Asteroids in Astrology: Ceres

The four major asteroids (Ceres, Pallas Athene, Vesta, and Juno) located just beyond the personal planets (between Mars and Jupiter) are the doorways to the divine feminine, unlocking understanding, knowledge and alignment.

Just as we are composed of all the signs of the zodiac, the asteroids hold place in our energy as well, regardless of gender. They also then have a respective role in collective and human evolution.

Roman goddess Ceres, also known as Greek goddess Demeter, depicts the ‘Mother’ archetype. She symbolizes fertility, the nurture principle, unconditional love and the seasons of the heart. Ceres was the first of these asteroids (now recognized as a dwarf planet) discovered, which coincides with her symbolism being some of the initial feminine ideologies ingrained in the human psyche. Ceres/Demeter rules over the cultivation of nourishment and the sustainability that aids human beings survival.


The mythology of Ceres brings forth the gift of life and acceptance of its nature. Ceres, goddess of the harvest, took great pleasure in providing grain for the people of Earth and being the mother of her daughter, Proserpina/Persephone. Until one day out of the watchful eye of Ceres, Proserpina was drawn to a field of flowers and faced with the first event where her life was changed. It was in this field she was said to be abducted by Pluto (Hades), God of the underworld, who came to make her his wife.

Ceres was destroyed by the grief of losing her daughter to Pluto. Amidst this pain she could no longer take care of herself or her responsibilities as Earth Mother and consequently a world that once only knew bounty faced tremendous famine. Ceres’ feelings of betrayal by life’s nature made her destructive. If her heart had to starve, human life would have to starve and cease to exist.

The second event that changed Proserpina’s life was accepting food in the form of pomegranate seeds from Pluto. Her devoted mother’s refusal in ending the scarcity placed on the harvest forced a compromise to be made where Proserpina would be able to return and be reunited with her mother. But because the consumption of the pomegranate seeds, which bound her to Pluto, her time would be split between Earth with her mother and the Underworld with her partner. From this the seeds of life are sewn, every Spring Ceres’ daughter and life returns to the Earth shifting into the seasons of imminent departure. We find these same cycles existing within as the seasons of the heart and processing grief.

There is no modern day ruler ship determined for Ceres as of yet but different aspects of Ceres’ nature exits in the symbolism below.


In your heart you will find your summer, the moments of fruitage that made you feel alive and beaming with light; autumn, the times you saw your heart transformed and feelings change; winter, when you have had to let go of what you have once held, and spring, the soft beginnings and growth that open you once again. These are the seasons of the heart. They open us to the cycles of our lives.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis can be ultimately simplified as life/death. The signs that sit opposite each other on the zodiac wheel make up a unique polarity. The Taurus and Scorpio axis mirrors the theme of change through cycles seen with Ceres and Proserpina. Both Taurus and Scorpio are feminine fixed signs. Their axis offers an aspect of truth that life’s nature of change is fixed.

The zodiac is broken into 12 houses representing each of the signs; Taurus is the 2nd house of personal possessions, security, being present in the physical body and self-worth. Scorpio, directly across Taurus, is the 8th house of shared assets, transformation, alchemizing through soul growth and binding with another.

In this polarity, Scorpio teaches Taurus the power of letting go while Taurus teaches Scorpio the power in holding on. Like Proserpina reemerging for half the year, a reunion takes place after departure, making our connections non-linear. There is no definitive energetic termination point. Letting go is not loss, it is merely loosening our own grip.

These signs do share lower expressions where Taurus is craving and Scorpio is obsessing. Both are expressions of longing that are never satisfied because external resources cannot fill an inner void. Often that void is grief.

Greif is part of the human experience. We grieve the people we have loved and left the physical plane, we grieve our changing bodies, environment, lifestyles, and ways of security and beliefs. Greif calls for an awareness of an inner process. It is in grief we process and purge through the emotional fields of our being.

There are phases of life that are deeply unsettling but they pass and in them we find our own resurgence. It is up to us to exist with the passing seasons. It is so trying because it requires a part of us to accept change that is easy for no one, but change enables expansion. As you ascend in the spiritual dimension awareness is gained that one must also descend deeper into the presence of the physical body. And like the Taurus/Scorpio axis within we find the balance of coming home to one’s self while also expanding through the soul.


The 4th house in astrology is the Cancer zodiac which is also a vital angle of the chart, the Nadir (IC). This part of the chart is governed by the moon and houses our ancestral roots, how the more nurturing parent was experienced in childhood and our emotional core. The moon is our source of feminine energy and entry into intuition/ the knowing of the soul. Like Ceres, Cancer is associated with caregiving, nurturance and unconditional love.

*The term ‘mother’ is used loosely to define an individual that had the most nurturing impact. Feminine energy is separate from gender.

A child’s love for their mother is unconditional. Through the eyes of a child their mother is perfection and worthy of all of their love. Understanding this we can understand we come into this life as love and love is a source of sustenance. We learn very early on in development the mother/caregivers nurturance is correlated with our survival. Through early emotional development the safety and availability of a caregiver is synonymous with getting food.

