Astrology Almanac: January 2022

We have created an Astrology Journal for 2022 that will track all the major astrological events and have prompts and rituals for you to write out whats occurring in your life. This will help you be able to track what is happening so you are able to create real change and see what was coming up for you during these retrogrades, eclipses, moon cycles, and more. This Journal is for the entire year of 2022 and you can purchase here:

January 2nd – New Moon in Capricorn

We will start and end 2022 with a New Moon in Capricorn. This is a powerful New Moon as Capricorn represents the need for structure and organization. There is no better time to get motivated on our goals for the entire year. If we’ve been lacking ambition but wanting to show our true creativity and be known for what comes naturally to us, we can bring in this energy to map out our business plan and create order in our lives. The Sun, Moon, and Venus (who is still in retrograde) are all in Capricorn so pushing past roadblocks and leaving behind tactics and strategy’s that don’t work can feel easier. How can we become a leader? Capricorn is a cardinal sign which are the initiators of the zodiac, they make things happen and take charge. What can we do to take charge of our life, finances, and career? Being able to restructure our lives and think about what we want in the long term, rather than the right now will be extremely beneficial. If we make the commitment to our goals and new life, anything is possible.

We have created a Workbook and Videos for the Capricorn New Moon. Click here to do a ritual with us to set your intentions and remove blocks in your life:

January 2nd – Mercury Enters Aquarius

Mercury enters Aquarius on January 2nd and brings an innovative and unconventional spin to the New Moon. Mercury in an Air sign is mentally stimulating and busy. Flashes of insight will become the norm as we move to retrograde on January 14th. Thinking will be future oriented but try not to totally overrun how things have been done in the past. This innovative thought process can be too fast for its own good. Speeding too far ahead can limit our ability to learn from the past or hear other ways out. There will be more focus on social issues and ideas might be ahead of their time right now. But how else can we make change possible without putting it all out there? Mercury will be back in Capricorn on January 26th so our progressive ideas will be met with some sense of revisiting what has worked in the past and what has not.

January 3rd – Jupiter Square Lunar Nodes

Jupiter forms a 90o angle also known as a square to both the North and South Node. The lunar nodes also known as the karmic nodes hold our purpose, the north being the direction the soul is going in- giving insight to wisdom to be acquired and the South is the direction the soul has learned lessons from and is tied to the past. A planet cannot square one node without squaring the other so in astrology squares to the nodes are seen as steps one must integrate to move into their destiny and away from the grip of the past. Jupiter holds themes of expansion and our personal belief systems. Where can we expand and when do our beliefs limit that expansion? Jupiter gives the gift of knowing what has meaning. When our lives are filled with meaning we have a completely different experience. How can we grow with that truth?

January 8th- Sun conjunct Venus

The Sun and a retrograde Venus meet in the sky at 18o Capricorn. This conjunction or merging of two planets energies, blends the light of consciousness with the themes of Venus retrograde in Capricorn which have been our value systems and commitments made to them. Attention to these themes may start having you draw conclusions or see them in a different light. This conjunction makes a harmonious aspect to Uranus in Taurus that has been changing how we see our values since it entered the sign in 2018. The importance of relationship is the focus now and what giving and receiving love can do for the overall outlook of our lives. Also- how the relationships we entertain can be a mirror for our own ability to love and value ourselves.

January 9th – First Quarter Moon in Aries

The First Quarter Moon in Aries squares the Sun in Capricorn. Aries begins the zodiac and represents the self and wanting to be independent. The fire energy of Aries wants to get things done – right now. They might not always have time for Capricorn’s plan and structure. Capricorn and Aries represent ambition and want to initiate change, however Capricorn can’t always understand Aries passion, and Aries can’t always understand how to rationally think of things. First Quarter Moon wants us to take action on our plan. If we made concrete goals and set expectations during the New Moon on stable ground, we can let Aries run wild. We can get the most out of crushing our goals and heading to the next step.

