Astrology Almanac: April 2021

April 2021 Astrology Ascendifi Almanac

4/3 – Mercury Enters Aries

Mercury’s transit through Aries can be a swift moving arrow towards your goals. If you have drifted off track which we all have in some sense during the mind trip through Pisces, this time may spark redirection and refinement. Focus is becoming even more so on the self in relation to the ‘other’ while we are all still equilibrating after March’s Libra full moon. There is a fire of opportunity here to ask yourself about what is worth putting your power into and what is your place in things? What position do you want to take in matters happening now? Are situations in alignment with your “I”? Who/what are your opponents to what you are trying to achieve? Aries reminds that you are streaming with life-force and bares the lesson to not inappropriately ignite or project it onto an opponent. The Aries Sun sextiles the North Node subsequently making this a time of rising to a new phase of our ego/spiritual development.

4/4 – Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn The Moon enters earth sign Capricorn squaring the sun in firey Aries. Since Aries and Capricorn are both cardinal signs, they are the initiators and have no problem leaving behind anything that doesn’t suit them anymore. Capricorn are known for their ability to not only set but also attain all of their goals and desires. They will stop at nothing to succeed at whatever they put their mind too. You may start to be seeing whatever is coming in the way of your goals, it could be something in your physical such as a person/job/obligation or it could be your mindset and limiting beliefs. Free yourself. It might be time to leave behind whatever is keeping you off path from your goals. The fear of failure or imposture syndrome might have you thinking you need to prepare everything out and have all the pieces of the puzzle together before acting. Just start with what’s in your way. Ground yourself under this moon and listen to your heart of what doesn’t feel right for you. Let the cardinal energy wash away what is no longer serving you, your heart deserves it.

4/6 – Venus in Aries Sextile Mars in Gemini

Passionate feelings flood the mind seeking space and some form of resolve. A fight for love can be manifesting internally or externally. Walking the path of your own truth you realize the energies within you stir with expansion, realization, manifestation and consequence. What is constant is the evening balance between thought and feeling. Today’s demands pull the self in many directions, but this scale is always weighing in the background much like the heart continues to beat without your conscious command. Throughout your day what comes to you through thought? What comes through feeling? How much do they harmonize? How much do your intentions and actions agree with them? New insights on life balance are available now. A powerful exercise on defining your truth is to write down- On your deepest level what thoughts do you know are true, what emotions within you do you know are true? Do you know love exists, that pain brings healing, nature is divine, or hope is remembering? Let what you know to be true hold you, allow the expansion you seek to come forth from within.

4/9 – Mars in Gemini Square Neptune in Pisces

Transitions can awaken feelings of obsession, paranoia, fear, and hopelessness when there is not enough supportive energy allowing clear sight. All events have their place in the process and that is not to say it makes them any more pleasant. The force of Mars forms an action dynamic (square) with the dreamy haze of Neptune. Can you sacrifice what is most precious to you to the universe? Do you have that trust in your heart? Sacrifice the outcome from your grip, let go of the expectation for the rush of movement to actually come to you. It seems counter intuitive to let go but it is only dedicating yourself to your unfolding. Mercury and Chiron also meet in Aries today bringing development from the Sun, Chiron, Venus conjunction at March’s full moon. If you wish to move forward through the most hard-fought battles, find your resistance, spend time with it and ask it what it most fears. Then, let it go. Neptune is sanctioning ethereal energy, angels, higher light beings and frequencies will take these burdens from you. Like life is full of births and deaths we are continually welcoming things in and out of our arms.

4/11 – New Moon in Aries

As the New Moon in Aries comes in at 22 degrees – CUE YOUR REBIRTH! This is the first New Moon of the astrological year. You have gone through hell since the last New Moon in Pisces and may have released more than you ever thought possible. You are the phoenix rising from the ashes. You have fought your demons off, you have released an ocean of tears, you have pushed forward despite everything in you screaming to make it stop. It can be difficult when you have been faced with things that forever change you. An event or series of events can happen, and you lose a piece of yourself, or a piece of your innocence. The world might look different and feel different. Sometimes you hang on to those wounds and let them direct the path you take in life. New Moon in Aries will give you the power to accept these wounds and thank them for their lesson, they have moved you forward. You have all the motivation you need to start your fire, stay in your power, and keep away from those who try to put your fire out. Instead of looking at it as an anchor holding you back, you are now being called to help others navigate through. You can help elevate the collective consciousness. You have hope for a better future, now you must align with your courage to push forward.

