Astrology Almanac: February 2022

February 2022 Almanac

2/1 – New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon arrives at 12 degrees Aquarius, as the sun and moon are both in the sign of the water bearing humanitarian. Aquarius wants to make humanity better and fights for the cause. What cause are you fighting for? It’s important to remember that since Aquarius is a fixed, air sign, sometimes we need to be brought back down to the ground to see others’ opinions as well. You may be feeling the urge to have your freedom. How can you help the group? How can you honor yourself and all of those around you at the same time? How can your voice help others see that all of their answers lie within them? Seeing change in others is seeing change in yourself. Helping others on their path to their own authenticity helps you find your own. Giving others love, especially when they don’t feel they deserve it can change the world. How can you be the trail blazer in your own life?

The New Moon is Squaring Uranus in Taurus, which is where your impulsive behaviors might seem larger than life. It might feel difficult to not give into temptation but remember to stand your ground. Irritation is showing you where something feels off or not right and if you’ve been feeling resistance from yourself and those around you, it’s going to be magnified. The things that aren’t working in your life need to be changed, and if you don’t do it – the universe will.

As this New Moon also falls on the Chinese New Year, which will be the year of the tiger, harnessing Aquarius’ energy can bring positive, revolutionary change to yourself and your goals. How are you moving into the future?

2/1 -- Juno Enters Aquarius

Juno is the relational asteroid, it has been referred to as the asteroid of partnership and commitment but rules relationships of all kinds. Juno enters Air sign Aquarius where individuality and a sense of freedom must be felt to be in partnership. Relationship check-ins are important and detachment isn’t necessarily anti-bonding, sometimes both parties zooming out is the most beneficial thing they can do for the partnership. Aquarius would argue this is essential for its survival. Giving relations space to breathe and freely follow their path is central to this. Themes around oppression might surface for some, Aquarius being the humanitarian already has an eye out looking for signals towards oppression. And the retrieval of power from relationships is a major theme of Juno, particularly giving someone or something power and it then being used to oppress us.

2/3 – Mercury Direct in Capricorn

Mercury (finally) goes direct at 24 degrees Capricorn. We will now be in the post shadow period until February 23rd. Retrogrades are always a period of inner healing, where events and mishaps will occur, not to torture us, but to show us what lessons need to come forward into our conscious mind. While many fear making decisions during this time, I believe this is showing us where our decisions need a major change. What did you pay attention to during this retrograde? What emotions came up for you? How did your beliefs shape what you wanted to see and hear out the situation vs what truly happened? It’s important now that Mercury is direct to be able to look at how you talk and treat people. How do you talk and treat yourself? What limiting belief is causing you to stay stuck in these reoccurring situations? Can you go back to what happened and learn the lesson, change the outcome? What does this all mean for yourself, your goals, and your peers? It’s important to look inward just for yourself, not because someone else in your life wants something, but what you truly want. You can feel stuck in ruts when you are just unable to live for yourself or do what you truly want out of fear and judgement.

2/4 -- Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun meets Saturn in the sky at 15 degrees Aquarius but this conjunction has been building since the New Moon. This degree of Aquarius is more mind-based than the other decans. The vibe might be especially detached from others and any outer emotional climate. This serves a purpose of building discipline and reorienting ourselves into how to best utilize our energy. Cultivating self-control and integrity will be more attractive so it could be a great time to break harmful habits or evaluate why we find ourselves limited by them in the first place. Saturn with the Sun, which is also our vitality, can bring a somber feel so its best to acknowledge the temporary nature of transiting aspects, as if that’s the case, this too shall pass. What is in our power however is using these energies constructively for good, even if that means giving ourselves a break if we just don’t feel like budging on anything or need to overcome a personal setback.

2/8 – First Quarter Moon in Taurus The First Quarter Moon moves in at 18 degrees Taurus. Taurus represents your manifestations coming into your reality and your ability to receive them. Now that both Venus and Mercury are direct, how can you ground in this new energy? The New Moon in Aquarius was a clean slate, and we now have the energy to get things done. Taurus doesn’t like to change their routine, but even the stubborn bull is ready to reach her goals. How are your goals providing you and the people around you with stability? How is grounding yourself on new land nourishing your mind, body, and soul? How are you respecting yourself, your needs, and your goals? Do one thing for yourself today to self-care that is only for you. Letting your creativity shine through naturally and getting into the flow is the best productivity you can have – and it feels natural and easy. Being able to put together a plan for yourself that feels good, rather than a hassle, will help you on the next step of your journey.

2/8 -- Ceres enters Gemini

Ceres, the great mother, epitomizing the unconditional love and nurture essential to our being, enters Air sign Gemini. Each element brings us closer to a sense of harmony and Air lifts us up into the realm of thought and imagination. Someone born with Ceres in Gemini would be the ‘words of affirmation’ type and words would have the power to motivate and harm them. During this transit we may feel the impact of how thoughts and words make us feel more deeply. Also, whether we are heard by others. It has been scientifically proven our thoughts alone have the power to heal our bodies. But does that also mean they can actually hurt us too? Are you able to mother yourself into a more soothed state when under stress and pressure? Or do you make matters worse when you are down and beat yourself up? The power of the mind is at its peak as the sun is in Aquarius, the sign of the higher mind. How can we take advantage and elevate our thinking?

