Astrology Almanac: May 2021

Updated: May 11

May 2021 Ascendifi Almanac

5/3 – Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius

The Last Quarter Moon is asking you to remove the barriers that have held you back during your growth period. Moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Taurus, both fixed signs who crave different things. Taurus can fear change and favors security, lavishing in everything that meets their senses while Aquarius wants to explore the depths of the mind and is trailblazing the path of change. You will feel a pull in two different directions as you navigate what you need to change to be who you are, without losing the security that you’ve built. If you can harness the energy of both Taurus and Aquarius you will be able materialize these amazing ideas you have, you will be able to see what is standing in your way and devise a plan to bring to the New Moon.

5/3 – Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury comes home in Gemini and there is an emphasis on exchanges of information, ideas and dedication to obtaining knowledge. Gemini has a burning curiosity which is stimulated through creativity and learning new things, after all there are always new things to learn. Communication with others is valued now and self-observation abilities are strengthened along with sudden changes in opinion and openness to new ones. Where Gemini falls is in your chart will be stimulated with new communicative expression or perspective. With the North Node currently in Gemini this mercurian energy is collectively moving us forward.

5/8 – Ceres Enters Taurus

Ceres, the divine feminine aspect of unconditional love, the nurturing principle, attachment and life’s cycles enters Taurus, the grounded Earth tender. Ceres in Taurus receives a sense of nurture by their physical surroundings providing stability. Taurus lives through the senses and can therefore be very sensitive to their environment. Taurus ruling the second house of self-worth aligns with Ceres’ values of providing acceptance and loving emotional space. This is energy for nourishing your body and valuing your worth by having healthy boundaries with your environment. Boundaries are self-love. You deserve to feel safe, cared for, and know the resources for your needs are available to you.

5/8 – Venus Enters Gemini

Venus, the planet of love and luxury, enters mutable, air sign Gemini. This is a perfect time to connect your heart (Venus) with your mind (Gemini). With this loving and fun dynamic, you will feel a magnetic pull to all things that make you feel alive and stimulated. People will appear that you can talk to endlessly, as long as they make you laugh! You may want to share more than normal and feel a deep connection to like-minded people. If you’ve been feeling in a rut with your life and/or relationships allow Venus in Gemini to whisk them away without fear or apprehension. Allow yourself to try out new things that will enhance your life, if there is something you’ve been wanting to try (new activity, restaurant, outing with different people) this is the perfect time to go for it.

5/11 – New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon arrives in 21 degrees of Taurus, asking you if your desires line up with your soul expression. With the sun and the moon both in Taurus, you are being asked to take a step back and look at where you are currently in life. How do you feel when you are able to the truest version of yourself, how does your value shine through your actions? If you have been stuck in a world that doesn’t align with you, it may be painful to get through tasks or start your day. Your value does not depend on your job, your income, your social media following, or what you look like. Your value comes from what you think about yourself and how you feel on the inside. Taurus like to be grounded, so take this time to think about what it is you truly want – not how you will be looked at from society – but how you will feel doing what brings you joy. As much as others try to give us their best advice, they are often projecting their own insecurities into the situation and do not know how we are truly feeling inside either. Themes of consistency will be triggered under this New Moon, as you may be asking why you haven’t reached the goals that you set for yourself. To have consistency you have to push through the times that you don’t want to do whatever goal you have set for yourself, and just be present in the current moment. If you are waiting for inspiration or motivation to achieve your goal, you are going to be waiting forever.

Taurus is the epitome of all things luxurious and loves to indulge. But if we move beyond the basis of Taurus, we see how much our self-worth and value is tied to things in the material world, and how much our need for stability is rooted in something much deeper than a roof over our head and food in the fridge. How do we face the world when we feel valued and heard?

5/12 – Mercury in Gemini Trine Saturn in Aquarius

Mercury and the North Node in Gemini form a trine with Saturn in Aquarius aligning you to seek the truth in your hopes and wishes. The truth Saturn seeks for you has been sewn into time. Saturn brings resolve when transiting an air element and an air trine takes you and the collective to new heights. But as always with the quality of air, too much you soar too high and too little you cannot survive. Sometimes the best option is to surrender to your expansion while remaining in your center. Keep facing your true north and allow solutions to come to you, embrace being able to do that without feeling limited by the nature of it all. What is not true is no longer of use.

5/13 – Jupiter Enters Pisces

Jupiter the planet of benevolence and divine protection enters Pisces’ unconditional seas. Both energies are boundless in nature, Jupiter through expansion and Pisces through transcendence. This is also an auspicious transit for luck and abundance with Jupiter being the ancient ruler of Pisces. Expect opportunities and doors to open in the area of your chart housing Pisces, especially if you have not felt so expansive in this area of your life recently. Jupiter comes in when we’ve had a bit of a hard time, much like a surfacing of strong will and faith that brings better then imagined outcomes. When the flood gates open of Jupiters’ grand generosity healing is on the horizon and abundance is certain.

5/14 – Mercury Retrograde Pre Shadow

Mercury Retrograde begins her Pre Shadow-Period until going retrograde on May 29th, 2021. Themes of this Pre Shadow period will set the stage for lessons to be learned during Mercury Retrograde. It is important during this time to realize what you are actually saying, and how others will perceive it. If you find yourself constantly judging others and feeling as if you cannot have a conversation with someone without tearing others down, it’s time to take a look inward. How do you feel after you gossip with your friend? Do you ever stop to ask yourself if you are critiquing others because they are doing something you want to do, or are in a position you wish to be in? Pay attention to how often you are speaking negatively of others. Ask yourself why this person is truly bothering you, especially if you are not having one on one contact with them.