Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the center localizing harmony and wholeness.  It is in the name of wholeness we rise to the quality of acceptance. This chakra is deeply involved with union but not only with another but with the most important relationship you have-the relationship with yourself. As the home of self-love we are called to accept all of the parts that make us who we are.  This softens us so we can also soften our approach towards others ultimately gaining two gifts from the heart, forgiveness and grace.


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Learn about the Heart Chakra and it's effects on your life and well-being.


Guided Meditation

Play the video below for a Guided Heart Chakra Meditation

Ritual Boxes

Have you ever felt the sense of true love and compassion that comes along with connecting to others and ourselves? If your Heart Chakra is blocked you may realize that you have walls around your heart that prevent you from giving or receiving true love.

We’ve eliminated the hurdle of collecting all of the tools needed to help unblock your Heart Chakra and even included a step-by-step ritual guide to ensure true energy healing.

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