Astrology: The Eleventh House

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The 11th house in Astrology is ruled by Aquarius and the planet Uranus. It is a succedent house which simply means it follows the 10th house. Although many believe this to be the house of friends, I believe it is more how you share your space with the people in your life and how you fit into social/business/family groups and their dynamics. Since the 10th house is all about your purpose in this world, the 11th house is how you share it with others. Think of the 11th house as the support beam of your midheaven, nobody can do it all alone.

Have you ever tried to start a project or activity and realized you were in way over your head? Have you ever tried to start a business and realize that it actually takes a village to get things done? That is where your 11th house will fall. This is not to say that you cannot do things on your own, but eventually, on your way to the top, you need others for support and assistance. This is not only the groups and people you have in your life but the way you interact with them and how your goals and vision align (or don’t align) with theirs. Do you rise people up or knock them down? Are you supportive to others or do you only want people to do well, but never better than you? In this house, you can take a deep look at how you treat others, especially when they are doing something for you. Aquarius’ airy sign wants nothing more than to bring everyone together (and their big ideas!) and have everyone be on an equal playing field.

We may find many people in our path who help us and support us in ways that are imperative to our future. Even if it is you doing whatever task is at hand, or just getting through some emotional baggage, it wouldn’t have happened without their support. Sometimes it is easy to think that something is “all you” and you are the only gate keeper but few things come to light without collaboration. Whatever sign this house is in for you will show you how you fit it and/or break out from the group, as well as what can be holding you back from achieving your dreams due to lack. Dive deep into your limiting beliefs of success and see it is your own thoughts that will make you suspicious of others and hold you back.

Some people may struggle to share their visions and full personality with others for many different reasons. It could be that they were taught in childhood that they were always wrong or were constantly silenced. This could lead to issues of being insecure about their new business ideas or ventures or even think that they cannot share with others what they have going on because they are nervous of backlash and judgement. We must find a way to understand that there are people out there who will never dull your shine or make you feel like you have to dull yours to get their acceptance and approval. For others, they will find this house to be their personal release where they are finally able to spread their wings and fly. They have taken control of their life and want to take others with them on the path to success. They have a team around them who believes in them and will stop at nothing for their success, they understand that this is not something to be threatened of.

Do you feel left out or part of the group? Do you find comfort in shared experiences or do you tend to retreat? Are you able to be vulnerable to others critique and opinion if it means change for the better? The 11th house connects our inner self with the outer world. If you want to believe it or not, we are all connected in this world and we do need a certain level of love and appreciation for others.

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