Astrology Almanac: October 2021

October 2021 Ascendifi Astrology Almanac

October 1st – Mars In Libra Opposite Chiron in Aries

Cardinal energy builds resiliency

Mars in Libra- a fight for justice is opposite rx Chiron in Aries- personal wounding that activates an ability to find your own way. Mars is the fuel of the aspect and Chiron is wounded, life is beating him down and feels too much of a fight, and when it nearly kills him he recovers his gifts. We can all feel for Chiron, and see in ourselves the bridges between wounds and finding the light in them. A square between rx Mercury and Pluto also in Cardinal signs intensifies a pursuit in resolving this pressure and finding the truth beneath it. By being honest with ourselves and sitting with our pain we can gain clarity to later find solutions.

Cardinal signs turn the page. They are the signs of the zodiac that transition us into a new season. The time has come to act on what feels right to you. What would make things right in your inner-world? There is decisive action either being made or needing to. Forge a new way without haste, hold gratitude for the new heights your about to watch yourself soar to.

The same day the Sun forms a trine and the Moon a sextile to Lilith in Gemini, casting acknowledgment on the inner silenced voice and suppressed information. Wounding opens voyages for uncovering truth and cultivates the resiliency to be able to build change from the ground up. Lilith hanging around the North Node in Gemini brings her spirit into collective destiny, more on her later this month.

October 6th – New Moon in Libra

The New Moon in Libra is shining a light on the shadows of our relationships. If things are not in balance, if the energy exchange is not an equal give and take, we may find ourselves feeling frustrated and hopeless. Themes of codependency, not getting what you want, and fearing the other person will respond in the same way as our previous partners/caregivers did are being shown to us. Sometimes exploring these themes can feel like salt on a wound. It is easier to shove it down and act as you have before. But that will only give you the same result. We must first change how we react, respond, and deal with things before we can expect another to. We cannot force someone to act how we want; we cannot force someone to make choices as we would. Even if we are trying to control out of love and protection. Even if we are trying to control since we have been through the same pain. Everyone has their own path and one of the most difficult parts of a relationship is realizing we cannot shield the ones we love from pain. Trying to do so is stunting their healing and preventing them to learn the lessons they are here to do. All we can do is support them and try to guide them through support. Guiding and controlling are different.

If we are controlling others or feel we are being controlled, the blame can always be put somewhere else. This can make both parties feel guilt and shame. We can no longer blame others because we do not have balance in our life and relationship. Either it is something we are not doing (not taking time for ourselves, not sticking to the schedule we need to get things done, overextending to make others happy) or we are not setting the boundaries with others. Others cannot give us what we need if we do not ask for it. We cannot expect them to magically know. The balance you seek may simply be to verbalize your needs to others, and to not fear their reaction. When setting your intentions tonight, try to keep it things you can control. Find the change within you.

October 6th – Pluto Direct in Capricorn

Pluto, the planet of transformation, stations direct after being Retrograde since April 27, 2021. The last five months have consisted of deep inner healing, such as extreme changes on how you view your career and personal relationships. You may have been battling with repressed memories, old programming, and structures in your personal life and the world around you. Dealing and working through these emotions during the Retrograde might have been extremely difficult. Structures in your family dynamic might have become very aware to you as you began to question the truth. Now that Pluto is direct, it is up to you to make the changes that are needed to move forward. You’ve felt and dealt with the ugly emotions but now it is time to act. If there are still messages you don’t want to see or handle, you will begin to see them repeating – almost screaming in your face to change. Do not avoid these situations as it will only halt your journey.

October 7th – Venus Enters Sagittarius

Venus leaves Scorpio where a massive purge and transmutation took place within the heart. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, its energy lifts people up; it is massive, strong, and benevolent. Sagittarius is sovereign. Having a mutable nature that makes them never completely settled allows them to solve complex problems and connect with anyone. The heart in Sagittarius is forever seeking, forever growing and expanding. Unless they find a place their heart can be free to roam they will be restless and run. This is why Scorpio energy is needed first, to clear the past so the present can be experienced freely.

This transit through Sag will also be significant with releasing the baggage of the past with Venus passing over the South Node on October 11. This clearing sets us free and gives us optimism for what can be new. During this time we too seek a grand adventure and someone to expand our horizons with like never before.

October 8th -- Sun Conjunct Mars Masculine energy and the inner-mother

Sun conjunct Mars in Libra sets a balance of the scales for the masculine. Mercury in Libra approaches this fated meet up but in “reverse”. There is a lot of energy about making peace. Making peace with how we identify our sense of self (sun), how we assert ourselves in our lives (mars), and how we have come to understand (mercury) those masculine energies.

October 8th – Ceres Retrograde in Gemini

This merge of masculine philosophies takes place in the sky as Ceres turns within. Ceres, the mother archetype stations retrograde and the stage is set to ask ourselves how our outward approach to life relates to our experiences with the mother archetype.

How was the mother experienced and how do we in-tern mother ourselves? Are we struggling to maintain the energy needed to get what we desire because of resentment or grief? Are we overly critical and set expectations for ourselves that are unrealistic? At the same time, do not take ‘mother’ too literally, our experiences are important but higher consciousness is seeing the symbolism. This can be turning our focus on if we internally support our own accomplishments and have grace with our folly and mistakes. ‘Mothering’ is nurturing our bodies and minds so we can be at peace. This energy can be used to reevaluate and separate from the psyche of the mother in the most helpful way.