Astrology Almanac: November 2021

November 2nd -- Mercury Square Pluto

Mercury in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn has been a game of truth-seeking peek-a-boo throughout Mercury’s final retrograde of the year. We first saw this aspect on 9/22 during the shadow period prior to retrograde. On 10/1 retrograde Mercury squared Pluto a second time, and 11/2, as Mercury leaves shadow, they meet again. To set the balance right, rx Mercury in Libra had to be confronted with what knocks off the scales and that usually lurks in the shadows. What hidden saboteurs, thieves of hope, and downright lies had kept us from having a clear head?

A square gives the feeling of a block, this sensation created a deep desire to get to the root (Pluto). The gift of facing these trials of persecuting the mind is the higher faculty of discernment. Discernment is higher reasoning and being able to tell the difference between what is right and that which is just not quite right. Discernment requires a certain level of detachment, maturity, and trust. It asks you to have clear intentions when setting to find and live in your inherent truth, love is how the truth sets you free, fear is how it makes you, its prisoner.

November 4th – New Moon in Scorpio

The New Moon enters the sky at 12° Scorpio. The last few weeks may have felt as if we have big hopes and dreams but for some reason things aren’t moving. Every time we go to get things done; we find ourselves in some endless loop. Fear, paranoia, doubts move in, and it seems easier to put things off another day. The energy feels stagnant and even though we promised ourselves we weren’t going to end up with the same result here we are.

The New Moon in Scorpio is opposite Uranus (still in retrograde in Taurus), bringing about change and the liberty and the space to make the choices we need to make in our life. Allowing ourselves to clear the doubts and fears that have kept us trapped in repeated cycles without judgement. These cycles happen because we are unable to be ourselves, act on what we need to do, and allow others to see us for who we are and formulate their own opinions. We’d rather control their opinions of us by playing small or not taking risks, but we fail to see they will think whatever they want anyway. Releasing the fear of judgment is easy when you realize that the things we are so worried others think of us, are simply deep core wounds within ourselves. If we think them or we’ve been told them throughout life, it doesn’t mean it’s real. We can keep this story alive, or we can move on from it and allow ourselves to blossom into who we need to be. Part of seeing our shadow is seeing parts of ourselves that have been put on us by the world around us, it was never even what we thought. Channel all that power into the brand new version of who we were meant to be. Taking the energy from the story we've trying to hide and turn it into what we'd want everyone to say instead.

Usually, it’s sad to see things go, but Scorpio is here to remind us that they never were meant to be for us anyway. Hanging on to things that were meant to pass is only keeping us from all the things truly meant for us. It’s telling the Universe we aren’t ready for the grand prize.

November 5th – Venus Enters Capricorn Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and money enters earth sign Capricorn. While Venus is in Capricorn you can find yourself being extremely practical and not showing your hand in poker, which may make others question what you’ll be up to next. This is a perfect time to establish and revitalize business relationships. You have your eye on the prize and can articulate clear cut goals that light you up. If you’ve been entertaining ideas and people who do not align with your inner truth you will find yourself easily detaching from them and setting your sights on something more. Don’t get caught up in other people’s expectations of you and what they believe you should be doing. It takes you away from where your higher self is taking you. You do not need to prove your value to anyone, the right people will see it, feel it, and understand while you are just being yourself. Take some quiet time to figure out things for yourself and remember to stop and smell the roses on your way.

November 5th – Mercury Enters Scorpio Mercury the planet of communication enters fixed, water sign Scorpio. Scorpio is all about uncovering what lies beneath – passionately. It can be easy to start analyzing what people are saying all around you, digging around for the root of what they meant – or didn’t mean. Mercury in Scorpio is bold and daring in their quest to get to the bottom of things. The observer gets cranked up a notch with a sharp tongue to match, but you won’t find yourself just popping off at the mouth – you have the data to back you up. If things have been brewing for a while, you may find yourself unable to keep quiet. Just double check yourself to make sure you allow people to stay innocent until proven guilty. It is easier to think others have bad intentions and go off old patterns than to realize free will is still very much in play. As much as we want to be right about other consequences, sometimes they can surprise us.

November 8th - Pallas Direct in Pisces

Pallas, symbolizing the divine feminine principles of wisdom, creative intelligence, and strategy through fairness first entered Pisces back in March. In the 12 house of Pisces we start dissipating into the collective and losing our ‘selves’ at the same time. This house/Pisces governs spirituality, escapism from physical reality and both the unconscious and collective consciousness. Between July 14 when she stationed retrograde and now- your emotional intelligence and ability to problem solve was likely put under test or reevaluation. How are your skills in creative resolution and how can you use them given the information of your environment (the collective).

