Angel Number Meanings & Tarot Spread

Angel Numbers are a way your angels can send you subtle messages. You may find yourself constantly seeing the same pattern of numbers everywhere you go. Since numbers are everywhere, this is the easiest way for your angels to speak to you. You might see these patterns on the clock, license plates, bill totals, receipts, doors, billboards, these numbers could even appear in your dreams. Each number carries a vibration along with it. These messages can come at your lowest points when you need it most so if it raises your vibration just a little - the message has done it's job. You will continue to see these numbers until the message is understood.

111 – Creation of your new beginning

111 is a message that you need to pay attention to your thoughts; they are not only creating your reality, but they are also guiding you on your journey of ascension/spiritual awakening. Your manifestations are about to bring your life to the next stage. Focus on the life you want to call it in and release the negativity of what you don’t want. Your angels are here to remind you that you must be mindful of the life you are creating; you are your own leader who is independent and strong. You are ready for your new beginning.

222 – Keeping faith that you’re on the right path

222 is all about balance, trusting the process, trusting yourself, trusting your faith that you are on the right path and everything will unfold as it is. You have been working so hard and it’s easy to want to give up. Your angels support your goals and urge you to carry on. Release your control over the situation and stay in the flow, have perfect faith that everything will work out for you. Your angels and the universe would never let you down. This is your sign you are going in the right direction.

333- Your angels are with you, you are never alone.

333 is a reminder that you are never alone. If you have been feeling as though you have no support or guidance, your angels are here to help you through your darkest hour. Open your mind and let them communicate with you, seeing this pattern is the first step. Your angels are asking you to connect your mind, body, and spirit and remember you are more than just your thoughts.

444- Take Action

444 wants you to leap into action through hard work and determination. This numbers energy carries a lot of concerns on the physical plane. You may need to do a few things to be able to take action – ground yourself, have self-control and self-discipline, make a plan, listen to something inspirational. Do whatever works best for you to leap into action. Look at challenges as learning lessons and ways to get closer to where you want to be. Don’t just wish – act! Your desires are only as far away as you push them.

555 – Change is on the way

555 is a reminder that an enormous shift is on the way into your life. You are a butterfly who is poking out of the cocoon, unaware of how much you’ve changed. You are about to reap the rewards of all your hard work. It is time to make room for all the love and good fortune that is about to come into your life.

666 – Thoughts are out of alignment