Ascendifi Almanac: January 2021

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

January 4th – Mercury in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

A conjunction brings a merging dominance of the energies both celestial bodies represent. Mercury has historically been appointed the ‘messenger god’, symbolically ruling translation and perception. Our mind is constantly bringing us messages and Capricorn reveals our mind needs structure and focus to succeed with our goals. Our translation of the mind’s messages to have meaning in our lives depends highly on our ability to observe ourselves. The ‘observer’ is an archetype pretty Plutonian in nature for Pluto rules the “unseen” as we usually have the hardest time seeing ourselves.

Masculine (positively charged) signs will have energy naturally turned outward while the feminine (negatively charged) has energy more naturally turned inward. Capricorn being an Earth sign makes it feminine and this feminine conjunction helps us to focus on observing our own process rather than what others have to do with it. A purpose behind this aspect is ‘shadow work’, bringing our awareness/light/consciousness to the parts of ourselves hidden in the dark/unconscious.

January 6th – Last Quarter in Libra

What do you need to bring in for the New Moon? Do you need someone to look up to and support your dreams? Look into getting a business mentor, life coach, or therapist. Do you need to build your tribe of like-minded people? Remove the people who aren’t happy for you when you do good and try to find those who can speak your language. We all get discouraged and have moments of self-doubt, but the people around us will be there to pick us up and hold space for us. You cannot thrive in an environment with people who don’t believe in you.

Capricorn focuses on our hard-working abilities and career goals while Libra teaches us how to keep things balanced and all things relationship. Channeling these signs together remind us how important a community of people who love and support our work are, and how we can’t always do it all on our own. Reach out to whoever you need today.

January 6th– Mars Enters Taurus

Taurus appreciates nothing more than sustainability of security and resource. A shadow of Taurus is life force draining fear brought on from feelings of scarcity. Across this feminine axis is Scorpio, death and release. Taurus must then be life, Mother Earth in her glory. If Taurus can use Mars’ courageous, charged cardinal fire during his transit to release fears, she can experience her light that is steady growth and abundance. When we confront our fears and lean into them when they arise, the warrior archetype is strengthened. We see our power and dependability when we get to see ourselves push through.

January 8th– Venus Enters Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn is grounded and practical. Venus often has us thinking about money and material resources. What Capricorn and Venus’ Earthly ruler, Taurus have in common is the value in commitment and dependability. Capricorn sees the effort that must be implemented for success and Venus sees the importance in that as an underlying relationship. This is a special time of acknowledging our relationship with money, material resources and what plans we have to expand on them.

January 8th – Mercury Enters Aquarius

This transit will bring sudden insights and inventive solutions to any upcoming obstacles we face. Aquarius is future oriented and that is a welcomed climate for the mind now when we feel a new dawn approaching and received a new year opening to new opportunities. Aquarius energy is always on the verge of something big but needs the anchor of community, planning or living purpose to help them ground their ideas.

January 12th– New Moon in Capricorn

Welcome to the first New Moon/Moon Phase of 2021! Since both the sun and the moon are in stable, earthy, business-oriented Capricorn, this is a perfect time to fine tune your business ideas or just your goals for the year in general. Capricorn seem as though they have been building their life plan from the womb and need to be 10 steps ahead. If this is not the case for you, this is a perfect time to get clear on what you want/need out of life. Now is the time to begin habits and patterns that will continue to benefit you throughout the year.

New Moon Conjunct Pluto will give us the extra inspiration you are looking for or give you the tools and people who will empower you even more. Once you know how you want your future self to look, you will begin to be able to visualize your dream life with such precision it will have no other choice but be magnetically attracted to you.

January 14th – Uranus Direct in Taurus

Uranus stations direct at 6 degrees in Taurus after being retrograde since August 15, 2020. You can look back at Uranus’ time in retrograde and see how you managed to handle and awaken change in yourselves and the world around you. Did you close your eyes and pretend the world wasn’t burning down or did you suit up for a battle? Although many are programed to fear change, it usually results in good things and growth – even if we are too close to what’s happening to see the bigger picture. If you have been on the road of spiritual awakening during this time, you may start to see people/events in your life for what they really are and unconscious thoughts, patterns, and behaviors may be here for you to understand why you act the way you do.

Uranus in Taurus might feel like a constant back and forth battle within yourself. Uranus wants us whipping around like a ragdoll, experiencing and questioning everything. Taurus is stubborn when it comes to change and would rather stay quiet than risk upsetting or arguing with someone – even if that someone is themselves. You may find yourself longing for better habits, money management, or risking it all for a new venture but have a hard time executing or keeping up your confidence to take the first step. Cue the spiritual revelation within yourself.

