Ascendifi Almanac: October 2020

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

10/1 – Full Moon in Aries

October will start and end with a full moon. First is the Full Harvest Moon in Aries, which can feel powerful and concentrated around emotions with your foundation. You may have a short temper and feelings of irritation when responding to a lot of the uncertainty in your life and in the world. We can take two roads; let the flame inside you light the way or let it burn you. You can take a look at your past with honor or let it haunt you for the rest of your days.

Aries Full Moon Conjunct Chiron in Aries – Childhood wounds revolving around your stability and attachment will be reappearing. You may start to realize how the ones closest to you in your life are mirroring to you what you have failed to receive from caregivers. Full Moons are a time of release and if you find yourself questioning certain relationships, it may be time to open your eyes and realize you have already been through this before. Pain felt is only leading us to something greater. Take the lesson and move forward, honor all that this relationship has taught you about yourself and your needs. Do you want to continue to feel this pain repeatedly or dive into your own healing revolution?

10/2-- Venus enters Virgo

The glyph used to symbolize Virgo is very similar to Scorpio except for the orientation of the symbols tail. In Virgo the tail is tucked in to represent the ‘Virgin’ being whole in itself while Scorpio’s tail is expressed outward.  This inward expression is why Venus is debilitated/ its weakest in Virgo. 

When it comes to aesthetics and outward emotional expression Virgo can be cryptic. There is a natural environment of strong mental activity and that can sometimes pose a challenge when trying to be understood by someone in a relationship. Mental analysis can become criticism when it stems from our own resentments, repressions and unspoken needs. There are ways we all hold back in our expression and reap the consequences in our relationships and this transit may shed some light on that.

If you find yourself leaning towards having some hermit time during this transit that is to be expected. It can be a good time for thinking about your emotional availability for the relationships and abundance you are aligning with. Also, what parts of yourself or your life you might be overthinking or judging to the point it doesn’t get you anywhere. Instead of over thinking make conscious accepting the mystery. Use your mind to clear old and outdated ideas around love and money. Our outward expression plays a lot into the intimacy we experience; does it accurately reflect who we are and what completes us?

10/4 – Pluto direct (Capricorn)

Pluto goes direct in Capricorn at 22 degrees, coming off of the release and revelations of the Aries Full Moon you are about to deep dive into your shadow selves. Pluto wants nothing more than to dive into the darkest realm of your mind and start to uncover what has been hanging around for far too long. Capricorn and Pluto together are the perfect mix that want you to triumph to your success with full power. You may want to skip the journey and land right on the success, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. You might run into issues with authority or others who challenge you. Start to ask the question of why this is upsetting you and you feel the need to act out against it. Do you have a victim mentality or are you ready to start taking responsibility for the wrong in your life?

Everyone will be experiencing a dark night of the soul at this time, those who refuse to wake up will have their dark night of the soul with the collective. A dark night of the soul occurs when you feel the meaning of your life is no longer enough anymore, you may start to question everything and everyone around you. It is starting at rock bottom to be able to rebuild yourself. Purging the demons inside is an extremely painful process that can feel like you don’t have the will to go on, but you always do. The dark night of the soul is a way to awaken and transform your life into something you never even though possible. The power of Pluto and Capricorn is so strong it will allow you to see your darkest corner and give you the power to grow through all of it.

10/9-- Mars (Aries) square Pluto (Capricorn)

This is the second of three hard aspects between Mars and Pluto this year. With it the need for transformation is just getting more intense. Think back to events around August 13 to see if a theme returns for you. This is why we value journaling. The revolution it has brought into our own lives is remarkable.

It has been a year of intense cardinal energy with the most transformation being on account of Capricorn. We are in the midst of a deep ancestral excavation and this formation will remind us just how much we are in it. Mars stationed retrograde in Aries is making this a strikingly internal process this time and may give us a false sense of urgency. Depending on where people are with their processes, repressed power struggles can lead to aggressive behavior. 

10/12-- Jupiter sextile Neptune

Both planets are occupying the fourth quadrant of the zodiac wheel. At 60 degrees from each other they will form the aspect known as a ‘sextile’. The fourth quadrant is a landscape of all thing’s society, humanity, and collective consciousness. 

Those themes combine with Neptune’s qualities of transcending boundaries and oneness alongside Jupiter’s expansiveness and spiritual protection. This aspect is not one to sleep on for Neptune is transiting its modern home, Pisces, while forming a positive aspect to Pisces ancient ruler, Jupiter. This is a shifting of the tide.

Sextiles bring new talents and endeavors into our lives through combining the essences of the celestial bodies involved. This is a highly creative time whether you are bringing new ideas into the world or find yourself opening your heart to unconditional love. The power of prayer and manifestation during this aspect is nothing short of a blessing. 

