Ascendifi Almanac: November

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

November 1st – Mercury (in Libra) square Saturn (in Capricorn)

November 2020 begins with an aspect of constructive tension between Mind (Mercury) and Matter (Saturn). Squares are how we get to see our lives change. With Mercury retrograde an internal process has been unfolding. We are realizing the only way for us to feel fulfilled is having our most aligned ideas and vital essence brought into reality. Saturn is not concerned with the higher octaves that lay beyond it (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) but the real density of life. This is part of the 2020 Capricorn restructuring that is coming through as a new level of awareness. The awareness being we are already spirit and our journey here on Earth is about how we can bring our spirit to physical form. 

Saturn’s karmic implication can make the energy feel limiting, but it is the pressure that allows a change in form. This transit will have a longer affect than usual because of its timing with Mercury moving ‘forward’ from retrograde and forming the aspect a second time a week from now. 

November 3rd – Mercury Direct in Libra

Mercury stations direct on November 3rd at 25 degrees in Libra. Mercury will now begin its post shadow period until November 19th. The Post Shadow Period is always a time to reflect on the events that took place and the ways that you showed up (or didn’t) for not only others but yourself. You may reflect with what went wrong or how you behaved through the eyes of the perfectionist, but this will not get you anywhere. Being hard on yourself doesn’t make it any easier to improve or change situations. Instead, give yourself space for acting the only way you knew how in the moment and figure out what you can do differently if you find yourself in this space again. Libra wants to turn inner turmoil to peace and be the diplomat. What would happen if you released the control that you have to be perfect at all times and instead live in harmony with yourself?

If you noticed yourself speaking differently to people you hold close relationships with, you have learned the lessons that Mercury Retrograde has thrown at you. It is difficult to see the way you react to others verbally when you are in acting out unconscious patterns. You may realize that you do not need to control others to get love and connection. An authentic connection where you and another are safe to be the truest versions of yourself is what we are all seeking anyway, and someone cannot be authentically themselves if they are being manipulated.

November 8th – Last Quarter Moon in Leo

Last Quarter Moons represent owning your actions for the things you have done and removing outdated beliefs to make room for the new. This can be a turning point for what needs to be done to set your new intentions for the New Moon. Leo likes to be in the spotlight and have attention on them, but their confidence can be a cover up for the harsh criticism they fear. Moon (Leo) Square Sun (Scorpio) will have you wondering what can you do to feel safe in the spotlight? What old beliefs have been hanging in your subconscious that keep you from being the best version of you? If you want to be seen, you have to get out of your head and just take action.

November 9th – Venus in Libra opposite Mars in Aries

Mars and Venus in their signs of rulership form an opposition when opposite of each other on the Aries/Libra axis. Aries and Libra are a pole on the zodiac wheel. Aries impulses naturally thinking from the direction of ‘I’ and Libra justifies naturally thinking from the direction of the ‘other’. Venus and Mars also symbolize the divine feminine and masculine energies we all carry within and utilize day to day more than we may realize. This transit brings consciousness to whether or not we sit with both our masculine and feminine energies creating space for both. Also, if we find ourselves primarily embodying one and judging the other half.

November 10th – Mercury Enters Scorpio

This transit of Mercury through the feminine, fixed sign of Scorpio will be highlighting Scorpio’s ability to find focus. Mercury in Scorpio is a spider spinning her web. It is the concentration of force that surfaces allowing focus and determination when we are submerged in our own energy. Scorpio believes the ultimate facet of life is truth and when a search for truth is fueled by an inner power-any seeds of doubt will become apparent. The more we align with truth the more conforming to projections of limiting beliefs begin to feel foreign. A hunger burns for finding a way beyond seeing the world through a filter of the past. If not dealt with from a place of self-love we can get lost in the webs we weave becoming exhausted by our own thought processes and leverage to find answers. Never exhaust yourself in a quest of finding the perfectionists idea of ‘contentment’.

Mercury has 9 days left in the Post Shadow Period when it enters Scorpio. Now that Mercury is direct, you may feel that you are able to articulate your feelings with honesty. The dark side of this can be finding yourself obsessing over every little thought, try not to go down rabbit holes. Decisions you make during this time will be set in stone and concrete (you’ve done all the research after all) as you feel very empowered in the direction you want your life to go.

November 12th – Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

This has been a year of great reset and worldly change. Now we have the final of three merges between the energy of Jupiter and Pluto. Previous conjunctions were in April and June. Each time this aspect has formed it has been in close proximity to Pallas Athene, the asteroid goddess of logic through wisdom and discernment. This influence is also naturally bringing us closer to the center of our own strength.

Pluto is a celestial body of exponential depth, depths that reach as far down as the soul’s lineage (ancestral). Channeling its energy allows us to track old beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors to their root. Pluto can also carry with it patterns of past Ego hurts which might be prevalent if someone resonates with past lives. 

I’ve come to understand Jupiter as a guardian angel. And merging with Pluto, what comes after digging through our deep-rooted past is a release of fragmentation whether it be from our familial lineage or soul’s past journey. All of the burdens or struggles that are kept alive through us become untied. On the other side of this is spiritual liberation and being able to feel much