Astrology Almanac: September 2021

Updated: Sep 6

September 2021 Astrology Almanac

September 1st – Moon in Cancer Sextile Sun in Virgo

September opens a new month with an aspect of new opportunity. Sun sextile Moon is a promising aspect that brings new avenues of support, vision, and collaboration towards your goals. Conscious will links arms with natural instincts bringing a sense of agreement in purpose. Cancer and Virgo are both feminine signs that are inviting you into an aspect of flow. Supportive emotions enrich growth in the material world. A ‘flow state’ is when your mind and heart is in alignment in the present moment. It is important to recognize what activities or environments are supportive of you entering this state. A flow state is attaining a period of focused attention. One of the most foundational principles of working with energy is that your attention directs a flow of energy essentially shaping your perception of reality. It is time to see the power in that truth to be able to live a more aligned life. Sextiles bring resources we need for new talents and ways of experiencing life. By honing in on what allows you to enter a flow state you uncover another layer of yourself. All of the answers are within you and if you can trust that by mirroring energy such as this you can feel a new sense of alignment that is life changing from the inside out.

September 5th – Venus in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn

Libra and Capricorn form a square because one is feminine/yin (Capricorn) and the other, masculine/yang (Libra) while they both share the same cardinal nature. Cardinal signs change the season, they pioneer in a new direction but finding a middle ground between the motives of two strong leaders is an active pursuit. The heart’s desires (Venus) in Libra seeking justice and harmony may meet resistance when confronting an old way (Pluto) in Capricorn. Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is meant to stimulate change by waking us up to the impact of ‘that’s just the way it is’ mentality. Where Capricorn is in your chart will give more personal insight on what aspect of life has been having this awareness start to break through. Libra in Venus can meet situations with tact but their diplomatic nature can have them seeing too many points of view all while wanting to find a middle ground. Do not get lost in the opinion of others now, it is nice to take others perspectives in consideration but do not lose your own footing. This energy will catalyze significant shifts that will unfold during Venus’ transit through Scorpio the end of this week. Having our way with something or someone can also be strong. Venus square Pluto can carry energy of Venus in Scorpio, so use this as a preview to adjust your thermostat to intense energies for they are the most transformative.

*Venus is transiting my second house of personal value and Pluto my fifth house of expression. I have seen in my life how doing recent work with my self-esteem and appreciating my value has changed the way I creatively express myself. Also, how this brought forth shadow work by revealing the resistance I had integrated as part of my beliefs before getting to this point.

September 6th – New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon enters at 14 degrees Virgo. Although New Moons are always a perfect time to set new intentions, Virgo rules over your daily tasks and puts focus on what necessary vs what is not necessary. If you’ve been working towards a bigger goal these past few months this is the perfect time to look through a different lens. Since Virgo is a mutable sign, she effortlessly leads us through the transition of summer to fall. What parts of your goals feel effortless? How do you feel when you’re in the total flow of things? The dark side of Virgo is the perfectionist and feeling as though you cannot create until everything is perfect. Finding yourself in states of overwhelm or that you aren’t doing enough or doing “what’s right” for yourself and your goals can make it all feel impossible. It is easy to look at others and think that what worked for them could work for you, or you need all these things before you can have success. Everyone’s story is different, and your unique journey is not comparable to anyone else. It’s time to clear up all the gunk around what is needed to be perfect, and just be imperfectly yourself. Being able to shift through this and understand what we can do right in this moment, with the resources and tools we have currently at our disposable, is enough. Release the need to know and explain every detail and lean into what feels right.

September 6th – Mercury Retrograde Pre Shadow

Mercury will begin her Pre Shadow until going retrograde on September 26th. As always, this pre shadow period will set the stage for the challenges and healing you will uncover during Mercury Retrograde. Themes will begin over the next two weeks that may bring up a lot for you. Since Mercury is in Libra, themes may include what you need vs what you are receiving out the relationships in your life, never excluding the one with yourself. Thing’s others do may start to bother/irk you more than before or you may just start to notice them. An uncomfortable feeling deep inside regardless of external circumstance can make you question why and what is making you feel like this. It isn’t always as obvious as a “negative” feeling, just something feeling off or less than desirable. Be sure to go inward and start to dissect these feelings rather than casting blame on others and saying things that are rude and harmful.

September 10th – Venus Enters Scorpio

Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, enters fixed, water sign Scorpio. You will begin to feel the passion in you skyrocket. Venus in Scorpio makes gives you the confidence to go after anything (or anyone) that makes your heart burst with pleasure. Your love and attention to the apple of your eye can come off as powerful as a riptide. You don’t even have to say anything to attract things you want during this time, as it will come to you like a magnet once you’ve declared what you want. You can attract whatever you want with ease. Be careful not to manipulate others during this time as you are tuned in to your intuition to give others exactly what they want, exactly how they want it. You can soak in this harmonious energy without needing complete control.

September 13th – First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

What does holding the faith look like to you? Do you believe that no matter what is occurring, no matter how far away it looks from your desires manifesting, that things are right around the corner? It’s easy to keep peeking around the corner in anticipation of your desire arriving but this just makes it take longer. The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius is here to remind you to stop looking for it. Stop waiting. Stop thinking one little thing will change it all. It’s time to feel the relief instead of lust. It’s time to drop it all and forget about the outcome. Sagittarius wants to travel and laugh and have a ball. They have faith that things are coming, and they don’t have to wait for it come to be whoever they are. Optimism can be at an all-time high if you are able to let your hair down. Stop being so serious and so stiff. Embody the joy of being spontaneous and carefree. If there has been an activity you’ve been wanting to sign up for (Get into nature) or a new place you’ve wanted to go – now is the perfect time. When you forget about what you’re lacking, it may just be waiting for you when you get back.

September 14th – Mars Enters Libra