10/13– Mercury Retrograde (Scorpio)

Mercury stations retrograde at 11 degrees in the fixed, water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is all about transformation and Mercury rules the mind and intellect. You may find yourself on a journey of finding your own authentic truth and realize what is really going on in your life. There may have been situations and people you didn’t want to look at because it seemed the cut was too deep, and it was better just to ignore it. A lot of the realizations at the Full Moon regarding the stability of your foundation are going to ask you to make a call. Your old wounds are asking to be addressed and Scorpio needs to know the entire truth in order to purge what’s been repressed and cleanse your throbbing soul.

This Mercury Retrograde is not just travel delays and technology glitches, it is misunderstandings of your mind that have been halting you to go forward. It is finding emotional transparency and clearness, it is sharpening your intuition and finally believing you know what’s better for you more than anyone else, it is realizing your worth, it is untangling yourself from psychological warfare people are trying to play. It is standing up for yourself regardless of push back. It is finally stepping into your highest power because you know in the deepest corner of your heart you’ve deserved to live this life all along. The miscommunication isn’t with the outside world, its within yourself.

10/16 – New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra comes in at 23 degrees giving you the fresh start you’ve been craving with all of this heavy energy. But you’re not out of the woods just yet.

You may feel you are ready for clean slates in your current relationships and new beginnings for other relationships that are about to appear. You feel like a completely new person who is ready to manifest and call in the love/friendship/new boss that they’ve felt they’ve been missing. You are no longer caught in others web of judgement and are easily able to identify what is there’s to carry and what is yours. You realize you can still compromise with others, without compromising yourself and your values. A good question to ask yourself this new moon is, what are you weighing your relationships against?

New Moon opposes Mars (who is still retrograde in Aries) and squares Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. These tense transits can have you questioning your sanity and making you feel a bit insecure. You may start to realize a lot about karmic relationships you have had. If you can push through the discomfort you will see your intense ability to learn and grow at every chance you get. It’s best not to dwell on the discomfort, but let it pass by.

10/22-- Sun enters Scorpio

Scorpio is a fixed, feminine, and extremely powerful water sign. The Sun transiting Scorpio leads for a sensual time filled with depth and magic. Scorpio has a passionate nature that makes them driven and energetically intense even if their exterior is cool. Mars is their ancient ruler after all. Their emotions are strong and intuitive, and their minds are penetrating. The eighth house of astrology ruled by Pluto and Scorpio is a house of transformation, birth and death cycles, sex, and shared assets. 

Scorpio is the alchemist being able to transform any situation and be a solid resource for the discomfort of the process. They are leaders in times of chaos and deeply loyal. Their shadow is obsession and manipulation.     

10/27 – Mercury Retrograde Enters Libra

Mercury, who is still in Retrograde, moves into the cardinal air sign of Libra. Libra is known as the balancer and seeks harmony and wants their scale to be balanced. They are always willing to see both sides of a position and favor compromise.

Since you have just overgone a lot of personal/spiritual growth during Mercury’s stay in Scorpio, you are now turned to all the relationships in your life to see how they have been affecting you. You will now easily see how others triggers and actions have caused internal disharmony. You will also see the part you played in it because if anything in your life is happening, you are allowing it. How do you handle disagreements and miscommunications with those in your life?

You will start to realize how you behave in the different relationships of your life and why you have attracted certain people into your life. Every single person in your life, good and bad, is a lesson. This is imperative to remember to continue on your journey. Sometimes, the lesson is small and needs to be kept at that. Dragging things out and making people into who they aren’t will only cause yourself more harm.

10/27-- Venus enters Libra

Venus transiting one of its co-rulers, Libra brings a hot-blooded vibe. There is a confidence in being in one’s own skin and a real goddess essence outwardly expressed.  Goddess asteroids Pallas Athene and Juno are both governed by Libra. Ruling the seventh house of partnerships Libra is viewed as diplomatic and charming and we will definitely find our attention drawn to all thing’s relationship.  Venus in Libra should be aware of becoming too compromising for the sake of admiration or company. Our heightened sense of aesthetics now would be a good time for making a comfortable home or spending time romancing-even if it’s romancing ourselves. 

10/31 – Full Moon in Taurus

The second Full Moon in October to close out the month is the Blue Moon/Hunters Moon in Taurus, which is called a Blue Moon simply because it is the second Full Moon of the month. Since it is also on Halloween and ending the month of October (and a Supermoon!), this moon can feel very special. It is said that the veil between worlds is the thinnest on Halloween – and this can be amplified with the Full Moon.

Taurus Full Moon will have you questioning a lot about the material things in your life and what kind of reassurance and security they bring you. You may start to question if your worth and value depend on the material things you have or can offer to someone else. Are you a hostage to the material world? This can be a time for you to realize how little you actually need to feel a sense of security, and the rest is just extra stuff. If you are feeling jealous of others and their “things” make sure that you are taking a look at the whole picture. Someone can appear to have it all but be suffering on the inside.

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