January 11th – Mars in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

Mars in fire sign Sagittarius squares Neptune in water sign Pisces. This is mutable tension, both Sag and Pisces share a mutable quality that possesses a larger than life attitude that doesn’t like being pinned down. In aspect to each other they bring an underlying restlessness. With this aspect transiting-things could be taken too far- be wary of saying things you don’t mean, overindulgence, unnecessary risk taking and events escalating quickly as this is the nature of these two together. In terms of the planet of war being at odds with the illusionist we always have a choice- do we fall into overdoing the ideal or taking action on our dreams?

January 14th – Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury begins retrograde on January 14th until February 3rd. This Retrograde begins in Aquarius and enters Capricorn on January 26th. While Mercury is in Retrograde, it appears as though the planet is moving backwards – which can bring up events and people in your life from the past. Retrogrades are always a time to go inward and work on ourselves. Since Mercury rules communication, we may feel as though we are perceiving what others are saying wrong and cannot communicate to our full potential. With this in mind, anything from the past or miscommunication is showing you an aspect of your life that needs to be worked on and integrated. Cycles will stop happening once we are able to work through them and move past them. Since this Retrograde begins in Aquarius we can expect themes about how our communication is shaping the world around us. Is our voice being used to help humanity or are we allowing our insecurities to spread less than desirable emotions. We must make room for everyone’s opinions even if it is so far away from ours. There is always a lesson to be learned in someone else’s perception. Are we speaking and thinking authentically? We will be challenged to figure out what are our own thoughts and ideas and what have we been taking in from other people. Have we ever given ourselves the space to find out what we really think? What we really want? Aquarius is the unconventional thinker, so people can be saying and doing things that are going to make us question our beliefs. Maybe we need a whole new belief system, we can change at any time. Once Mercury Retrograde heads into Capricorn – we can take this new belief system to create real social change, to lay a foundation that shows other people its ok to be who they are, they don’t have to be judged and ridiculed. Maybe this can even make way for a business idea to help other people deal with going through what we just did.

January 14th – Ceres Direct in Taurus

Ceres, the dwarf planet symbolizing the feminine archetype of the mother and nurturing principle stations direct at 27o Taurus. This placement in the sky is also home to fixed star Algol, also known as the Medusa Head. It has been given the reputation of being unpredictable, uncontrollable, and even of ill-will to some astrologers. That doesn’t fit seemingly well with the stereotype of the mother, however Ceres in mythology displayed great rage and unrest over losing her daughter to the underworld. There isn’t enough recognition of feminine rage and power in the human psyche but it has always been there. This sounds rather synonymous to Lilith, the dark feminine out casted and shamed for refusing to live in fear and obey rules that just didn’t make sense. It will be interesting to see what kind of feminine fight this will stir in the collective, at the very least we will see what we can no longer keep down to keep ‘nice’.

January 17th – Full Moon in Cancer

The Full Moon illuminates the sky at 27 degrees Cancer. The Moon is in its home sign and rules our emotions and feelings. Cancer represents the home and security. This is known as the “Full Wolf Moon” which represents the two sides of us (dark and light) and it is always up to what side we feed and nourish. After our intentions at the Capricorn New Moon, this is a perfect time to take good look at how we are giving and receiving to both ourselves and others. How have our goals and plans affected our security to our finances and the people we love? If we are feeling impatient that what we wanted hasn’t yet manifested, how can we nurture ourselves and allow things to unfold naturally? Sometimes releasing is just getting things off your chest and having someone to help you through. Allow your intuition to give you insights into what would help you through this time and appreciate the world around you exactly as it is. Once you do this, your manifestations may occur quicker than you think.

January 18th – North Node Enters Taurus

The Lunar Nodes enter the Taurus/Scorpio axis. The North Node signifying the direction the collective will be moving into is an Earth sign. Taurus will be grounding the new ideas or ways of thinking brought on from Air sign Gemini the past two years. Taurus is embodiment, feeling the surrounding environment, being present and being at home in body and life on Earth.