Pisces also rules things that are hidden from us like the cryptic symbols in our dreams. Any dreams or symbols that appeared in them could have been signals to strategies that have or have not worked in the past. Trusting your heart instinct has been a theme and may have been tested as well as you were reminded of how things did not work out in the past but how this time things are different for you have cultivated so much wisdom since that time. Now you are given that chance to act on any creative visualizations or strategies ruminated on during the retrograde. To ‘prove’ the power of intuition and intrinsic knowing held within. What sets you apart from the collective is your gift for it.

November 11th – First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

The moon in Aquarius squares the sun in Scorpio, as there is heavy fixed energy in the sky. Change is on the horizon, and it can be hard to adapt. Here, we can decide on the future, roll the dice, and take a chance. Fixed signs are not always the best when it comes to change, or the unexpected occurring, so be patient with yourself during this Moon Phase. However, with the changes you’ve made in the New Moon this may be a perfect time to allow yourself to see the change within, and act on it. Things may feel difficult and your old doubts and fears you thought you squashed may come up. This may simply be a reminder on how important it is to move forward. Aquarius wants to bring the water to her community, healing yourself is healing those around you. Acting on your personal goals means making the world a better place. You have a lot of ancestral support behind you right now.

November 13th - Mercury opposite Uranus

Mercury in Scorpio is opposite Uranus in Taurus. Taurus can symbolize one’s personal value/values, ownership, and personal relationship with resources. Uranus’ transit here has shaken these things up on an individual level. Opposite on the wheel from Taurus, Scorpio is merging what is your own with another leading to shared assets, resources and transcending an old form into a new one. With this aspect we can expect sudden clarity, insight, epiphanies, and long-awaited solutions to problems because we may be thinking more out of the box with Uranus being the higher mind and Mercury the lower. Bringing higher ideas into mundane life, this energy is strong for business development or inventions. Rebelling from usual ways of thought or “thought-systems” and how things have been traditionally done could also spark. Don’t write off the ‘out-there’ ideas of others right now or your own. But also, don’t take others too seriously, some can use this energy to shock (Uranus) others. Be sure to ground. These ideas can be refined later but one thing that is true at this time is that these more complex issues are going to need more complex solutions.

November 14th -- Juno enters Capricorn

Juno the goddess of meaningful partnership and relatability enters grounded Capricorn. Pay attention to any incoming relations that bring organization to your abilities for they may be here to help you climb clear headed towards accomplishment. Capricorn is a governing energy that utilizes resources well.

Juno in Capricorn is merging with something that ties you down to Earth. This Earth energy brings stability and being a cardinal sign- this commitment is locking you into growth and expansion. A commitment that stands the test of time is likely to show up now, Capricorn being ruled by the time master, Saturn.

November 15th --Venus square Chiron

In this tension between Venus in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries the inquiry of the aspect is- how do I respond when the heights I wish to climb are challenged by my understanding of my own wounding and healing process. Your attention may be drawn to what you have learned through relationship dynamics and the importance they have had in your own healing journey. Other people bring our awareness to things we might not have wanted to or otherwise focused on. That is also what squares do, make us become productive to release tension. Can you think of when an uncomfortable relation with others inspired you in creative or healing ways?

Venus and Juno in Capricorn has us evaluating commitments and commitment can sometimes shine a light on hurdles in self-assertion. This can bring awareness to any areas of resistance around following your own instincts as well as having to conceal parts of your true nature. The resolution is going to be going into the heart space. The heart has to be present in decision making as well as forming bonds with others because it is on the grounds of human reciprocity. Solid connections are made through vulnerability and humility.

November 16th -- Vesta enters Sagittarius

The principle of Vesta is about focused, sustaining energy, transiting Sagittarius you may feel a fire spark on wanting to broaden your life in ways you have not before. Just be sure to not lose sight of the horizon. Mutable fire can be scattered and if not gathered with intention that energy can fall into loops of instant gratification. We all suffer from this on some level in the world today and instant gratification can be a gateway drug that leaves us seeking more and more of it. There is no end, only a need to regain our focus. Narrowing in focus will be the journey for some. You can do this by focusing on something until completion before starting something else, no matter how small. Starting small helps us build this muscle. Also, fire-gazing is an ancient practice worth looking into.

Vesta in Sagittarius is very self-oriented while still being able to look at things objectively turning them into wisdom. What happens when you don’t take things personally and just observe? Do you let something show you what it is without any interference? Vesta asks Sag to do that, to be so focused and devoted to life’s experience that you can just observe what is and appreciate the teacher.

