3 Benefits to Grounding your Energy

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

‘Grounding’ is an act of touching parts of the physical body to physical parts of the Earth.  When the body comes in direct contact with the Earth there is an absorption of electrons. However, the term ‘grounding’ can also be used in reference to any practice that brings you into the life experience of your body.

You rewire the mind when you bring yourself into the present moment, the same is true in meditation. As energetic beings we can experience a moment with our senses and actually have an impact on our energetic makeup from that moment.  By connecting our physical experience which is the human body to the greatest sustainer of life, the planet, we can recharge ourselves like a battery. You want to really feel alive? Become one with life.

If you are here reading this you already know these things, you know there is more to this journey than living literally and there is both evolution and resurgence in the ancient wisdom of the mind, body, spirit connection.

When we talk about grounding reimagine your feet as the grounding cords of your energetic body. Through them you can connect to a power so large, so sustainable, that you never have to worry about your needs on this planet being met and your place on it going cold, ever again. So, what are some of the benefits of grounding yourself?

1. You Actually Commit to your Success

Having trouble manifesting what you want into your physical reality can result from not being grounded. If you have tasks or ideas fly through your head and get frustrated on your follow-through or even your perceived ‘lack’ of drive to get them going, you are likely ungrounded. I say this from truly humble experience. We do not just commit to people; we make multiple commitments a day; ideally the commitments we make bring us closer to achieving our goals.

You can have the absolute best intention for yourself, but your mind can talk you out of doing a lot of things.  Usually the reasoning is not linked anywhere near the present moment. Grounding gives you a programmable here-and-now that allows you to work so many things out by SLOWING DOWN.

If we feel uneasy about circumstances or insecure, over time, we unlearn what the soul already knew, everything worth having is worth working for. We can sacrifice our very real dreams and aspirations by getting lost in them and not really ‘knowing’ we are capable of making them happen.  From this we fall for ‘titles of being’, like procrastinator or perfectionist.

2. Gain Perception & Control over Emotions

Many people fear their uncomfortable emotions and feeling like they are beyond our control can feel disempowering and downright scary. When we feel our emotions are out of our control, we can assume everything is. Think about days where you might have felt emotionally unstable, something usually set the stage right? And then things just started to pile and less and less it felt like you were the one behind the steering wheel.

Having grounding practices that feel natural through repetition can pull you out of emotional overwhelm. It may not be easy at first, or who knows maybe it will be.  But when you are grounded you feel ‘centered’. Like a giant dam, sustainable and solid, grounding exercises can bring you back into yourself.

We tend to let the past and future pile up around us when our power is right here. When we are emotionally overwhelmed our conceptualization of time is thrown off. Discomfort feels eternal, normalcy seems too far away. There is no greater power in this moment than realizing you are grounded in your being. 

Our mood improves exponentially when we continuously ground our energy because we are pulling out of compulsive and addictive thought patterns that can be harming our present awareness.  When our present awareness is compromised our survival response amps up leaving us over-stimulated and feeling fried.

3. Restore Balance in your Energetic Field

Einstein said it, energy cannot be created or destroyed, and this is also true for the energetic field of the body and the chakra system. The 7 (primary) chakras are energy centers communicating between the physical body and auric field. They can be ‘visualized’ as fans and what they are circulating is your life force energy.

Energy is not destroyed but it can be displaced, and we live in a society that places a lot of emphasis on the mind. If only the mind could be regarded as a tool like the body, maybe then they would stop making each other sick. When we fight against life, life fights back. Energetic imbalance concentrating around the area of the head can be existentially draining.

Being grounded restores our body’s natural defenses. It can greatly improve chronic fatigue and even chronic pain.  Chronic pain can be from too much energy around the head and upper chakras, so the body feels it is in need of attention and repair. Pulling energy down into the body can greatly enhance the ability to fall and stay asleep. How many of you struggle to sleep because you cannot shut off your mind?

If you feel low on vitality, I challenge you to ground yourself. Through my own healing it has been the most basic nuisances that have left the biggest impact.  Part of too much energy in the head is requiring much more complex solutions when the answers may just already be in front of you.

If you are someone living primarily in your head, this might not sound brilliant, and it definitely won’t sound fun. But, trust me, it is both. Seeing the importance of grounding is realizing it’s not just the things that happen to you but how you react to them and how you react to them is a very real part of you. You are powerful.  The world is here for you. I don’t say that in an egotistical way, I say it as fact, your energy takes up space, you are space, remind yourself everyday of that if you need to.  Ground yourself in the fact that you are here doing something, this planet is your teacher, confidant, and most importantly, your home.

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