Ascendifi Almanac: September 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

September 1st, 2020 – Full Moon in Pisces

The Full Moon will illuminate the sky on September 1st at 10° Pisces. This moon may feel heavy, deep, and get you caught in your feelings but there is a lot of positivity and helpful healing that can come from this, it all depends how you look at it. Pisces is a mutable water sign that may come off sensitive and emotionally deep to others, so this is a time to connect to your inner mystic and be open to change. This Full Moon may shine a light on the dark shadows of your life that you would rather push away, but if you can truly look at yourself with compassion and empathy, you can find your freedom and liberation. You can truly let go of feeling overwhelmed and scattered and find peace in the present. You may also be faced with the harsh reality that what we are carrying is not always ours and Pisces reminds us that you can feel so deeply for others – but this isn’t helping their healing journey and hindering yours. We have to let others feel their feelings on their own and can only offer them the space to be seen and heard.

The moon has a sextile to Uranus (who is still retrograde in Taurus) that really makes you look at how you can make your life more ideal with daily/weekly/monthly habits. You may need to clear some blocks around the resistance we feel to incorporating better things into our lives and ask yourself why you don’t think you are worthy of having your dream life.

The Pisces New Moon was on February 23, 2020 –intentions you set during this time are being manifested before our eyes.

September 5th, 2020 - Mercury in Libra

Mercury exiting its sign of rulership, Virgo can make its transit through the early degrees of Libra feel slightly blocked. This is actually in anticipation of the sudden progress that is being made but not yet fully integrated into our knowing. Before we set out for launch there is that last second of weighing the odds, a hesitation to make sure all systems really are go. There is a great transcendence from the past happening on a mental level for the next two months, but it might not feel as quick and reassuring as one had hoped. Confirmation may not come until Mercury is back in Libra during its October retrograde but that is part of the process for it is one in remaining conscious while trusting your divine timing.

September 9th, 20202 – Mars Retrogrades in Aries

Mars retrogrades at 28° in its home sign of Aries from September 9-November 13. This retrograde may have you asking several questions such as: Why are you accepting things you don’t agree with? How does this build up resentment inside yourself? What do we have to learn to release this? Mars represents your inner warrior, how you assert yourself, and how you get things accomplished. Your desires may be very strong right now and as you evaluate your life and all that is happening in the outer world it may become more prominent that you need new tactics and techniques to get what you want. It is important to not internalize your feelings or lash out with impatience when things do not go your way, you may just need to ask for help and come to realization that you cannot do everything on your own – we all need support and guidance to get us through. If you think no one is there to lend an arm (or an ear) then maybe you are just not reaching out or vocalizing your needs.

September 12th, 2020 – Jupiter Goes Direct in Capricorn

Jupiter goes direct in Capricorn which can having us feeling lucky in our business ventures and pursuits. It is important to now reflect on this time (it stationed retrograde on May 14th) and focus on the things we have learned and insight we have gained during this time. You may focus your reflection on how you worked (smarter or harder?), where you felt the most abundant in your life, how you called (or didn’t call) more abundance in and how your goals and concrete plans directed your expansion.

Have faith in the fact that whatever path is meant for you cannot be taken or destroyed by anyone else. Following your passion can be difficult and trying, but if you keep working at it and don’t give up you will always get to where you are going. It is important to not work yourself to the bone as staying in a state of gratitude and contentment with your current situation will keep your abundance flowing. Jupiter now being direct allows us to feel this flow more easily.

September 17th, 2020 – New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon comes in at 25° Virgo and the Sun and the Moon are both in Virgo (they are directly aligned). New Moons are the best time for manifestation, intention/goal setting, and give us a new beginning to start with. This is a powerful time to ground yourself and quiet the mind.

How does your inner world reflect your outer world? It’s time you took charge of both, you’ve been in the driver seat this whole time – stop giving away your power. If you can clean out your drawers and organize your closets – maybe you also need to clean out stagnant energy and organize your head. This is also an important time to take a look at what you are feeding and how you are treating your body. Your body is always giving you signs of what it is dealing with emotionally. You may feel a pull to start incorporating more healthy ways of living, even as small as getting rid of toxic products in your house, buying a new plant, drinking more water, or doing stretches in the morning.