2/14 -- Pallas Enters Aries

Aries leads the zodiac and coming out of Pisces we see ourselves enter a whole new cycle of what Pallas represents. Pallas, the asteroid of creative intelligence also deals largely with wisdom, manifestation and visualization. This is great energy for being able to see a new beginning. Collectively, our heads have been in the Pisces haze which has handled many things energetically behinds the scenes. Now, the gate is opened for action by being able to see a plan and the actions you need to take in order for them to manifest. Pay attention to any sudden urges or inspirations that come into your awareness. The fire is being lit for you. If you have been feeling particularly overwhelmed the climate this transit is bringing is the clear vision that ignites the fire to take action. Aries also rules the body forming this mind/body connection that makes it easier to move and act.

2/16 – Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon illuminates the sky in 27 degrees Leo. Leo represents the courage to show your creativity to the world. Leo can sometimes get a bad rap about being cocky and needing attention and the spotlight, however maybe those are projections from others who are too scared to show the world who they truly are. You were born so uniquely you that you can never be duplicated, your talents are just who you are when things feel effortless, they are your special gifts to the world. Not showing others these gifts, if on a professional or personal scale, is robbing you of who you are meant to blossom into be. Leo can rise above the judgement and rejection of others and be their authentic self. The risk is always worth the reward and doing anything brings you a step closer to where you need to be. It’s easy to get caught up in all the reasons it won’t work and the rejection you would feel if things didn’t work, from yourself and your peers, but use the courage that Leo has to push past these barriers. Isn’t it better to try than to spend the rest of your life wondering? The Universe will continue to show you again and again how possible these things are such as showing you people who have what you want or ideas showing up that you know will work. Use these situations as stepping stones, and just start somewhere. You are educated enough, good enough, worthy enough, the right age, the right place, the right time, you have all of the resources even if you can’t see them – your creativity is so YOU that you don’t need anything else to act on your dreams. Use your courage and creativity to change the world – something Leo (moon) and Aquarius (sun) can agree on. Release all the reasons you can’t do what you’re meant to do tonight.

2/18 -- Sun Enters Pisces

Pisces is a mutable, water sign. Ruled by Neptune, which is the higher octave of Venus, these people are self-less, compassionate, and very sensitive to the world. Being the 12 house in astrology, Pisces is the realm that is opposite physical matter and reality. This brings issues of boundaries center to their lives but also is what makes them empathetic. Pisces is tapped into the collective, making them natural artists and divine channels of creativity. Out of all the signs they have an affinity for unconditional love that is unwavering. This gives them a healing aura that can set off the unconscious heart wounds of others but also bring them tremendous healing. Unfortunately, this energy can come across as too much, hard to trust, and even manipulative. An unconscious Pisces could play into this energy as well- being able to change into any form they feel could influence a person or situation towards benefiting them. Neptune is the planet of deception and if life has taken Pisces’ kindness for weakness they may have some healing to do to regain trust in the world around them. This Pisces season invites us to tap into our hearts and bare our souls in love because the past doesn’t deserve that kind of power and our dreams are all that is larger than life.

2/20 -- Sun square Ceres

The Sun in Pisces forms a square to Ceres in Gemini. The identity, represented by the Sun is in conflict with nurturing, represented by Ceres and them being in two mutable signs, we experience a restlessness. Maintaining individuality, and what one feels it needs to nurture, can seem off balance breeding inner-tension. Pacifying both could feel impossible. With the Sun in Pisces we can be pulled towards some kind of self-sacrifice but need to be careful to not makes moves we end up resenting later. Internal wounds around nurturance we received can be projected onto any area of life to play out to deeper our understanding of ourselves.

2/23 – Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

As we close out this Moon Cycle, we have tapped into our inner rebel and used our creativity to soar. This Last Quarter Moon is in the last degree (29) of Scorpio, and it is time to reflect on how well we’ve done. Scorpio is the deepest sign of the zodiac, so understanding how you feel about putting yourself out there and finding a cause close to your heart will feel effortless. Changing your life is difficult because so much change comes with it, the people in your life, your daily habits, your perception. Sometimes your identity can get so wrapped up in these things you not only forget who you are, you forget how to live and do things that are just for you. Your opinion of yourself is the most important one. Offer yourself forgiveness for neglecting yourself and give your emotions space to come through.

2/24 -- Mercury square Uranus

Mercury in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus bringing in rebellious and chaotic mental energy. Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius and is obsessed with freedom. The intense energy of Uranus isn’t talked about as much but can be apparent in this more dynamic aspect. The Sun and Moon will also be squaring between Pisces and Sagittarius which adds restlessness. This energy calls for serious grounding. Imagination will be at an all time high. Guidance from higher realms will be pouring into our light bodies and the mind can have a hard time if it is trying too hard to process and make sense of it all. The more grounded, as in open and not set on the- what, how, why and when, we can be, the less likely we are to overload the nervous system with these energies. Our multi-dimensional nature isn’t meant to fit inside the confines of the mind it is meant to expand outside of it.

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