Security needs and what feels good (Taurus is ruled by Venus) will begin to manifest into each of our lives. Replanting ourselves into places that feel more nourishing and rich are sure to take root. The South Node which represents lessons of the past will be transiting Scorpio. Scorpio is the deep trenches of the soul, lineage, and dark psychology that harnesses the power of complete transformation. Old paradigms, karmic lessons, generational wounds, and power struggles will meet a fated end. Old ways of doing things will lose their power and most vitally- personal power will be returned from any source of drain.

January 18th – Uranus Direct in Taurus

Uranus, the planet who demands individuality and authenticity goes direct in earth sign Taurus. Uranus has been Retrograde since August 19, 2021. Uranus loves the shock factor, and while in Taurus we have had many situations blindside us, on both a personal and global level. Looking at where in life can we break free from the norm? How can we use our power and our voice to change the world for the better? There is no room for stagnant energy and change is on the way. Uranus wants to do things differently, and since Taurus represents resources – how can we use our resources to get different results?

During this Retrograde we were not just taken but thrown out of our comfort zone. Taurus craves stability yet we had no choice but to restructure our life. Now that Uranus is direct, take time to go over the lessons we’ve learned and how we reacted to doing things that scared us. How did we handle it? How do we wish we did? How will we be better next time? How did threats to our security make us behave and respond to the world around us?

January 19th – Sun Enters Aquarius

On January 19th the Sun enters fixed Air sign Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus and traditionally Saturn. Aquarius deals largely with humanitarian and social issues. Symbolized by The Star in tarot, they dream and inspire, they are electric like the planet they are ruled by and bring sparks of innovation and eccentricity to the world. They view things from a more detached standpoint and as passionate as they are they will not as easily discuss anything personal. They judge systems in place and think up ways they can be more inclusive and supportive for the collective. Aquarius believes in systems just not necessarily centralized ones, they believe in individual rights bringing strength and value to a community. During this season we can open more to the notion of inspiration and how we can let that spark into our everyday lives.

January 24th – Mars Enters Capricorn

Mars is exalted in Capricorn. A planet is exalted in a sign that it functions well in and Mars being the planet of action and willpower enjoys being in such a driven, goal-oriented sign. Mars will be here until March 6th and during this time we will have more energy for things that might not be as fun but bring us closer to what we are trying to achieve. This ambition will serve as fuel to make moves with confidence. It is a good time for building foundations whether you are moving or experiencing some kind of new beginning in physical life.

January 25th – Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The Last Quarter Moon lands in water sign Scorpio. Scorpio is all about transformations which means we are in luck with this magical moon cycle. We set our intentions with a full plan at the New Moon in Capricorn, took firey action with the first Quarter Moon in Aries, nurtured ourselves and got things off our chest during the Full Moon in Cancer and now with the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, we are asked to let go of any belief that isn’t serving us and our mission. We can take a good look at the habits that are harming us and kick these things to the curb. We can allow forgiveness for ourselves, just as much as we need to remove things, we first have to accept where we are. Pay attention to dreams and old memories that have come up during this time to see where we still need healing.

January 29th – Venus Direct in Capricorn

Venus finally goes direct in Capricorn after being Retrograde since December 19th. Themes of this retrograde were how you feel valued in your relationship and career. A lot was shown to us and how other people’s words, actions, and projections took a hit on our self-esteem, how we value ourself, and what we want to do in our career. Our relationships were put to the test, with disagreements and making sure we are on the same page as people. Putting ourselves first can cause rifts when people aren’t used to it. Now that Venus is direct, how can we take all of these experiences and integrate them? What is our value? What do we value? How do we take care of the things we value? Although it was painful and we may have had to make decisions we still are questioning, we can now process what has occurred and look at it from an objective standpoint. In the midst of retrogrades it is hard to fully understand all that is happening as it feel chaotic. Take this time to do what is best for you.

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