4 Benefits of Connecting to the Divine

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Connection is one of the most important things to humans, if we don’t connect to our caregiver as a baby we could die. We need to connect to survive. Connection to a higher power can greatly benefit you, your everyday feelings, and your life. I use the Divine in this article, but feel free to swap it out with whatever comes to you – source, source energy, the universe, God (or any variation), your higher self, etc. Being connected to the Divine ensures that we are on our own life path, that we are fully connected to everything around us (we are all one), we are tapped into our intuition and live an intentional life. We make decisions that are in alignment with our highest good and come from love. We are able to get messages from beyond and share our wisdoms with others. Here are Four Benefits of Connecting to the Divine:

1. Trust Your Decisions Sometimes it seems easier to either control or fight your feelings rather than letting them just be and observing them from another lens. By being in connection with the divine/your highest self you will be able to trust that whatever comes at you, you have all the tools to make the best decision for yourself in that moment. Instead of trying to control everything around you, you are able to surrender into the unknown and have perfect faith even the bumps in the road will lead you to where you need to be, better than before. You see each obstacle as happening for you rather than being a victim that it happens to. Many of us believe that the “unknown” is something to fear – and will lead us on the wrong path or into bad decisions, but this unknown could be simply anything outside of our comfort zone. The only way to truly trust our decisions is to take chances and push past the fear, to get out of our comfort zones and see what makes us thrive. Trust that the decisions that you and the Divine make are forever putting you on your soul path where you will always flourish. Once you start to do this a few times, it will be easier to know when your intuition is speaking, and how to read the signs that it is only fear talking to you.

2. Unity

We can stay stuck in a low vibration when you we believe we are alone with no support. Connecting to Source makes you realize that you are in fact not alone and constantly supported by the Divine at all times – just look around for a sign next time you feel disconnected from not only yourself but everything around you. We feel whatever situation we are in is permanent and there is no way out, but that is never the truth. Your connection with the Divine will be proof that everything is everchanging and if you are in the present moment you can’t be reliving the past or worrying about the future – you are just here. There is no separation from you and anything in this world – we are all a vibration after all.

Another feeling of separation can be from having people around you that you don’t really like or drain your energy constantly. It might feel like being a hermit is the only way to avoid this, but you have attracted these people because they are (to some extent) a mirror of your inner world. Once you get to a place within yourself of being connected, your soul tribe will start to appear who have the same mindset as you.

3. Ascend Your Consciousness

You probably have a shift in consciousness everyday but are completely unaware of it. Depending on your mood, what is going on around you, and how you handle it internally. Regardless of what is happening on the physical plane, it is important to turn inward and form a deep connection with your highest self/the Divine so that you are able to ascend your consciousness on a daily basis. There are many practices that can help you do this such as meditation, journaling, scripting, following your intuition, aligning your chakras, yoga, doing energy work, etc. The list is endless, and you should find what resonates the best to you. The hardest part about incorporating a daily practice into your life is that it has to be something you enjoy- it should never feel forced.

The start of your ascension can feel painful and confusing, it does bring on these feeling of alienation and no one understands what you are feeling or going through. This is completely normal, and you will see realize why this is happening. The best thing you can do is just try to go with what feels right, let your intuition guide you and the universe will start to send you signs that you are on the right path.

4. Reduce Stress & Anxiety Some of our stress and anxiety can come from our ego fighting to keep us in a place of security. Don’t forget that your ego’s main job is to keep you safe and alive, which means staying in your current circumstances (no matter how miserable) because it knows that you can live through it – you’re currently doing it. (Proving the egos point!) The push and pull from your ego and conscious mind is enough to send you into overdrive, where you think you know what you want but you feel powerless to a change. Connection with the divine can help retrain your subconscious mind by allowing yourself to be a state of gratitude and flow with the universe. You will know that all that is meant to work out will. If you’re having trouble listening to the messages from the universe; try meditating to reach a deeper connection and see what your subconscious brings to the light.

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