Astrology Almanac: March 2022

3/2 – New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon enters the sky in 12 degrees Pisces. Here is your opportunity to let go of your fears and enter the world of love and compassion. Luck and harmony is on your side, as this New Moon is Conjunct Jupiter, so it's the perfect time to focus on your talents and dreams. Allow yourself to be swept away by the magic of the New Moon in Pisces!

Pisces is the sign of dreams and intuition, so this New Moon is a time to tap into your innermost desires. What do you want to achieve in your life? What are your dreams and aspirations? This is the time to focus on what brings you happiness and fulfillment.

Pay attention to the signs and clues the universe is sending you. If something feels right, go for it. If it feels like a dead end, let it go. The most important thing is to stay open to possibility and have faith that the best is yet to come.

Pisces is last sign of the zodiac, and it is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. During this New Moon, you may be more aware of the push and pull you feel about the direction your life is taking. On one hand, you may be eager to move forward and leave the past behind. On the other hand, you may feel a strong urge to retreat and introspect. This New Moon is urging you to find balance between these two extremes.

3/5 -- Sun conjunct Jupiter

The force of the Sun joins that of Jupiter bringing us a cosmic wave in Pisces. Piscean themed expansion is a powerful force, think energies of Zeus merging with Poseidon, God of the Sea. This can bring sudden changes or rains of luck in an instant.

We have the power in our hands to expand our lives. You have the power to turn the world on its head if you can remain solid during turbulent times. To be able to adapt to your environment is to be in control of your environment in the only way you can be. Can you ride the waves of change when they come? What is the difference between fighting the wave and letting go and allowing it to lift you along with it? This is when everything plays out perfectly for you and you are finally met with abundance, when you can stand in your power to receive it and take you where its meant too. Our resistance really is our suffering.

3/6 – Venus Enters Aquarius

Venus, the planet of love, romance, and beauty enters fixed, air sign Aquarius. Aquarius signifies innovation and forward-thinking, so this is a season for progression and change. It's crucial to remain open to new thoughts and opportunities during this journey. Be willing to try new things, even if they seem a little strange at first.

Aquarius rules over groups, so this is a great time to get involved in your community or reconnect with people that you’ve lost touch with. If you can’t find a group that you connect with, you can make your own. Tapping into your rebellious, independent ways can give you the praise you’ve been seeking as well as open the door for so many who feel the same as you. This is a great time for making valuable connections that will last a lifetime.

3/6 – Mars Enters Aquarius

On the same day, Mars the planet of ambition and determination also enters Aquarius. This will bring a renewed drive to help the planet. Aquarius is associated with progressive causes and humanitarianism, allowing you to inspire people to take action on environmental or social issues. Mars in Aquarius can be unpredictable and innovative, so you can see new solutions to old problems through a completely different lens. Things may move quickly during this time, so it's important to stay focused and stay on track. The energy feels like thriving in chaos, when used correctly can allow you to feel unwavering in the face of change or any other area that you once felt resistance. What will you create with all this productivity and drive?

3/9 – Mercury Enters Pisces

Mercury deals with how we translate information and therefore, communicate. Being able to translate the symbolism of life is a divine gift. The nature of Neptune or Piscean energy is sensing physical reality from a lens beyond it. Pisces is so intuitive it feels, and can struggle finding the words because there just may not be any. Words sometimes are just too simplified.

This transit is going to allow us to put a finger on the nebulous nature. Through the symbolism, we see life is so much more. It is not only what happens but how what happens becomes the nutrients that enriches the soil of our lives. We break open our minds to see what the film is playing. This can be a time of letting go of mental anguish or deeper deluding ourselves. By the time Mercury meets up with Neptune on March 23, we will know which one it is and get the opportunity yet again, to see the symbolism.

3/10 – First Quarter Moon in Gemini

The First Quarter Moon enters the sky at 20 degrees Gemini. The First Quarter Moon signals a time of action, where we take the energy from the New Moon and put it into practice. Gemini is associated with communication and learning, so this is a great time to tap into those energies and learn what we need to know in order to move forward. Gemini energy also encourages us to be flexible and adaptable, so if something doesn't go exactly as planned, we can easily adjust. This is a great time to experiment and try new things, as long as we stay open to new information and feedback.

This is the perfect time to get clear on your goals and pull in people who can help you achieve them. If you've been feeling nervous or unwilling to ask for help, now is the time to work through those emotions. Allowing others in to hear their words of support can do wonders for you. This can be a great time to try out multiple different ways to execute on your plans.