If a mother becomes distressed, unwell or absent the child starts to experience distress through this energetic dependent relationship cord. Sometimes trust and faith is restored by the relationship and other times it is not.

The ‘mother’ brings forth the nurture for the child and aids its survival until a transitional point where the child is able to survive independently from the mother. This transitional point is pivotal in Ceres’ story and the human relation between mother and child. The mother archetype also holds the role of the protector. Have you seen how a mother responds in the wild when her babies are facing a threat? This protective quality aids in survival but relationally it can also interfere with any transitional points that promote growth of individuality.

Ceres brings awareness around allowing people you care about to make their own choices and learn their own lessons in life so they can ultimately be their own selves. This can be met with feelings of fear, separation and grief. It can be resisted all together and become fuel to control another through manipulation and being overbearing. When this is the case Ceres’ lessons come in louder to teach the nature of unconditional love. Love without conditions.


Virgo/ the 6th astrological house of daily life, service, and health corresponds with the Earth Mother. We often talk about ‘Mother’ Earth, she who feeds us, keeps us nourished, sustained, and without her, how would we survive? The thought is unimaginable but people across time have had famine inscribed in their genetic material. Our relationship with food speaks an unconscious truth and holds a powerful relationship with the self.

Aside from the root of survival, food plays a role in bringing people together, cultivates tradition, and even shapes aspects of identity. Today, more commonly, eating serves as a tool to emotionally regulate. We can use food as a way to nourish ourselves and Ceres also symbolizes the relationship we have with food and take care of ourselves.

In Latin Virgo translates to virgin with the essence of someone being whole within themselves. In terms of service Virgo teaches how coming from a place of wholeness allows one to give and provide service to others. Self-love and self-care are reminiscent with what Ceres needed to learn. This is an evolutionary concept because the ‘mother’ archetype was conditioned in the past to be ‘self-less’, self-sacrificing, and ‘cold’ if she considered her needs over her family role. Awareness has brought the concept of not being able to pour from an empty cup and what that means for our ability to sustain ourselves in relation to those we provide service for.


The Sacral chakra /Svadhistana is second in the seven chakra primary energy system. It is referred to as the relational or bonding chakra. It is an energy body that develops through the early caregiver bonding that evolves into a self-contained emotional system. This chakra deals with attachments and adapting to our environment. Therefore it has a strong role in boundaries and emotional exchange.

This chakra is primarily unconscious and associated with the water element. The way a caregiver can emotionally respond and adapt to their child’s needs is powerful and leaves an emotional imprint. Emotional space made, routines established, allowance of expression and creation enable a certain safety and trust. Without safety and trust, creating boundaries and even conscious relationships with others can be challenging. This is why codependency and addiction can result from discord at the sacral chakra.

For us to birth new ideas and expression into the world boundaries have to exist even if just momentarily around everything except that thing we are bringing forward. We cannot be everything for everyone all of the time and that is an awareness of the sacral chakra. The sacral development is right before the Ego is developed and an underdeveloped sacral can result in sacrifice of developing the self. Our boundaries are where we are set free from attachment and they can always be created by us. In this regard Ceres can bring events into our lives that aid in the awareness of attachment and when others emotional demands have us losing our center.


Ceres in the natal chart will provide information about home life, parent-child dynamics, attachment and how those experiences shape current relationships.

The zodiac sign Ceres was transiting the day of birth signifies your approach to nurturing. This is how the energy of Ceres is expressed through you. Research the qualities of that sign and view it through the lens of Ceres’ themes. See what resonates. This can shape how you in-tern approach parenthood, parent yourself, and care for others.

The natal house Ceres was transiting at the time of birth will show which area of life this approach to nurturance was received and is given. The house is where this energy manifests.


Asteroid Aspects interpreted in an Astrology Chart should not exceed an orb of 3°

Aspects are relationships between two planets/bodies in the chart that give more information about how energy flows for the chart holder, revealing areas of natural ability to pointing to opportunities for growth.


Letting go and trusting life’s unfolding can be challenging but overcoming such events will also lead to personal liberation and soul evolution. Be careful not to guard the heart after experiencing pain. These aspects can display an over emphasis on the protector. In childhood these natives may not have received the nurturance that would have resonated best with their heart. These teachings can make you bitter or they can make you a universal giver of love, an Earth angel. There is tremendous power and strength in facing these energies. There is a resurgence of wisdom in what emotional needs are that can manifest in healing abilities.


There is a natural ‘mothering’ quality, these natives are very instinctual when taking care of others. They may be called to help others through grieving processes or times of transformation in their lives. They should take caution to not become too self-sacrificing and be sure to be able to provide the same empathy towards the self as they express outward. This caregiving will not only manifest towards children but anyone in their life (siblings, partners, animals, society etc.).

We innately possess both masculine and feminine energies. Part of embracing the divine feminine is honoring the connection we have to creation and our life. The feminine within yields its own light to expression, resolution, beauty, and connection and the more we celebrate that influence and integration of being where everyone and every aspect holds its own purpose, we can recognize the gift of reunion within ourselves.

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