Ascendifi Almanac: August 2020

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Full Moon in Aquarius August 3rd, 2020

The August Full Moon will illuminate the sky on August 3rd in 11° Aquarius. This moon can be referred to as the Sturgeon Moon or the Corn Moon. If you have been feeling in a rut or craving a new path this Full Moon is here to drag you into your new life, even if that means kicking and screaming. (Thanks to Moon Square Uranus) We sometimes aren’t aware of how someone or something is affecting our life in a negative way since we are used to the comfort and may fear the unknown more. It is only when we are forced into a new setting that we must look within and use our own divine light to find our way. We may find ourselves craving emotional independence and this is when others advice cannot be our main source of truth. It’s good to have a support system but no one knows what is best for you besides yourself; which brings in Sun opposite Moon. Leo opposite Aquarius, both of fixed signs, have us in a battle of our logical side and our emotional side.

The Full Moon will bring themes of instability, and we may start to question: what can I do for myself to feel safe and secure? Those in our life who mirror our instability will make a brisk exit, and even if this is painful, we must hold onto our intuition and know that this is showing us something we couldn’t face before. Who do we feel safe around? If things we deemed “important” are falling out of our lives, will we face this head on or deal with the internal struggle of hanging on to something not meant for us?

Mercury Enters Leo August 5th, 2020

Mercury is departing a long stay in Cancer including a retrograde station and will be cruising through the heavens beginning with constellation Leo on the 5th. Before leaving Cancer, it will form oppositions with Saturn and Pluto resulting in us feeling a little shaky. Mercury’s influence from being in Cancer, a feminine energy guided by emotional sensitivity to Leo, a masculine energy guided by the Ego drive will be transformative none the less.

Mercury rules perception, expression and even speech. Mercury also plays a large role in how the mind defines good verse evil as it is neutral in energy.  A planet will awaken the aspect of the human psyche of the particular constellation it transits.

Venus Enters Cancer

August 7th, 2020

(post Gemini North Node Conjunction)

Venus also leaves a long stay including retrograde station from Gemini into Cancer. Before leaving Gemini, she kisses the North Node of the moon putting into motion an intention of deep restoration of balance in matters of the heart.

With Venus’ rulership of Taurus mixed in with this month’s heavy Uranus (Aquarian) energy she might not be attracting exactly what she thinks she wants, rather it is what she knows she needs. A period of grace and surrender is necessary during this climate change. And a climate change from a mutable sign (Gemini) to a cardinal sign (Cancer) is not necessarily one of comfort but neither is the journey of healing the heart. We will all be dropping from our minds into our hearts during this time wielding a gift well worth the preconceived ‘cost’. Cancer nourishes, mothers, feels deeply and sometimes struggles to receive all the love given out back to the self. This will not be a time of meeting the needs of others but rather nursing our own needs. Any attachments to being needed by others are only as real as we make them along with attachments the heart cannot bare departure from that are not in its highest good. The divine feminine that is Venus energy is that of trust and surrender and we just may be requiring this time to loosen our grip even if it means bouts of restlessness. The Universe has a plan and the month’s closing with an aspect of opposition between Venus and Pluto in Capricorn will have us realizing the great power in trust and how transforming our relationship with trust can in turn transform our lives

Lions Gate Portal PEAK: August 8th, 2020 July 26th-August 12th

The Lion’s Gate Portal opened on July 26th, 2020 and will close on August 12th, 2020; however, it peaks on August 8th when you can feel the energy the strongest. The three Pyramids of Giza will align with Orion’s Belt (three bright stars), making Sirius appear closer to the Earth. Sirius is the brightest star visible to us and brings abundance, wealth, and creativity into our lives. The Lions Gate Portal has long been celebrated by the Mayans and Egyptians as a time of ascension and boundless potential. The Lion’s Gate Portal has a strong fiery, solar plexus energy that will allow you to step into your power and harness this energy into turning your dreams into reality. Both the Solar Plexus and the sign of Leo, who is ruled by the sun and represented by the lion, urge you to take leadership through resiliency and courage. Leo deals with matters of the heart, and how our heart can lead us to awaken the hidden parts of you that you may have repressed in childhood. You may receive downloads, signs, and messages from the universe/your angels.

How will you use your own brilliance and expertise to take full advantage of the Lions Gate Portal?