New Moon in Virgo Trines Saturn in Capricorn, remember that trines represent harmony and support. This trine will help you solidify your goals and ways to tackle them, since Virgo is very organized this can be a great time to accomplish what you need.

September 22nd, 2020 -- Sun in Libra

The Sun experiences its fall in Libra for the reason that in Libra it is not the center of attention. Libra is relationship oriented and diplomatic (ruling the seventh house of partnership) constantly balancing and leading with grace. When the Sun enters Libra, we have an equal amount of light and dark/ day and night which is known in the Northern Hemisphere as the Autumn Equinox. Libra has been associated with the scales as early as 1100BC through hieroglyphics depicting the weighing of a soul against truth. In its light Libra is agreeable, love centered (ruled by Venus) and effortlessly charming. They also notably have good taste. The air quality of a Libran makes their presence light and their mind naturally fair. Libra men have been thought to understand women more than any other zodiac sign.

In its dark Libras focus on balance without discernment can make forming a decision more difficult. Seeing both sides can lead to feelings of guilt upon picking a side and then fearing the wrong choice was made. People-pleasing and disowning the very natural parts of the human shadow may have to be worked through. They can also become disenchanted by feelings of lack of love and affection. Loneliness can be avoidable to the deficit of settling and trying to make peace with love that is less than deserved. The heart of a Libra however will always hold true and settling cannot last. This Libra season will have us weighing our own harvests at this point of the year and weighing current situations alongside what we find in our heart (truth). Libra is guided by the Owl and with the wisdom of the Owl by our side we will embrace a sense of knowing that allows trust and faith to light our path.

September 23rd, 2020 -- Mercury square Saturn

A cardinal square will have us reaching for big answers to big questions. Mercury’s aspect of tension with Saturn will occur just after it squares Jupiter and Pluto. Jupiter brings the expansion to thought and Pluto relinquishes the desire like a vulture onto the scent of death. Saturn coming behind with limitation is not a sequence that feels comfortable but cardinal squares bring change in ways harmonious aspects just could not. What is important now is to honor your ambition and keep an open mind while allowing your path to be cleared even if it’s only seeming purpose right now is to remind you of what you already have.

September 25th, 2020 -- Saturn quintile Chiron

Chiron gives us an ache where succeeding feels delusive but giving up is also not an option. Many times, when we refuse to give up on something, we are trying to prove an element of the psyche. There is a sense of refusing to conform because of its posing risk to what feels very personal. We just might be so turned off to an aspect of life’s complexity right now that the shell of that complex energy is transmuted into creative form. There is an emergence of something within that comes from creativity that oh so carefully brings forth newfound life.

September 27th, 2020 ---Mercury into Scorpio

Release is paramount in healing but when we are called to release, we are first met with the lesson. Whenever you find lessons surrounding you a message has been delivered. Mercury, the messenger has most of our greatest messages coming from our mind. We fail to receive them when they are judged as wrong, weakness, and unwelcome. The message will continue to come until its lesson is delivered so release can take form. Come into the present moment and see the messages you are ready to receive now. You are being uplifted energetically. When aspects come up to be released it is because we are ready to let them go, we have alchemized the lesson to wisdom and raised our vibration.

September 29th, 2020 – Saturn Direct in Capricorn

Saturn is now direct in the sign of Capricorn, where it is here to remind you of your tasks, responsibility, and hard work. How did you work through your restrictions during its time in retrograde? Feelings of limitations are only in your mind and if we want to break through these thoughts is to define our goals and break them down into such small pieces it would feel impossible not do check them off our lists. Shatter your limiting beliefs that may have you saying you don’t have what it takes to get what you want. If you want to break a limiting belief you must identify what the belief is, breath deep into this belief to understand why you truly feel this way or where it came from, realize that this belief most likely did not even come from you, realize what you would need to change or implement in your life, release this belief from yourself, imagine what your life is like now without this belief, create an action plan, stick to it.

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