January 14th – Mercury Pre Shadow Period

Mercury will begin it’s Pre Shadow-Period in Aquarius before station retrograde on the 30th. This phase will set the stage for what will happen and unfold during Mercury Retrograde. You may start to wonder what your contribution to the world is and how you speak your truth about your passions and get your point across about it. If you don’t have a contribution yet, the universe may be pointing you in the direction of things you have been waking up to.

January 17th – Jupiter in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

This is an aspect of receiving through creation. Squares provide a release of energy that may be blocked when in an individual’s natal chart. In transit a square will still invoke some kind of action risen from disharmony. Jupiter’s benevolence in Aquarius graces talents, creative expansion, and purpose gifted from beyond the physical plane. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, brings either shake-ups or sudden insights that test our world view, adaptability and ability to receive change.

Now is a good time to find ways to express our heart and light in tangible forms and to be open to receiving what comes from it. We have waited too long for permission-not realizing our gifts are our own to claim. Receiving is an action of allowance and requires self-worth. Am I willing to receive things others might not? Can I let go of things that do not serve my worth?

January 19th– Sun Enters Aquarius

Aquarius is a masculine air sign that honors individuality and following their own code in life. Whatever qualities or values they possess are priority to them and that is where their ‘fixed’ quality can come in. This also gives them a rebellious nature. They are often noted for advocating for something they feel passionate about. Ruled by Uranus these natives are highly intellectual and often discerned as being emotionally detached. This is because their instinct to intellectualize emotions is difficult to resist. The energy of Uranus gives sudden insights making them innovative, other-worldly and creators of new networks and systems.

January 20th – First Quarter in Taurus

The First Quarter Moon urges us to make decisions and take action on our intentions. Fixed Earth sign Taurus will do whatever they can to stay in their comfort zone, as they value their stability and the familiar. However, your intentions you set at the New Moon sound like you need to change things up to make it all happen. What in your life are you resisting change too? Life happens in the discomfort. Making decisions out of fear, will continue to get you exactly where you’ve always been. Shake things up and try something new, you might be surprised how much you like it.

January 23rd – Mars in Taurus Square Jupiter in Aquarius

Mars in Taurus gives us access to a desire to gain in life. At some point we realize desire is not enough if we are not showing up consistently. Is it possible you have given the universe mixed signals in some area of your life? We all do while we’re developing. This aspect is about showing up for life loud and clear so it’s force will show up for you. Being present and being conscious is what matters, not the ‘doing’ detached from the mind or the ‘thinking’ detached from the body. When Aquarius’ exquisite mind can meet Taurus’ grounded body infinite possibility is the result. When you are secured in acceptance of the now and have the light in your heart on, material objects, people, and opportunities are simultaneously being drawn to you.

January 28th—Full Moon in Leo

The Full Moon will illuminate the sky tonight in 9 degrees of Leo. How do you feel when people give you feedback you weren’t expecting – good or bad? Are you able to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions that conflict with your own? No matter how awake you are, sometimes you really cannot see a situation beyond yourself. Hearing someone’s opinion could shine a light on things you haven’t been able to see yourself – but first you have to listen. Under this moon, it is important to hold space for other people’s thoughts and opinion’s and hold them to the same standards. If you have any limiting beliefs regarding you being seen or heard in the world – now is the time to identify them and let them go. You are not defined by your past or the actions you took during time periods you were just trying to survive. You can rewrite your story at any moment. There is an alignment with Jupiter bringing good luck that Leo will thrive in. The world needs your gifts and talents, so let your personal progression flourish.

January 30th – Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury stations retrograde in the fixed, air sign of Aquarius. Mercury rules our mind and the way we communicate with others. Aquarius is the humanitarian who brings new ideas and inventions to help the greater good. Although Mercury Retrograde gets a bad rap for communication going haywire, technology glitches, and travel delays; Mercury Retrograde can be an intense time of healing – for you to handle these mishaps better and more effectively than before and to learn about yourself.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius is here to shake up our way of thinking – and seeing beyond what is presented to us. You may begin to question things and want to seek your own answers and find your own truth. Things that have happened to you in your past will have you feeling sympathetic to others who are going through the same emotions. These deep feelings will light a fire of change and revolution in you. It is here you can find your voice. Sparking a light in you to fight for others who cannot, will bring on a change that the world needs right now. You never know who you might inspire.

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