3/10 – Vesta Enters Aquarius

Vesta is the symbolic flame within that provides us with a vitalizing energy. She represents our devotion, focus, and longevity. When we keep the warmth of this fire within going we can share it with others. Maintaining it becomes our truth and purpose and there is a strong sense of commitment felt towards where this energy is placed in your own astrological chart.

In this sign of Aquarius our focus will be brought more to groups and community. Are the groups you are in feeding your fire or putting it out? The vestal virgins were priestesses of goddess Vesta, they were all needed to tend to and keep the sacred flame alive, who is helping you keep your flame? Are you sharing your light with others and are you seen and appreciated? You set a fire in a place you plan on staying, if your fire is dim maybe it is trying to tell you something? There is always more we can do to try and better connect with others. We need connection with others and this transit will be shining a light on that. Vesta can also be sacrificial, are you sacrificing parts of yourself for a greater good or are you just burning yourself out?

3/13 – Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces

The Sun forms a meet up to Neptune, Pisces modern ruler after conjuncting Jupiter, its traditional ruler a few weeks back. The Sun brings energy to consciousness and during this time we are being introduced to the energies that will be available for the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction next month.

The combination of the Sun/Fire and Pisces/Water is steam. Steam and mist hold strong spiritual significance of transformation and cleansing. This conjunction will be spiritually uplifting for those that can raise to its vibration. Neptune yields the transcendental qualities of Pisces. The qualities of compassion and unity prevailing and the ability to hold spiritual space.

Our lives become the reflection of our heart space. This path is both painful and noble revealing what lives in the depths of our souls. The intuitive and mystic is always accessible from within, it is our human that chooses to look the other way. Give yourself the space to feel and receive without having to take immediate action. This conjunction is a time for being open and receiving a new emotional goal, one that is more soulful and in alignment with future manifestation.

3/18 – Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon illuminates the sky in 27 degrees Virgo. Virgo, mutable earth signs are practical thinkers who value organization and structure. This Full Moon is a perfect time release your daily habits and routines that don't serve you. Visualize what you want your daily life to look like, what things excite you, and how can you ask for help to delegate things that aren't serving you. If you’ve been feeling a pull to get all of your ducks in a row and set some realistic goals for yourself that you’ve been putting off, channeling this energy will make your manifestation come 10x faster.

Virgo does have a reputation of being a perfectionist, but It's important to remember that being a perfectionist is not always a bad thing. In fact, it can be a very useful trait when used in the right way. However, it's also important to remember that no one is perfect, and that it's okay to make mistakes.

If you're feeling overwhelmed by your perfectionist tendencies, try to take a step back and relax. Remember that it's okay to be imperfect, and that you can still achieve great things even if you're not perfect. And most importantly, don't be too hard on yourself. Accept your mistakes, learn from them, and move on.

Having empathy for what you deem your less than desirable qualities will give you the extra boost of energy you have been looking for.

3/20 – Sun Enters Aries

The new astrological year begins as the Sun enters Aries, welcoming the Spring Equinox, a rebirth and a new cycle. Aries vibrates along with its planetary ruler, Mars. Aries, along with Mars, is a spark, that provides a glow that inspires action. The power of will is illuminated and the element of fire. Fire has the ability to stimulate and inspire, it is contagious and transforming. The destructive force of fire is seen when we forget others are alive on their own accord and have their own forces and abilities outside of our existence. But at this expense is strong self belief. Aries is the pioneer and fearless leader. During this season we can initiate a new path and enter a new cycle of life with both integrity and courage, the qualities of a true leader.

3/25 – Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn

As the Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn approaches, it's a good time to reflect on your progress towards your goals. Have you been hard on yourself, expecting too much of yourself? If so, now is the time to forgive yourself and move forward with determination. Remember that it's okay to make mistakes - as long as you learn from them and keep moving forward. Capricorn is all about hard work and determination, so use this energy to your advantage and continue working towards your goals. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day - it takes time and effort to achieve great things. Keep your head down and stay focused on your goal, and you'll get there eventually. Just be patient and don't give up! Just make sure you're being realistic about your goals and taking into account all the possible obstacles that could get in your way. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it - there's no shame in admitting that you can't do everything on your own.

3/27 – Mercury Enters Aries

Mercury in Aries is an open book, straight forward and direct like an arrow. This transit can provide much needed clarity. Also, allow us to access a confidence and self- assurance in communication, but also an underlying frustration and impatience for what is not coming from ourselves. Challenges are perceived as opportunities and this energy of self-reliance will have us not even realizing we’re doing things our way. Aries often doesn’t realize how much they make their own way happen through their natural fearless drive that promotes trial and error. A bit of planning can go a long way now as we step into an energy of being empowered and leading our own lives.

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