Mars conjunct Lilith in Aries

August 10th, 2020

Conjunctions are the most powerful aspects in astrology and a meeting between Mars and Dark Moon Lilith in Aries on August 10th will undoubtedly influence the sky. Lilith is feminine in energy defining the part unseen but felt, it is our point of contact to our inner wild. Lilith bleeds authenticity and given the warrior spirit of Mars we have an energy truly unstoppable in its cause. This energy will give us the perseverance needed for any upcoming change and surrender. It instills the faith that we will be able to get back up and survive.

Uranus Retrograde in Taurus August 15th, 2020 -January 14th, 2020

Uranus demands that you discover yourself, even if it drops you on your ass to do so. It is the planet of progressive and positive change, shows you how to trust your intuition, break the rules, and stand up to authority. Uranus can’t stand staying stagnant or being in situations that are repetitive and mundane, which is why it will give you want you want – just not how you were hoping to receive it. If you want out of a bad relationship, you may just get broken up with; if you want to quit a toxic job, you may just get fired. Uranus will force you to deal with the situations at hand and only give you true freedom after an intense period of chaos. Uranus isn’t as bad as it sounds as it encourages you to go after what you want and get into alignment with your dreams, it can be extremely combative if out of alignment as Uranus wants to start a revolution.

Uranus will retrograde on August 15th in the earthy fixed sign of 10° Taurus before turning direct on January 14, 2020. This retrograde will focus on matters of money, your connection to nature, and your limiting beliefs around both. This retrograde will ask you to step into your warrior archetype and stop at nothing to discover and embrace your soul purpose. Money is important to survive but cannot be only reason you are moving forward, and you will start to understand how money is just a vibration and not the end all that you have thought before. Your confidence and strength are needed to dig within and share your gifts with the world. You are also being asked to connect with nature and do some serious grounding. We cannot find our purpose if we are in a constant state of panic and anxiety. As the world will start to get moving again, it is important to absorb the Earth’s electric charge through simply walking with our bare feet to restore balance to your body.

New Moon in Leo August 18th, 2020

The New Moon comes in at 26° of Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign that urges you to recognize your newfound confidence and drive to creatively express yourself and strengthen your heart. You feel confident in the fact that the needs and desires of your heart are very valid, and no one is going to come and tell you otherwise. The support you feel within yourself and the love you are showering yourself in from within will allow you to step out from your shadow and be the life of the party.

Moon in Leo Trine Mars in Aries will have you finding yourself extremely energized and ready to embark on a new path. You have an intense urge to move ahead in multiple areas of your life (or maybe just one). This energy is giving you the extra push and willpower you need to push through the fears you have and use massive action to achieve what needs to be done. If you’ve been working on a passion project that has been on the back burner, you are about to move it ahead faster and more efficiently.

The New Moon is always important to set your new intensions. It is important to look back to the Full Solar Eclipse in August of 2017 and see what in your life has changed and what steps have you taken to improve the things that were no longer serving you. This is an excellent time to not only take time to reflect but see how we can further progress our life and the structure of it.

Mercury Enters Virgo August 20th, 2020

It is no coincidence emotional sensitivity precedes the ego on the zodiac wheel. Upon entering our earthly existence, we experience a period of time after birth where we are a psychic sponge, absorbing the emotional climate long before developing our own conscious. This transit of Mercury will have a similar theme in how our emotional understanding paints the picture of our personal logic and attachment to that identity. Played well, when Mercury lands in the sign of its rulership, Virgo on August 20th there will have been an emergence of emotional confidence around a personal ‘truth’. Mercury’s transit through Virgo highlights expressing this truth in a way that feels personally fit. The month closes with Mercury at opposition with a retrograde Neptune testing the integrity of perception. In what ways do we allow our personal truths to disillusion us? Can we confront disillusionment with having a spiritual truth? This energy is functioning as an opening, it is an excellent time for creative writing and deep spiritual work.

Sun enters Virgo August 22nd, 2020

Virgo is ruled by Mercury (the mind) and has a shadow of being neurotic. With the Sun/our consciousness illuminating this sector we can see where we have become rigid and compulsive to cope with emotional discord. Also, where we have fried ourselves in search for answers. Ruling the 6th house in astrology mishandled stress and emotions can come through in our physical health and how we put ourselves into our work whether that is daily habits or availability to passions and others.

Virgo in its light is a beacon for others offering compassion, wisdom, and hope. Virgo understands the validity of collective pain and how no one passes through life without it and from that puts deep presence into the value of service. This season may be guiding us towards how we can better serve ourselves and others. Also, how important it is we cherish our health, form good habits, and offer a hand for the sake of knowing we are not above needing one too. It asks us to turn to nature for renewal, spirit for strength, and our deepest grief for wisdom.

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