belief system, or is arrogant to other ways of life. Conversely, they can have a strong faith in a particular ‘God’ and see [them] as instilling fear and punishment. It is always interesting when this house surfaces for people.  It’s no coincidence some people find themselves riding the rainbow bridge of love and light after some of the darkest times in their life. This bridge is that of the eighth house into the ninth. Many of these experiences are just too complex for words, showing up in our lives through aiding in healing, miracles, luck, epiphanies, and spiritual insight. To get here it is essential we take off the baggage, blinders, and coping mechanisms of self-protection against some constant looming threat to ourselves. It is here that what you are thinking will take on a belief. Honoring openness, having faith in the unknown, and considering views outside of your own will light up your 9th house and expand your horizons for possibility greater than we as human beings can comprehend.  So go ahead, take that leap and set the intent of accepting there is more out there and always know your ninth house wishes you luck.

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