5 Signs Your Root Chakra is Blocked

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The Root Chakra is located at the base of our spine and deals with our survival, security, and the role our tribe/family plays in our life. Through the Root Chakra we are connected directly to Mother Earth where we are able to ground ourselves. To learn about the basics of the Root Chakra, click here. When our Root Chakra is blocked, the energy is not actively flowing through, making it difficult for us to live in harmony. Here are five signs that your Root Charka is blocked/imbalanced.

1. You don’t believe you deserve to take up space in this world

If you don’t believe you deserve to take up space in this world, or are afraid to do so, you have a hard time speaking your mind/voicing your opinions. You let people walk all over you, speak over you, and have no personal boundaries. You would rather be invisible than for people to know you have entered the room. You feel you are always bothering others and do things to walk on eggshells not to offend anyone or make them uncomfortable. Behaving in this way can result in you not living up to your true potential and constantly talking yourself out of doing anything that would bring you joy as you do not believe you are capable or deserving. Working on your self-esteem can help you realize that the world needs you and your gifts.

2. You can’t meet your basic needs According to American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, our basic needs are broken down into two parts, physiological and safety. Physiological needs consist of food, water, warmth, and rest. These are biological necessities for our body to function appropriately. Safety needs consist of being safe from harm, protection from the elements, financial security and stability, which are usually met through our family in the start of our life.

Being unable to meet these needs such as not having a safe place to call home, inability to feed ourselves, or not having enough money for clothing/food/housing means that higher order needs will not be met (such as creative thinking, relationships, or meeting your full potential), and you will be stuck in survival mode fearing your world.

3. You feel disconnected and alone

Human beings are social creatures who need to have a sense of belonging. Not everyone is lucky enough for the family you are born into to love and care for you the way that you need. If you grew up in a chaotic home where your physical and/or emotional needs have not been met, you can have a hard time developing a sense of trust and belonging. Being disconnected from your tribe can give you deep rejection wounds. Rejection wounds can make you depressed, anxious, and unworthy.

Another aspect of this is having people in your tribe but they are extremely unsupportive of you and your dreams. Always remember that people are speaking from their own perspective and are projecting their own insecurities and inadequacies onto you. You should always be encouraged to follow your dreams and do what makes you happy. Growing up in a household with unsupportive parents/caregivers can lead to

feelings of hopelessness, heightened anxiety, and low self-esteem and low self-confidence. The Root Chakra supports you in all aspects of lives, and when you do not feel supported it can be very unsettling and discouraging.

Having a tribe who loves and supports you is vital to your growth, if you do not have people like this in your life currently do not feel hopeless. The universe has a way of giving you the people that you need if you are open to it and have the courage to remove the people who have caused you pain. There are many support groups, online groups, therapists and coaches who can help you through this rough transition.

4. You live in scarcity mindset

The easiest way to define scarcity mindset is a belief that there is never enough to go around, or never enough for you. You may believe that everyone is against you or someone else having something means that you are not capable of having it also. You feel that you don’t have enough because you are not enough. You can have an overall scarcity mindset about everything, or you can have it on one specific topic: money, love, friendship, food, your potential, material goods, etc. Basically, you think of everything in lack instead of abundance. (Toilet roll debacle of Covid-19 rings a bell? People believed toilet paper was scarce!!!!)

It’s not your fault that you think like this, you probably grew up in a household or around people who were always in a lack mindset about everything. The good news is that you can easily change this mindset. Seeing someone having everything you wants means you are in the frequency that of having the same, if you begin to feel jealous – acknowledge how you feel and let the emotion pass (it always will). Realize situations and opportunities that have seemed to pass you by are just not meant for you, there is something better and bigger plan in store. Things going wrong or falling apart don’t mean that you failed someone or yourself, take the lesson and move forward. Learning these lessons (by taking responsibility and not blaming others) put you in a better situation when you try again.

When you are feeling down, remind yourself of a few things in your life that are going right. I know it feels good sometimes to sit in our misery or feel like we don’t have a single thing to be grateful for, but I promise there is always something. Being alive to see another day with all of your senses and limbs, being able to feel the sun on your skin and smell the fresh coffee in the morning are things we all take for granted. Clean up your space, take a small walk, be present in the moment, be grateful for nature, and your mood will begin to shift.

5. You have physical issues with your bowel/digestive system, lower back pain/sciatica, legs and feet.

The connection between the mind and the body shows us that our body mirrors our emotional state. The longer an emotion is not dealt with (we don’t resolve the problem or suppress it) the more that energy gets trapped/stored in the body. Eventually, you will begin to see this manifested into a physical illness.

Any issues with your bowels can happen when we have an inability to let go of the past or old beliefs. We cannot control or change what has happened in the past and need to be able to release what is no longer serving us. Releasing will allow us to fully live in the present and trust in ourselves that we can handle whatever is coming our way.

Lower back pain can come in times of financial distress and feeling of lack with relationships. We may feel that we have done so much for others and get nothing in return and/or lack the support that we need to fulfill our dreams and desires.

Foot pain typically means that you are not in the present moment and need grounding techniques in your life to reconnect with nature. You can be dealing with feelings of indecisiveness about your future or feeling unable to step out into the world. You need to take a step back and reevaluate what you’ve been rushing around for – stop and smell the roses!

** The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. **

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