Ascendifi Almanac: December 2020

12/1 – Mercury Enters Sagittarius

When Mercury, a benefic planet who rules our intellect and reasoning, enters fire sign Sagittarius who wants nothing more than expansion and to know every detail, you can expect your views to expand. You may have to put your money where your mouth is, and actually act on all the ideas you’ve been storing away in your mind. This could be an amazing time of empowerment and calling people into your life who will make your dreams come true (and share your beautiful vision others have doubted). As a collective, we have been so isolated this past year, we are all yearning for community and adventure. You have the tools that could call people out of their own mental hell and throw them into a project that could set their soul on fire. If you feel yourself speaking out more often than usual and having the confidence to do so, just make sure that you are still respecting other viewpoints and ideas. You can close yourself off to learning when you constantly think you know it all.

12/5-- Venus in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces

Venus can sometimes symbolize our ‘wants’ and Venus’ transit through Scorpio has brought depth and passion into what we really really want. It has driven the emotional focus of Scorpio into how we feel about the pleasures and sensuality of life. Neptune recently direct in her home of Pisces also provided a new sense of clarity. This clarity has been made perceptually over the last 5 months showing us areas of deception and faith.

When harmoniously mingling our current Venusian wants with Neptune there is going to be a perceptual shift. When our perception of ‘what we want’ and ‘how we want to feel’ change or are energetically charged our outward reality begins to reflect that. This is a transitional aspect towards easily dissolving energetic cords through the transcendence of love. To hold love in your heart is to heal your every wound. If we want love and believe in love, we become love. A new relationship of self-trust through love is born when aligning our wants and vision.

12/7 – Last Quarter Moon in Virgo

The Last Quarter Moon in analytical Virgo needs you to organize your thoughts and physical space to stay on track. Any clutter is keeping your from seeing the bigger picture, as you always have an excuse to be distracted. Tidying up mentally and physically can help you see the bigger picture of what needs to get done to bring you closer to where you want to be. The Moon in Virgo squares Sun in Sagittarius, channeling this energy will help you ground yourself and release anything clouding up your mind, you will be able to see the steps necessary and the force to take things one step at time (No more overwhelming yourself). Do one thing under this moon that your future self will thank you for.

12/10 – Venus in Scorpio Sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Venus and self-trust come up again with an aspect of new energy (sextile) between Venus and Pluto’s deep rooted nature. Eclipse energy is active and we are asked to trust our path even when we do not see it. Integrating our shadows are especially challenging because they are circuits never crossed before. There is a need to trust the self and heart on the journey. The purpose of this energy is to give us access to bringing about regeneration in matters of Venus and one way is by realizing how our gut instinct has served us in the past.

12/14 – New Moon in Sagittarius (Total Solar Eclipse)

New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse comes in at 23° of Sagittarius. Solar Eclipses remind us to grow emotionally and step into our awakening and speed up timelines. Eclipses are working for us and are pushing us closer to what our soul needs. Sagittarius is urging you to explore places you’ve never been, and if you can’t physically go anywhere it’s time to explore places of your psyche you’ve been avoiding. Staying stagnant in one place doesn’t do good for the mind or the body – we need to move, and we need to feel new challenges and changes, or we just make up problems for ourselves. If you are seeking the truth from the world or in your intimate circle, you may start getting downloads and insights to what is truly going on. If others aren’t ready to see past the veil yet – don’t force it, you can only see for yourself. Fire sign Sagittarius is here to remind you to keep the light burning in the midst of a cold winter where you can feel very separate from the rest of the world. This may be an important time to connect and honor your ancestors, to seek wisdom from them to keep us going.

This Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is will be the last eclipse of 2020, and the second eclipse set on the Sagittarius/Gemini axis. The last eclipses were in June 2020, so it is important to recognize the changes you have made since then. What/who was in your life during this time? Have you made the changes you were seeking then?

12/15 – Venus Enters Sagittarius

Venus in this mutable fire sign is stimulant seeking and free spirited. Sagittarius brings fulfillment to life through connecting down to Earth with expansion of experience. This is why ‘travel’ both physically and mentally rule Sagittarius’ energy. Venus’ transit through the Archer will be illuminating a path of extension from Scorpio’s reprocessing. Venus in fire brings its own form of transformation and a sextile formed to Jupiter (Sagittarius ruler) yesterday opened the portal of new expansive energy. This transit brings opportunity for creating new cords with people or places that align with the soul’s journey.

12/17 – Saturn Enters Aquarius

Saturn enters Aquarius for real this time. In March Saturn briefly entered Aquarius to then revert back to Capricorn retrograde. Saturn always bares lessons; it doesn’t always feel consensual and usually involves personal accountability. However, in the big picture the lessons form the road leading to where it was meant to go. Lessons always bring with them opportunity and necessary change.

Planets beginning their transit through Aquarius now are going to bring about change, new beginnings and lessons with the themes of humanity, networking, global affairs, group thought, innovation and individuality. Even though Aquarius and the eleventh house speak of humanity and connections at large it is in reference to the value of the individual. Do we honor our uniqueness as an individual to speak up for the future or do our priorities lie in hiding behind the group and playing small?

12/19 – Jupiter Enters Aquarius

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, will enter the fixed, air sign on Aquarius on December 19, 2020. Aquarius urges us to think of humanity and the issues surrounding the collective. Jupiter wants to bring its good fortune to Aquarius innovative ideas and bring manifestations into the world. This can be a time to figure out solutions to problems and implement ideas that will help more than yourself and your household. It’s time to come together and lend a helping hand to your neighbor.