4/14 – Venus Enters Taurus Venus enters Taurus (where she rules both Taurus & Libra) where she will give you a push into going after whatever it is you have your eye on. Taurus loves to be in the present surrounded by the luxuries of everything for your five senses can indulge in. If you are focused on material possessions and money, this is a perfect time to drum up business, connections, and ideas. You will be feeling more creative to find ways to go after your heart’s desires. You may have realizations about what makes you feel like a million bucks. Allow yourself to lean into this feeling. Issues surrounding love and money will come up for you to rewrite. Taurus is known to be stubborn, so it is important to make note of where you are blocking yourself. Becoming jealous and possessive over your relationships or whatever you are placing value for during this time isn’t going to allow more abundance into your life.

4/16 – Sun square Pluto

What is brought to consciousness is intensely experienced now. Having a vision is a very precious thing. Fear can threaten that your vision is being taken from you or dismantled. If you live fixed on protecting your vision you are also under the illusion that something is out there trying to blind you. That is not the highest truth and keeping your vision safe is also keeping it from becoming more. What is feared is not our sought out dreams being ruined or denied but the power that fuels them being taken leaving us deflated. That is an exchange of power. The power you hold cannot be taken away only given because it is yours. Lessons on giving away your power always result in retrieving parts of the soul.

4/17 – Mars in Gemini Trine Jupiter in Aquarius

We all carry tremendous experience no matter where you may be on your journey. No one is unscathed by the seasons of life and their impact on personal belief systems. What we can all embrace is the unfolding of processes through time. Mars in Gemini in particular yields a mental scattering of all experiences on the floor to be reorganized, reconsidered, put in the right boxes and appreciated for how different they may all be. Can you see how a process may be a force of good in your life? In a harmonious aspect with Jupiter in Aquarius we receive the benevolent outcome of our experience. This is a time of getting support for what you want. Make sure you know what that is.

4/19 – Sun Enters Taurus

The Sun has bloomed into Taurus, the luscious, sustaining, Earth mother. A feminine, fixed sign, Taurus likes to have secure footing, they thrive feeling safe and often provide that gentle grounded nature to others. Ruled by Venus they adore esthetics, are artistic and sensual with the mantra ‘I have’. Others may get frustrated with their loyalty to their own pace or way of doing things but it is that deliberate nature that also makes them a place of comfort and serenity. Taurus benefits from learning the necessity of letting go from their polarity Scorpio. And also finding the nature of abundance within their world. Taurus reflects the unfolding of natural life cycles. The season of new life brings a time of exploration of new developments and right now is the right time to do what makes you feel like the budding person you are, creating your desires and flourishing in your beauty.

4/19 – Mercury Enters Taurus As Mercury, the planet of communication, enters fixed, earth sign Taurus you may begin to feel that you need to take extra time before making any decisions. If there is something happening in your life that can have a large impact, you may not want to take any risks right now. Taurus likes to think about things endlessly, making sure that they are making the right decision. Sometimes the best decision to them is the decision they have always made. Taurus in Mercury is very sure of how do things their way and may not want to take a chance on anything risky. Although mulling your options over is good, is important not to resist the changes and flows of life.

4/20 – First Quarter Moon in Leo The First Quarter Moon arrives in 3 degrees of Leo. Leo is asking you to make decisions around your need for attention and how it is handled you receive it. Do you crave attention but then when someone gives it to you or says a compliment you feel uncomfortable? You won’t be able to receive a compliment if this goes against who you believe you are at your core. If you don’t think you look good, nothing anyone says will ever change your mind you will just immediately think they are lying. You may constantly seek validation from people hoping it will make you feel better, but it never will. You must change the story that you’ve told yourself to allow yourself to bloom into who you really are. Self-care and self-love are the best things you can do under this moon. Write a list out of all of the things you love about yourself, your strengths, and times you were proud of yourself. You might begin to see how beautiful your soul really is.

