Astrology Almanac: February 2021

February 2021 Ascendifi Astrology Almanac

2/1 – Venus in Aquarius

Aquarius is a sign that supports unconventional thought and the stimulation factor of uniqueness. Venus’ transit highlights an exploration of expansion in relationship ideology. Venus in Aquarius wants an alien love, open and free where ‘disowned’ parts are loved and seen. Our point of view in our own relationships may shift or come under review with the influence of a retrograde Mercury also in the air sign. At this time, we can value those we intellectually click with while also having an easier time blending opposing views. This benefits by allowing us to be more social and progressive in our relations with others.

2/4 – Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio is squaring the Sun in Aquarius. Aquarius and Scorpio are both fixed signs who can have an extremely difficult time making changes when it comes to anything that they feel defensive about. What have you been on the defense about? If you took a step away would you realize that you are only defending yourself to you? It can be difficult to realize the critique you fear from others is coming from your own brain. Scorpio thrives in self transformation and harnessing the humanitarian power of Aquarius, this can be a time of moving the collective forward. If you can only get past your own urge to self-destruct. This is a time to deal with what is triggering you and find ways to give yourself self-love and compassion when you want to tear yourself apart. This can be a difficult time where your emotions are everywhere. Finding peace in your mind before the New Moon can turn the headlights on to a change only you can bring into this world.

2/5 – Venus Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

Venus hits Saturn and we get to see the delicate balance of the heart. At some point we have put conscious effort into something where seemingly opposite cards were dealt back. Frustrated, we may have then unknowingly put our power into that opposition. This giving away of power and resistance creates more situations of the same and serves as a lesson to commit to our truest values and intentions. From this vantage point our pain brings us attention to where we need it most. Sometimes life events happen to force us into spending time with ourselves, to take a holiday down that expressway connecting the head and heart. What valuable lessons have we learned?

2/6 – Venus in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Not long after a run in with Saturn a square to Uranus calls Venus to be courageous when exploring the shadows. Uranus in Venus’ ruling sign, Taurus offers us receptibility towards the shifts we face. It also asks us to take care of ourselves, in particular our bodies. There is opportunity for growth where there was once limitation. After all, the truth is meant to set you free not tie your spirit down. Self-care and self-compassion accelerate healing. It is not always easy, but it is always a testament to our ability to receive. Eating nourishing foods and drinking water are acts of receiving.

2/11 – New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon moves in at 23 degrees of Aquarius. Straying away from the path that society has left for you or going against what others think and believe can be extremely difficult. It plays into your rejection wound and can make you feel alone. Aquarius’ path is never normal or boring, they are eccentric and seek to take the path less traveled. One day you will wake up and realize that the people you were trying to please, were never even able to please themselves. Walking your own path can make you confused with moments of discouragement where you ask yourself “can I even do this? What am I doing?”. You wouldn’t have had the dream in the first place if you didn’t have what it takes to see it through. Most people give up right before their visions manifest. It is never about lack of talent but rather a lack of following through. Take this New Moon to blaze your own trail, make your own beliefs, feel what brings you joy in your heart. And as Iris Apfel says, “Once in a while, blow your own damn mind.”

2/13 – Mars in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Sustainable inner contentment doesn’t come from achievement or gain. It comes from putting ourselves into what we do. In doing something that feels natural the concept of ‘work’ goes out the window. This aspect is an opportunity for new resonance with something that feels like you were born to do it. On the opposing side it can be moving past the fear of not being able to do what you love. If we lose the pleasure in what we create we also lose the expression of ourselves in it.

2/17 – Saturn in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

This square will have shifts in karmic energies, sudden paybacks on both global and personal levels. This is an aspect of consequence and a good time to be honest and open with ourselves as traditions and old ways of being are broken down. Be the judge of your own life and see what needs to be brought into balance. Use the heart as your guide toward revived strength and wholeness. Blame is handing over your opportunity to do just that.

2/18 – Sun Enters Pisces

Pisces, a mutable, free flowing, feminine water sign is the epitome of unconditional love. Ruled by Neptune the higher octave of Venus it is the celebration and connectivity of higher love. It rules over music, a universal harmonizing resonance and spirituality, a connection to something bigger than ourselves. Pisces is empathetic and this season finds us looking for the bonding in togetherness and our universal code as human beings. This love runs deep in our hearts but can also sheathe the darkness of the unknown. As a shadow Pisces can lose sight of boundaries with others or themselves and fall into escapism.

2/19 – First Quarter Moon in Gemini

The First Quarter Moon is asking for you to put the work in, and Gemini is asking you to push past the limits Mercury Retrograde has put on you and ask for what you want. Since the sun is now in Pisces, both Gemini and Pisces are mutable signs which are able to adapt to anything. Harnessing this energy of adaptability and being able to flow through many different ideas can be used in your best interest. You may need to call on others for help to see through your plans, and if you think you don’t know enough about something you want to do – talk to someone who has already done it. The universe is always here to support you, but you have to ask first.

2/20 – Mercury Direct in Aquarius

Breathe, you survived your first Mercury Retrograde in 2021. Mercury goes direct in Aquarius and will remain in its post shadow period until March 13th. Post Shadow phases are a time to reflect on the events that took place and how you responded to these events. Any regret and shame that ha