You will finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and know that you have actually never been alone, you just hadn’t found your soul family yet. You will begin to get involved in a community who will allow your growth and passions to flourish. Since you have big ideas and may not have all the resources to get them done, you will be able to off load to others and let your vision come to life. Letting others help you and provide their skill set doesn’t take away your freedom – it actually gives you more.

12/20 – Mercury Enters Capricorn

Mercury, ruler of our intellect and mind, enters the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is extremely business and work oriented and will stop at nothing to execute on their plans and ideas. This is a time to let your work ethic shine through where our ideas and business plans are flowing freely and effortlessly, you may find yourself very concerned with your reputation and feel as though you have something to proof to everyone around you. Channeling this energy can have you more efficient that you were the entire year. This is perfect timing to tie up any loose ends and set your goal lists for where you want to be in the future.

12/21 – Jupiter Conjunct Saturn

The great conjunction brings with it historic change. It is not often these two powerful celestial bodies meet in the sky. Even though this meeting happens roughly every 20 years this is the tightest conjunction between them since 1623. Also, they are meeting in a new element as both planets recently moved in the water bearing Air sign, Aquarius. Conjunctions merge and amplify the energies of the two planets involved and Jupiter gives the green light while Saturn says well, you have to do the work though. In Aquarius’ ring we know we are dealing with ‘future’ energies, other dimensions, new information, and the surprises brought by Uranus, Aquarius’ modern ruler. This energy will be carrying us through all of 2021 so do not expect a drastic change as much as sensing the doors are opening to a new world.

12/21 – First Quarter Moon in Aries

Coming off of the total solar eclipse, The First Quarter Moon in Aries at 6 degrees is asking you what are you taking forward with you that will help your manifestations come true? Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars who thrives by springing into action, this is a perfect time to lay out our road map for where you are going. If you are having had a spiritual awakening at the eclipse, you may now have different tools in your belt or a new direction of where you want your life to go. You may feel strong emotional responses to whatever you are encountering so remember to take a deep breath before making any permanent decisions.

12/21 – Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This Winter Solstice can feel a bit intense as the Sun enters Capricorn and we also experience the Great Conjunction all on the same day. Although this can feel like a day of darkness, it will actually welcome the sun back in as the days will begin to last longer again. This is the perfect time to welcome the light back into your life. Darkness is only temporary, and our shadow self is here to reveal the healing that needs to be done.

Tips for the Winter Solstice:

1. Log off your electronics and connect with yourself

2. Shine some light on your shadow qualities

3. Nourish your body with something warm

4. Light a candle and set your intentions

5. Make your space extra cozy

6. Get some fresh air and move your body

12/22 -- Sun enters Capricorn

Capricorn is a feminine Earth sign. They often function as a stable and reliable resource for much of the people in their lives. It is no surprise Capricorn is cardinal with its leadership and capable demeanor. They are grounded when focused and inherently wise. With Saturn as their ruler natives are thought to ‘age in reverse’ being exceptionally mature and responsible when young and gaining the ability to let loose as they get older.

Capricorn needs to consciously take time to pause and reevaluate to remain grounded. The mountain goat will keep climbing forgetting to look around and give credit to how much distance has already been covered. This compliments their ambition and drive but also can make them one dimensional struggling to see the forest through the trees. Being too focused on the straight and narrow can lead to tension and worry.

12/23 – Mars in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

This is the final square of 3 between fiery Mars in his home of Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto is thought to be the ‘higher octave’ of Mars for its similar intensity in energy. Each of these transitional aspects of tension have given us insight on frustration, control and anger and where boundaries regarding those feelings are appropriate. Boundaries can exist with others but also within ourselves. Through the soul’s journey we come into our truest selves and work to release what no longer serves us. Anger is one of the emotions we face through our journey. It is so easily stored in the body because society does not accept our anger. Anger can be channeled into assertion and perseverance when we give it a fair place in existing.

12/25 -- Mercury in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus

Uranus is confident the revolution is always here; it is now and if the shake up does not wake up the next wave of shock will come. What we sometimes forget is the shake ups in life are to get us to where we are already going. Too often we set out on the journey and then begin to drag our feet. A lot of the time the mind (mercury) is behind the energetic stall. The mind begins to struggle keeping ahead of the change and taps out with over-thinking, self-doubt, and overwhelm. This harmonious energy flow between Mercury and Uranus (both in Earth) gives us the mind to think about taking the leap. Wherever we feel we are on the edge of throwing ourselves in and hold back asks us to take the leap.

12/29 – Full Moon in Cancer

The last Full Moon of 2020 will be in 8 Degrees of Cancer. This is the second Full Moon in Cancer we have had this year as the last one was an eclipse January 10, 2020. Since that time, what emotional baggage have you been dragging with you? It is impossible to live in the present moment if you’re constantly comparing every person you meet to your parents, ex-lover, or whoever hurt you in your life. Give people a chance to be who they are before you assign them an identity. This is a good time to be less critical of others and yourself, and dive into some self-care. Your nurturing self is tired and has been waiting for you to take care of yourself. This has been a tiring year with a lot of outside energy influencing us, the world has spun out of control and we were forced to focus on the only things that are within our own control. Taking care of others and putting them before you is easy as a natural born nurturer but it leads you into complete burnout.

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