4 Tips to Tap into Your Intuition

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Have you ever known something or got a feeling about a person/situation that you weren’t able to explain? You just knew something was off and the only way you could explain is “I feel it in my gut!” That feeling in your gut is your intuition, which is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”. Everyone has an intuition that will guide them to the right direct, every time, for every problem. Unfortunately, our intuition can get clouded and blocked when we don’t believe we know what’s best for us and surrender to outside forces. Here are four tips to tap into your intuition:

1. Connect with Nature

We may not be able to hear what our intuition is saying if we are around others and their energy is crossing with ours. We may not be able to clear the mind and feel what our gut is telling us, or we may mistake it for anxiety or panic. One of the best ways to get in touch with your intuition is by connecting with nature; whether that is going for a walk, walking barefoot, going to the beach, taking a hike up a mountain, or simply sitting on a park bench isolated from others, is very important. My favorite way to connect with nature is to quiet my mind and look up at the sky, notice the animals, feel the breeze on your face, feel the sun, touch the grass/tree/a plant if possible, take deep breaths in and out. You will start to clear your mind and give it the space to tell you the answers you seek. The noise will begin to quiet, and you can listen to yourself. Your mind will finally be able to process what has been happening and you may find yourself able to look at things from different angle. You can stop your mind from drastically overthinking and trying to work every angle. (Breathing deep inhales into the nose and exhales from the mouth are a good tip if you’re stuck in the overthinking loop.) You can explore this “gut feeling” and see what it’s trying to tell you. Our mind doesn’t always like that we’re choosing intuition over analysis, but once you listen to your gut and have confidence in it, you will know when it’s speaking to you. The only way to get in tune is to take chances on listening to your gut.

2. Trust Yourself

It is easy to seek guidance from friends, family members, co-workers, or anyone else you look up and trust their word. Although many of these people have the best intentions for you and are only trying to help, they do not know what is best for you or what will make you the happiest – simply because, they are not you. You must trust yourself enough to know that others opinion can and should be taken into consideration but in the end the decision and answer is within you. Many times, we start to seek for external guidance not because we don’t already know the answer, but because we are trying to fight it. We may also not want to have to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions and taking others advice gives us a scapegoat. We cannot learn the lessons we are meant to learn if we don’t take our own risks and our own chances. Even people who have been in your exact situation, may not have the same values and goals as you, so things will be different for them. Our path is an individual one that is different for every person, so what is serving someone else may not be serving you. If you really want to tap into your intuition, you must love and trust yourself enough to know that you hold the best answer that will align you with your highest good.

3. Ask for A Sign

You can ask the universe/your angels for a sign and connect with your intuition to receive it. Many people don’t want to ask for a sign because they think that they are alone or not worthy of it, but you are always being guided even if you don’t notice it. There are countless ways to ask for signs and you should follow whatever feels best for you. If you don’t know where to start you can ask to be shown a sign, try not to get too specific on what you’re exactly going to see. You can simply ask for a sign of if you’re on the right path, if you’re making the right choice, asking for clarity on a topic, or whatever feels right. You might see a number pattern, an animal, a song may pop in your head, a feather on the ground, a scent that reminds you of something/someone. The sign could also be something that seems off or odd, but then you make a connection to something after seeing it. This will strengthen your intuition by realizing what it is you truly want in any given situation that you were asking for a sign for.

4. Meditation & Journal

You may feel as though you want to listen to your intuition, and you’ve been trying but nothing is coming through. Guided meditations can connect your mind and body back together. A few of my favorites are here and here. After these meditations, you can free journal on whatever came up during your meditation or use the journal prompt below to connect you to your intuition on a deeper level.

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