Five Ways to Ground Yourself

How do we face challenge? Change is challenge and one of the most fundamental ways to face this is by grounding ourselves in our power. 


Below are 5 different exercises/ideas you can use at any time to ground yourself to better face adversity, change, and uncertainty, regardless of the battle. 



  1. Embracing your fire. Red is supplementary to fire.  Meditating on red, the color of passion, vibrancy, and energy brings you to a place of feeling an existence of energy, obtainable and ignitable by you. 

  2. Acceptance of not being able to see the entire truth but never taking for granted the gift of discernment. Limiting events happen in our lives but nothing compromises our ability to think mindfully and make room for healthy levels of mental questioning without embarking merely on mind-missions.  You can find your true power by discerning your truth.

  3. Allowing your higher self to speak to you. If we are quiet with ourselves long enough that the inner critic has tired down, we can access an inner wisdom that does in an instant what the mind/body could take years to do. 

  4. Objectively reflecting on your life and those before you can be profoundly grounding and empowering when done from a place of honor and understanding. You can meditate on this or go as far as making an altar for your ancestors which has been a source of power for many. Sometimes we get so focused on the future and impact there we don’t realize we have left this individual journey mentally. 

  5. Embodying your frustration for the sake of letting it go. This can be intensely grounding.  Letting go has much better context when it is letting go of things we hold onto out of unnecessary comfort and insecurity.  We can let things go and trust something new will fill its place, that we will actually be ok. 

  6. New Moons are about manifestation but the first New Moon of the astrological year has powerful fire energy. The purpose of fire is to transmute energy.  See where you can transmute some of your energy.