November 19th – Full Moon in Taurus (Partial Lunar Eclipse)

The Full Moon/Partial Lunar Eclipse lands in Taurus. This is the start of the new eclipse season on the Taurus/Scorpio axis that will occur over the next two years. What occurs during this eclipse can set the stage for themes will occur through 2023. Eclipses in general allow us to take huge strides in our life, while Lunar Eclipse represents things abruptly ending. Since Full Moon is always about releasing, this energy is magnified. Taurus is the sign of reward and value. Taurus shows us what we place importance on and what we will do to keep it. Although Taurus are known to be stubborn, they deal with all matters of stability, pleasure, and consistency. Tonight, blockers that are keeping you from “living your best life” are being illuminated. Do you lack the money you need? Do you lack the resources to achieve your goals? Does your negative mindset keep you from enjoying the world around you? Do you feel as though you must hide who you are?

At the Scorpio New Moon, we dove into the matters of the mind, we looked our insecurities in the face and had to admit the truth of things. We took the blinders off. Now, Taurus wants us to take that power and use it on the physical plane. How do you carry yourself? How do you take what you want? Do you allow yourself to get lost in the things you love? As this Eclipse removes things out of your life, you must stand in your truth and speak your voice. Silence the inner critic and move forward.

November 22nd -- Sun enters Sagittarius

Fire energy is coming in and we’re usually ready for it after Scorpio season. All of that depth needs to see the sun (that is why Sagittarius with Scorpio placements are magic). Sagittarius is mutable fire igniting the world with greater vision and leadership, ruled by Jupiter and home to the 9th house of broadening horizons, philosophy, and law. This fire energy needs outlet and often gets involved with subjects like religion, healing, teaching, and serving justices. Sag can make a living off serving justice and elevating the world or they can use this overwhelming seeking energy to set areas of their life on fire. But all in good adventure, and that’s what its really all about isn’t it? Playing on the jungle gym of life? That’s what Sagittarius does and now we are all getting a chance to do it too. Let’s move mountains this Sagittarius season, not by burning bridges but rather fighting to protect what is sacred.

November 24th – Mercury Enters Sagittarius

As Mercury enters fire sign Sagittarius you may find yourself integrating the knowledge and insight you acquired during Mercury’s stay in Scorpio and executing on what needs to be done. While you analyzed every little detail in Scorpio, we’re looking at a larger scale in Sagittarius. What is the best way you express yourself? How can you allow others to open their mind through your own thoughts and opinions? If there is a message you’ve been wanting to get out to the people around you or even the world, now is the perfect time. Telling your story and experiences can allow others to open this way as well. Rather than telling them what do, they can come to these epiphanies on their own. Your optimism is an inspiration to all around you, so don’t hide it or downplay what you have going on. You never know who needs to desperately hear your stories of triumph.

November 27th – Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

The Last Quarter Moon lands in Virgo. Virgo can be known as the perfectionist of the zodiac, and since Last Quarter Moons want you to forgive yourself for what went “wrong” during this Moon Cycle, this is a great time to take a step back from yourself. If people or situations were removed from your life during the Eclipse, it is normal to go through a range of emotions. Sometimes, thinking that if you changed something you did or said, then the outcome would have been different. You may not allow yourself time to breath and realize that change is always scary but that doesn’t mean the outcome needed to be different. What seems like torture when you're in the thick of it, can end up being the bigger blessing. Whatever was removed was not meant to be with you, it was either holding you back or just not right. The person or situation served its purpose and it’s time to float on. Take tonight to look at things objectively, give thanks for all the lessons you learned through this, and fill your heart that the next time you are presented with a similar situation you will achieve a different outcome.

November 30th -- Sun and Mercury sextile Saturn

The Sun and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius sextile Saturn in Aquarius. A barter between fire and air is productive and doesn’t feel as limiting as a square would. It is a bit of a cosmic push towards recognizing something newly available through utilizing both elements together. Saturn in Aquarius tells Sag, we do need reformed structure and time management but maybe we can come up with a way we do this without limiting your freedom and reasoning. Sag adds, while we’re at it lets make those structures help us expand our lives to have more meaning and purpose so we feel valued to contribute and commit rather than be constricted and confined.

Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius made us exit or reconsider our loyalty to larger groups that did not align with our individual values. It is important we are part of groups that make us feel seen for who we are, also who we can become in the future. Systems cannot sustain themselves from a position of self-importance when that system is in place to serve those that have skills of benefit for something much greater.

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