4/23 – Mars Enters Cancer

Mars moving from Gemini to Cancer is like breath rushing into the lungs. Cancer has depths and Mars’ momentum doesn’t especially love it here. Mars is brought to ‘weakness’ in the crashing waves of Cancer. Now, emotion has more influence on action. Cancer has passion so strong it can put out a driving flame. Mars’ transit can manifest healing towards wounded feminine energy. When wounded the feminine archetype becomes protective, obsessive, withdrawn, and void of vocation. Emotional manipulation can be subtle or passive action more natural. This time can be equally seductive. Swimming through the recess of Mars’ battle wounds reads intimacy. When cancer has supportive masculine energy it is so intimately open and brings deep treasures of unconditional love, care and support.

4/24 – Mercury in Taurus Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Prepare to have your mind blown with this combination of energy. What has been waiting beneath the surface takes root. Mercury and Uranus, the next level of thought and the magician that creates reality. This is a particularly objective aspect that can be taken advantage of to zoom out and see what has been orchestrated around us collectively. There is enormous power in collective consciousness resting on the reality of co-creating. We attract into our energetic field the reality and dynamics we observe combined with our beliefs and inner vision. Our reality operates largely off what resonates. Regardless of seeming reality seeds of change are planted now. When you heal yourself you heal the world.

4/27 – Full Moon in Scorpio

The Super Moon illuminates the sky in 7 degrees of Scorpio. Full Moons can feel heavy, and you might have found yourself unable to sleep in the days leading up to this Moon. Scorpio represents bringing your secrets to the surface – but you will feel a lot of resistance to this. How do you feel when you are resisting something in your life? You may find yourself procrastinating, not making decisions, or not changing the things in your life that are causing you harm. You can overthink everything, telling yourself you don’t have the tools or the strength to get through it. If you feel angry and resentful doing things you will never be satisfied with the results. If Scorpio is asking you to dive deep into your feelings, and to deal with things you have obviously tried to keep buried. How can you meet these things with an open heart? How can you release the shame around these secrets and watch their power over you float away? To resist doing this will keep the story alive that these secrets are telling you. You will continue to replay these “secrets” continually in your mind and live the pain continuously as well. This will also keep you away from being your true authentic self, it makes you have to put your mask on to hide. Liberate yourself from whatever keeping you in hiding. If you are able to own the things that are causing you to feel so much resistance you can not only face your challenges, but you can also conquer them. It is time to release the expectations you’ve put on yourself and just allow yourself to be who you are. If you just follow your heart, you will never end up on a path not meant for you.

4/27 – Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn

Pluto Retrograde will begin April 27th, 2021 and end on October 6, 2021. Although the effects of Pluto Retrograde are not extremely strong, you will begin an intense healing journey during this time. Since Capricorn likes to focus on structure, this will be a great time to up level the way you believe your life should be and how you act out on it. This is less of the day-to-day operations and more of how you respond to things internally. How you feel inside is how you will show up in the world. Pluto is the planet of transformation and is asking you to deal with seeds that have been buried and hidden for a long time. When deep emotions come up or you find yourself in a funk, it may be difficult to realize what realm of your subconscious these feelings are coming from. Pluto Retrograde will feel like a whisper asking you to go deeper. If you feel regret when you make a rash decision or let something just slip off you tongue, you may be able to blame it on your hard day or irritating life circumstances but maybe there is more for you to see. This is a great time to view all of your projections and take time to satisfy yourself with the parts of your psyche that don’t benefit you. Pluto also represents death, and this doesn’t have to be in such a literal sense. During your transformations there could be many parts of you that are dying off, this allows the light to come back in. This can make you feel extremely alone and lost in the world, but this is an opportunity to bring love back in. Whatever is dying off was never serving you. Death of a relationship means finding a better one within yourself and eventually with someone else. Death a job means you are able to chase your dreams. Death of a friendship means you’ve put boundaries in place that serve you. All of these “death” events will trigger your transformation to begin.

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